Thursday, June 30, 2016


I cannot say much, please be in prayer we are being sued for $70,000 from an accident from 2014. So many untruths. It's unreal.

A pretty



I am lonely. I'm trying not to sound like I'm having a pity party. Family and friends do not visit. I do not think it's intentional, I think the thought is there, just not the time. I pray once I have more time, I am sympathetic and intentional to help  those on this journey. I know I need to heal. To rest. I'm tired and drained also. The final stage is hard. Emotionally, I am best down.  Please pray. 

Strong Women


Memes from FB


Brother and Sister

They love each other


 Eliza and her first love. 
 Jordan is a good mom.
 I just love this pic. 😍😊💖🎀
 Sleeping on a hike 
 Love love her. I so want to hold her.

Sweet book


Sunday, June 12, 2016


I have a friend who is starting up her own photography business, she is good.  Tori, Sam and a few folks I know are sample subjects. 

Here are a few. 
 She captured Sam perfectly.
 Young man
 Love this!!!
 Tori and her young man, Cody

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Face to the name

 This is one sweet, genuinely good man. He was diagnosed in 2006 with an enlarged heart...he is really sick now...and we will seek now more as Dr. Visits continue. Please pray.


Spreading her wings.  

The only thing blooming in my yard

 I have not done a thing. My heart is not in it. I did trim shrubs and need to take that up. 


Last week I took mom for a haircut. The longest she had been awake in a long time.. 


Yup...He's a senior and 18 🙄❤️😊

 Last day of school. He hates taking pictures. Here he comes 2017



Friday, June 10, 2016

Dear Hospice, doctor and all medical staff....

You really do not have put in black and white for me to read that mom is declining.  I see it. 

We are blessed she has never fallen, doesn't have bed sores, still eats, swallows without trouble, will still fuss at me, etc. 

She does sleep about 22 hours of the day.  This past Saturday, I did get her out and she was awake longer. 

I am trying to decide if the ending of this journey is harder than the beginning...

5 months

5 months to the general election.  I wish we could turn clocks back to last spring and have a do over.

what to do what to do.


Good grief - I am sooooooo behind.  6 months behind.   I have to catch up.

Quick updates: 
Mom - she is still with us - but declining more and more each day.  It is hard to watch, I have cried more in two weeks than I think in a year.  Not like it is a surprise.  But it still hurts.

Tori - she is spreading her wings - not like I really want her to or agree with, but she is 24.  This is me trying hard, albeit unsuccessfully at times, to just hush it.  She should wrap up college this year and prayerfully stay on track with her career goals.

Sam - Turned 18 in May.  He will be a senior this year.  He wrapped up Junior year with awesome grades.  He works at Naifeh's grocery store and still plays football.  Plans to join the Marines.

Steve and I are doing ok. That is all I can say. Ok. 

My brother in law, Charlie, is being recommended for a heart transplant.  Please be in prayer for him and Judy.

And we are grandparents. To Eliza Alexis - born -- Friday, May 13. They live in Colorado. Steve's youngest son and his wife are the proud parents.

I will post pictures soon.  I am going to plan catch up on all blogs and posts.  If you have new ones - please let me know.