Sunday, August 02, 2015


The senate votes on 1881  - basically defunding Planned Parenthood. The argument that women will not receive health care will not wash because of Obamacare.  Eyes have been opened, even those of the very liberal due to videos.  I was just sickened then became furious. Talking about the organs of those sweet babies like they were an item on a grocery store shelf.

Call or email your senators today.  Leave messages.

Friday Night lights in Brighton

Two more weeks.

Sam is on third row right by the coaches.  He does not like taking pictures.  Ha
They won their scrimmage game the other night 35-14.  Regular season begins August 7. This mom cannot wait!  Go Cardinals!

Washing Machine

In June - I wrote that our washing machine went out.  Well, we bought a new one. So nice.  I am so grateful and appreciative. A Maytag.  It senses how much is in washer and fills based on that.  How cool!  I am hoping to get a dishwasher next month - I know it is not a necessity - but I really like a dishwasher.  Spoiled I guess.

Mom broke her recliner - I found one on a sale sight. Fits her perfectly.  Then I found another for me.  I miss the big, get lost and snuggle recliner - but two clean good recliners for $50 not a bad deal at all.  We look hodge podge, but it matches our family.  We are what folks call a sandwich generation, I told mom's social worker - we are a triple decker sandwich with sesame seeds on top.

I like hodge podge.  bahahahahahha

Billy Graham quote

I love quotes.  Snippets of thoughts that make you think and feel. This was posted by the Zig Ziglar group - a man I was privileged to hear - he died not so long ago. 

And it is from Billy Graham.  I was blessed to hear him along with my dad when I was little. 


Though I do not watch his movies and such - this man is brining more awareness to Alzheimer's than most.  I appreciate that. 

Officer Down

Tonight a Memphis police officer and  retired Marine was shot and killed during a traffic stop.  The shooter is on the loose.  Please pray for his family and coworkers. 

I couldn't help but run through my mind as I watched Tori strap on her gear for duty tonight. If you ever wonder why sometimes there are  more than one police car at a stop and hands are on the gun, this is why.  They never know what they are going to face.  My heart aches.

The world is less tonight. Because one man was serving and another did not care. 

Car shopping adventures...we knew we weren't buying a Cadillac

Okay...I have to tell the adventures of  our very long day.

A friend recommended a group on Facebook - Midsouth cars under $3000.  Steve and looked at a dozen ads - trying to find a ride within Sam's budget. We found one.  I called the woman - she sounded so sweet, her Facebook page was clean and decent.  A new teacher, recently married, etc.  But they were in Memphis.  On Lamar.  Now, if you know Memphis, you know what we were going into.  Tori went with me along with a mechanic friend. Steve stayed home to watch mom, Sam had to go to work, but we kept him updated through text.  We had to meet the woman at Title loan place.  I should have known - but the pictures, her description - sounded so good - so we were going to give her the benefit of the doubt.  (never mind the prostitute hanging on the corner.)  We look at the car - mechanic friend looks it up and down - inside and out. And says do not buy it - it will be a huge problem - and he knew our budget and I asked him - if the pending repairs were terribly costly - he said "oh yeah."  The woman lowers the price - mechanic friend - still says no.  Sooooooo we leave disappointed.  I had to use the restroom. Did I mention we were on Lamar in Memphis - look it up!
We find a restaurant and run in there.  And then we head back home.  I was upset because this lady lied and lied and lied.  I wasn't looking for a new Camaro - I knew we were going to have to do some work - but good grief. Some of the stuff she said made Tori's mechanic friend look at her like she had two heads.

As we all head back (two separate cars) home - we all see different cars and stop and look at them or call.  Good grief.  I call on one car that I had seen - and the man was so nice and honest.  He said there were two people ahead of me, he went into detail on what needed to be done - all easy fixes - he said he would call me - but he had to give these folks who called him first the first chance to buy.  He was from here - and I appreciated that.  I stopped at another car - knocked on door.  The car was sold.  The young mom looked at me and told me, "there is no way I would have sold it to you - it would not have been right.  A mechanic's daughter just bought this." Again, I appreciated her honesty. 

