Monday, August 01, 2016


This is my last school year since 1997 when Tori went to kindergarten with a Barbie back pack...a tiny little thing taking charge fast. Sam followed a few years later with a Hot Wheels back pack and light up shoes because they helped him jump higher. 

Soon my girl will be going to police academy and graduating college. 

Sam plans to join the military. 

Mommies when you feel frustrated and tired. When you have three diapers and $10 on a Monday and the gas tank is on E.  When you crawl under the chair at the beauty shop to catch that curl. When your fridge is covered in coloring pages and calendars. When you teach those first Bible verses and read the same story every night. When you make that volcano, proof a paper, call out spelling words for the 100th time, run to the store for a poster board at 9:00 pm, pick up after game snacks, attend programs where your child is the cutest - of course, go through a phone to make sure all is appropriate, wait in the car line every day... Enjoy. It goes way too fast. 

Tori and Sam. I love you.

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