Saturday, June 27, 2015

Elisabeth Elliot from 1983

One of my heroes. 

A beautiful thought

I needed this verse...

Or I needed to see and read. Then read again.


No words

Busy Saturday

Took mom for a haircut, then to McAllisters for lunch followed by yogurt and a pharmacy visit. She's done real well.

Getting her haircut
Enjoying a McAllister's spud

And loving some frozen yogurt

Broken washing machine....

Last Sunday our washer and dishwasher went out. We are focusing on the washer first. It costs $14 to wash clothes Steve the laundromat. Stephanie has been most helpful in taking moms stuff to her house to wash. Tori and Sam have friends who have allowed them to wash a little. But laundry is never ending. Steve the laundromat I feel like I'm at the Duggar's house

Mom is assisting today.

 The long line of machines. No wonder Rent/a/Center makes a killing. We hope to buy a washer this week.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


To my nephew Robbie, his bride Candace and their two kiddos. Abby (Robbie's daughter) and Miles (Candace's son) - the newly weds have done a great job with the kids. Candace is a great mom. And Robbie a dad. They surprised was supposed to be an engagement party!  Please pray for them as they grow into the future. 

Something to think about.....

Friday, June 12, 2015

Need prayer

Requesting prayer. So much to handle. And when will I realize to give all to God? Give my worries, problems and needs to God up front and not after I have wasted time trying to figure things out?

Focus on the Family

Great broadcasts as usual. Relevant in my life.  Touched my life this week in so many ways.

Hello from Barney...

We think he is quite photogenic.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

God is working...

In the life of my sweet daughter. Just confirms..raised right they will return.


Everyday I hear of a new person diagnosed with this disease. So many forms of it. I hate it as much as I hate Alzheimers.

McFarland, USA

A family friendly movie with Kevin Costner, based on a true story. A good watch! 

June 6, 1944

Their numbers grow fewer by the day. No doubt they saved the world with much sacrifice...

Still an idiot...

Have to say it. Ex is still an idiot. I don't think he will ever get it. 


I am battling depression and loneliness. Maybe the two are hand in hand. I feel so cut off from the outside.

I am not happy at work..the reasons so varied. I just don't know how to handle some things. Well, I have an idea, just gotta get things into place. 

I know it won't change it by saying it, but no family ever visits or calls to check on mom or me for that matter.  

I'm sure this pity party will be over tomorrow. But I do need prayers.

We just thought we were getting out.....

I had planned to take mom and I for haircuts today.  Her little body had other ideas. To no avail., could not get her moving and awake after my shower, she was clean, smelling and looking good.

Here she is. We both ended up resting..ok...sleeping all day. I guess we needed it. I just freshened up the house as to not feel terribly lazy.