Tori found one , she talked to the woman - set up a meeting. The woman tells Tori - oh yes, it is in excellent condition, blah blah. I guess guilt got to her - because she called Tori and said "well, it really isn't drivable."  arrrghhhhhh

Back to Brighton...bring home lunch for mom and Steve. Tori and I head to the home of the Passport. Four precious children are there. And a Hound dog named Jello. (How cute is that?) oldest child is in a cast, four wheeler accident. Mom is trying to coral kids and dog..I have cast boy lead me up a driveway that seems to be a mile long only because Jello and a toddler are fascinated by street. And they will listen to me. So away we go...the family just recently moved to Brighton. We reach the front we pass boxes and furniture cast boy (age 6) points out that he broke each piece of furniture that was on porch. I told him he probably doesn't want to visit my house. His toddler (3) brother disappeared. Cast boy gets Jello the dog in the house...I'm still looking for toddler boy dressed like a Ninja turtle. Then a neighbor comes out looking for her daughter not dressed appropriately at all...I tell her "I think she's at end of drive with their neighbor..she yells out get your *** up here." Sigh. I'm still concerned about toddler boy. Cast boy has a fishing net...and points out pool. And then princess the pit bull makes an appearance. We get back to mom and toddler girl in a tutu bathing suit holding moms phone and a huge baby doll. I tell mom toddler boy did not come back..she said "oh he's at pond." Whaatt? Tori is looking over car..battery was dead..we were told it could be because it has been sitting. I say fine..can you and hubby just drive it to our home? Mom said yes. Windshield is cracked and they lowered price because of it..because cast boy jumped on glass. Hour and half later..they arrive and Steve tests drives and we agree. Cast boy now has red punch drink and oreos. Toddler boy(still a Ninja turtle but safe) has red drink and honey bun, and toddler tutu girl just having fun. Nice family. Struggling I'm sure. But get ready BES cast boy is headed your way. Cute as his siblings with a little bit of Dennis the Menace in him.  I have a feeling he keeps his mom very busy.

We  have to buy a battery ... They told us we might. Sigh...And we are replacing windshield. But all in all it is a good ride. I am sure I am leaving some stuff out and not giving this day justice.

Sam is very appreciative and humble. Again, I ask for prayers for his safety, that he has learned his lesson and such.


Sam had a wreck.  His truck totaled.  He was not hurt.  No one else was involved.  He admitted he was being stupid.  He had been fishing with fellow football players and they took a short cut home on some back road I did not know existed.  He lost control, went into a ditch and hit a tree.
I was just sick when I saw it. The police officer and others seem to think he wasn't really speeding too much because Sam was not hurt, air bag did not go off, but he just lost control.   As you can see the front end totally screwed up and the driver side window out and the door could not be open.  Sam's side took the hit.  Did I mention I was just sick?  So thankful he is okay.

We were able to sell the truck believe it or not. Sam saved up his $ from work and his new job at Naifeh's (my favorite local grocery store) and we found this little ride yesterday.  We have to replace the windshield and it has some little things we gotta take care of - but he has a ride. The story involved in purchasing this vehicle is long and funny.  I was exhausted and sick of dealing with cars.  My friend Carla will tell you car problems and issues are from the devil and I believe it.  I didn't realize how much we went back and forth until I went back to dropping off and picking up.  Please pray with me that Sam learned his lesson and he utilizes common sense.  He learned a lesson, but he is still a teenage boy.  I am putting  Bible in his car tomorrow! It is a 99 Honda Passport.  Runs good, motor clean - like I said - small things that need to be taken care of - but it sounds and rides good.

It has been awhile......

Over a month since my last post - goodness.  So much going on and happening.

Mom is mom.  We are in the last stages - and have been told it could last for awhile.  I wish I understood this blasted disease. She has some very lucid and clear moments. I call them gifts from Heaven. 

We are in peak season at my work.  When I arrived at work Friday morning I had 242 emails - I don't know that was possible.  But I made it my determined goal to get them take care of and I did.  I was drained.  Each of my team members were.  Phones, emails, live chats - you name it.  Mercy.
And some people are so hateful to customer service reps.  Trust me, yelling, cussing and such will get you NO WHERE.

I am back to going through insomnia.  It is 4:16 am.  Wide awake.  I will probably fold some clothes and such here shortly. I have much to share and post.  I want to do them separately - because they deserve their own post. 

Happy Sunday.