Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Giving God Control

Early therapy at Sonic  before work. Took Sam to school. Just a lot on my mind. I'm listening to Daily Hope by Rick Warren and the message is on giving all control to God. Meaning everything to God, the smallest detail. 

An example was given of a POW in Vietnam he was held captive, tortured, kept in solitary confinement for 8 years. He used to just want to die, then it hit him to turn to God, to call upon the Heavenly Father he knew, no Bible, no church, no pastor, no missionary, he had only his relationship with Jesus Christ. He said that is how he survived. That is how he made it. So how can he not trust God with daily happenings and things life throws us when he trusted God in his deepest pit? God cares. We should call out to Him, repeat His word back to Him. His promises. Rely on Him. He hears and answer prayer. He will use others and circumstances to grow us. Nothing is too big or too small.

I'm not going to lie, I'm discouraged about things in my life. The needs and the wants. Not feeling good-terrible actually.  Hard to think. Alzheimers-I hate it. Someone I love is going through so many storms and I just want to fix them. Another person is in hospital extremely sick. Our community lost a TBI agent yesterday, we said goodbye to a sweet girl this week, a teenage boy was killed walking down the road-hit by a car, another drowned. Just the wrong place at wrong time. No one's fault. A woman we knew by acquaintance really, who had a life time of valleys died in an accident.  Yet through all this, God is in control. We are to lean on Him. I keep going back to something I heard a few years ago, nothing touches us, our lives and those we love that hasn't filtered like sand through God's fingers. God, forgive me for not appreciating your fingerprints on my life, for not turning to you yesterday when I just wanted to scream a 1,000 times "why?????" Thank you for wiping out tears with your love.

I have a few unspoken prayer requests. 

God bless...


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