Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let's just rip the pages out of the Bible

A church here in Memphis announced this week they have become enlightened.  I should have know by the first sentence. 

They left the Southern Baptist Association and joined another.  And not that the SBC is the best thing around. 

Steve and I have a hard time.  We have about four gay relatives.  I love them all, and I am sure they understand my stance and beliefs.  But I hesitate to comment, to share anything on the issue. 

This church will now perform marriages for gay couples.  They have gay deacons and teachers. 

I am trying to understand, how they can just completely ignore the Bible, the word that has stood the test of time, never proven wrong and so much more and expect their church to be blessed.  Will their work be in vain?  Is it hypocritical?  Do they just tear out Romans 1?  How do they explain things to the children of the church? 

I hope this does not set a precedent and churches will not be sued for not performing gay marriages.  I am afraid that the gap between the separation of Church and State has narrowed. 

I read a comment on a post about the missionary who was killed today.  I haven't responded yet.  The comment said, that we as Christians should not go to other countries and force our beliefs on others.  To leave people alone.  I am going to say, "Well, we have, just look at the shape America is in."  Seriously, look around.  Some missionaries are coming from other countries to serve here.

 We are not using our voices and our voting finger.  I am not impressed with any GOP candidate.  They forget they are not running against our President.  They need to give us a plan.  We are allowing the Supreme Court to make decisions that go against the very reason our country was formed.

Martin Luther King Jr.

I have been going through quotes, copies of speeches and more.  I can't speak for him or his family.... I can't help but think, he would be so disappointed in how Civil Rights for ALL are being approached.  The younger generation and their sense of entitlement.  Immoral rulings by higher courts ignoring the Bible, and those who use the words Civil Rights as a way to attack the institution of marriage.  I think he would be disappointed in Jackson, Sharpton, and others.  He wanted equality and peace.  Wanted all to love others.  I don't see it.

I promise I will catch up.....

I have so much reading to do.  Catching up on blogs and friends.  Funny and sad at the same time how quickly one can let things go - and some of those things are important. 

I have much to post and talk about.  I want to keep them separate. 

Kidney Stones

Yup! I have them. Having surgery sometime this week. 

I can honestly say they hurt worse than gallbladder/gall stones, my dental work, and child birth. They will knock you out. I have slept more this week than I have in I can't tell you when. Pain meds knock me out, I wake up, start hurting...vicious cycle. I'm going to try to work until they tell me what day. I cannot imagine a man going through this. 

They are doing a biopsy, because of high platelet count. A more safe than sorry type thing. Still worrisome. I just want them out. 

Thank you for praying. 

Monday, January 11, 2016


Mom. She  is in the later stages. Sleeps more, but then another day she will keep us entertained. She fired me the other day, I haven't been fired in a long time. She cannot walk..but can kick. She can hold a cup but misses more than she makes it..never stop them from trying. We do have to feed her unless it is finger foods. She loves Nutella.

The other night I checked on her and found her like this. Holding her baby. Look at that pretty skin. Years of Ponds cold cream.

Her absolute favorite blanket.

Her baby. She had really forgot about them, but latched onto this one for sone reason.

Chair exercises. If only her brain could tell her legs to walk. 

Opening a gift at Christmas.

Mom and Tori.

There is no time on this stage, except for Alzheimer's she is healthy. Numbers are perfect. Nurse said mom baffles them, 

We have our home health care with two excellent caregivers, we also have an awesome hospice team. Literally a phone call away. A Chaplin and a  social worker 
Visit once a month. Sometimes twice. There is counseling for family. Nurse twice a week or more if there is a concern. You often hear hospice folks are angels on earth..I agree. 

We just take a moment at a time. 

Mental Illness

Please please pray.

Steve's oldest son suffers from paranoid schizophrenic. He is getting worse. He is 30. Refuses help and has chosen to live on the street. I wish I could explain how heartbreaking it is. He stayed with us Christmas Eve and Christmas Day..hoping for him to stay longer, he was like a caged animal. He hears voices, calls them demons. Mental illness is real. I have seen him have a conversation to someone beside him,,,he hears and sees..we do not.  But oh so real to him. When you hear of someone saying the voices told me to do it, or there are demons in him, don't scoff, more than likely it is true. Though he should never be out of prison, the Aurora  shooter had schizophrenia. Newtown shooter did too. Lost and forgotten in the system. 

When we were Christmas shopping for him I said "gee what do you buy your homeless son." We just cried. We bought heavy clothes, thick socks, hat and gloves. He will get a job, but will lose it because he will have an episode or talk to the unseen around him. Thanks to mom, that part does not bother me.

His mom, Steve and I are considering having him involuntarily committed. We do not want to...but it may come down to a must.

He looks so much older than thirty..from the elements. I do know he is saved.

Please pray 

Football season...

Brighton Cardinals Football Season ended with two games away from State Championship. When those young men walked off the field that last game, they did not look like 200lb 16-18 year olds, all of a sudden they were five playing in too big helmets. Their hearts were broken and tears were real. I am proud to say this team prays before and after every game. Win or lose. Rain or clear. 

This next year will be my last as a football mom. Hard to imagine. Maybe I will get to sit in the stands and not worry about chips, hot dogs and $2 water. I have made some good friends. Football moms, you mess with one boy you may as well say you messed with their own son. Protective Group.  

 Sam has decided to join the Army. It will be right for him.

Good grief.....

Mercy it has been 5 months since I last posted. 

I will break the time down going backwards. 

Though things happened a little backwards...Steve's youngest son and his fiancé are having a baby in May
Eliza Alexis Cornelius. God has a plan for this little one. They live in it's not one of those hop on the car and drive type things. Jordan's family will be there most of May and June. We will go in July. I bought a hair bow the other day!!  I've been sending a book a month with the plan that I will read to her via FaceTime. Have you seen baby crocs?? Oh me! Cute!!! Little Ruffled camo outfits.
I am going to be BiBi and Steve,  Pops. 

Here are pictures of the announcement.

They will be good parents. Im trying to mind my own as to when they are getting married. They have been together since Senior year. 

My nephew and his fiancé, April are expecting. July baby. My sister is excited.

I'm not going to steal the joy of new life coming into this world. No doubt both sets are going to be great parents. But why don't they just get married?

Tori visibly shudders when someone  brings up giving birth. I've said it before her hubby will need to cook, clean and give birth. 😁😂

Sam just wants to be called Uncle Sam.