Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cleaning Carpet

I am cleaning carpet. I want new flooring or carpet!  

Yes, I know, selfish. 


Happy Saturday

Mom slept late...

But we are having a good day. 

Holding her own cup

Playing stickers

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Work has been stressful. Dental work painful.  Caring for mom - it really is a long good bye.  Kids growing up.

Last Saturday after one of the hardest work weeks of my life, I slept literally 16 hours. Steve said, I never moved when I was on the couch sleeping.  I was by mom. She was comfy, dry, and safe. Water and snacks close by.  I set alarms for meals, bathroom breaks and interaction.   I slept so much the week I was home with my dental work that I didn't think I could sleep anymore - but I was wrong.  I guess everything caught up with me. 

Today was a very painful mouth day.  Boy did I hurt.  My gums were so swollen.  I have rinsed with warm salt water several times.  They told me it would take awhile and they were not kidding.  I guess having every tooth, root, remnant pulled can take its' toll.  Plus I have a healed hairline fracture from a hit I took from mom at some point on my right jaw. That jaw to me looks funny.  What I have in my mouth is temporary..permanents are to come in 6 months or so.  Or when I can raise up about $2,000.  :/  When I make my living is hard when I sound like a mush mouth.  I have been called, Vickie, Mickey, Betsy, you name it. 

Hopefully I will lose some weight.  I should.  I can't eat that much!  :)

Alzheimer's a daily constant in my life.  It really is a long good-bye.  Ups and downs. Twists and turns.  I can change a depends and clean up a poop explosion without thinking twice.  I can understand her chatter better than anyone.  And she still says I love you.

Kids growing up.  I missed so much when I was  single mom. And now they are getting older.  Don't get me wrong.  We spent time together, read together, heck for six years before I remarried we shared one room - that is why we are close....but now I long for a vacation...something.


My coworker Christina's son has cancer. Hodgkin's lymphoma. Possibly stage 4. Tomorrow is a key day for tests, etc. his name is Doug and is 22. But he will start with chemo the tests will indicate further treatment. 

A friend's  sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Masectectomy and chemo is her plan. 

Please be in prayer for them and their families. 

I'm trying to decide what I hate more Alzheimers or cancer.

Another one of those it could only happen to me stories....

On Sunday, I decided to grocery shop. I went to the store - made it to check out. No debit card to be found. Looked everywhere. I had to leave, Sam was watching mom and he had to get to work. I get home...find it...I get out with mom. The store had already put all my stuff away. (I called) I stop to get gas (broke my own rule and paid at pump) and reach the store. I had to push mom in wheelchair and pull cart. Hard to do. Not impossible. I finish shopping. I'm so flustered. Check out. Card denied. Try again. Card denied. Money is there I'm telling clerk and myself.  I look online from my phone. Gas pump had hold on funds. So, I put some stuff back to get total down and a woman behind me calls my name. I know her from school, church and football. She pays difference of $46 dollars and says do not worry about paying her back. I was near tears, mom was antsy, I was embarrassed- but I knew money was there!. I forgot completely about all the stuff I put back. I get home, there is a bag on porch with everything I put back. I bawled like a baby. And because I was so flustered shopping with mom..I ended up purchasing two of a lot of things. That explained my extremely high total! Arrrghhh  Here is mom after our trip. I felt the same. God provided. However He must think I'm certifiable! 

And mom has this thing about pulling her pants above knees. Sigh.

Mom relaxing....


May 6 Sam turned 17. 

Love this Song

My Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day Gift...flip flops. I was at the dentist for a follow up.

New Smile and specs....

I'm still swollen...but May 11th I had dental work done. Taking some serious getting used to. Still can't eat solid foods.   
And picked up glasses on Monday. I smike funny! Just feels weird.

11th grade here he comes....

Like every parent I wonder where the time went...last day of 10th grade. Finished with a solid B average.