Friday, February 13, 2015

Looking good.....

Mom loves folding blankets. 

New Ride.....

Yup it looks like her other car. She found one just like it. 


Boy, I have come serious catching up to do.  Not only in writing, but in reading blogs.  I have been super busy, super stressed and I cannot lie, super depressed. 

Updates:  Tori had a wreck on January 1 - she is okay - car replaced.  She is still working at McDonalds and as a reserve officer.  And is set to graduate this December with a bachelors degree in criminal justice in December.  Unless, she attends police academy - she will graduate sooner.  I am very proud.

Sam is still in football - works out every day - which is good.  He is into salads right now.  No clue why, just a food thing.  We are buying him a truck this week - wish we had more $ to spend - but it is a good little first time ride.  Funny thing is he has to get a job to pay for his insurance.  I am taking off Monday to take him to apply for jobs.  It really is hard for teens to find a job. He is struggling in a few areas in school - and is going to tutoring.  They are allowed to make up tests.  Which for him is good -but as they say "back in the day" - you didn't make up - your grade was your grade.  So I have mixed feelings.  Algebra they allow the students to work at their own speed and level.

Steve's boys are doing fine.  Our two Colorado kiddos are working hard and making it.  His oldest is working and seems to be in better shape mentally and emotionally.  I don't talk to him - but I hear he is doing well. Steve is doing okay - working hard in apartments in Memphis - please pray for his safety - he works in some tough areas.

Mom has been keeping me super busy - it is an absolute roller coaster. She is not walking - but is busy - she scoots in her wheel chair to get around.  She still talks - though it may not make a lot of sense to us - it does to her.  If you know her well - you can figure out what she is saying.  She has a great appetite and is staying relatively healthy.  Of course, I have kept her out of the weather and out of public places.  Which is leaving me in the house a lot on weekends and sometimes that is super hard.

We no longer have Melecia - she is unable to work due to arthritis - we now have Stephanie. She is awesome.  Like Melecia, she spoils me.  I am blessed. She loves mom.  Mom loves her.   I do miss Melecia.  But we talk about every other day.

Work has been super stressful and super busy.  It has really gotten to me these past few weeks.  But I am snapping out of it.  Hard to be the cheerleader for others when I am down.  Sigh.....

I will be posting pictures and such soon - but just wanted to  catch up - I miss everyone.