Monday, August 15, 2016

Alzheimer's- arrrgghhhh

I had a pastor who said use your "sanctified imagination." Well, I'll say use your "caregiver only in the land of Alzheimer imagination." 

After my time out period, I had to clean mom up..more than a bed bath was required. 😷 

Set up bathroom, shower chair, warm towels, warm bathroom, all that was needed within reach. Wheel chair to potty (praise the Lord just in time) ..potty to shower chair. It 100 lb UFC fighter makes her appearance. As I am washing her (sweating because it feels like a blasted sauna in bathroom) she puts both hands around my neck and chokes me. I had to grip side of tub with one hand, water starts flowing everywhere, my other hand on her shoulder trying to get her to let go. She finally lets go. We wrap up bath all the drying, hair fixing, transferring, and praise Jesus for Seroquel. She snores!

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