Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Not 0'dark thirty

Mom slept late today. First time all week. Whew!  Here she is playing with her busy basket and babies. 

Simplified and decorated

Usually, there is not a space in our home not decorated. I simplified. Tree, mantle and Nativity. And I like it. 


Friday, November 28, 2014

What a week

It has been a week.  I am not going to lie.  I don't know how I made it through.

First and foremost - please be in prayer for Steve's oldest son - he is 30 years old. And has been diagnosed as bipolar schizophrenia - with suicidal tendencies.  He will not accept help or take medicine.  I have suspected for years now - but it has been confirmed.  Now convincing family that he is not faking or putting on.  He is very sick. Mental illness is so real.

Our hot water heater busted on Tuesday - fortunately - we caught it - and it did not leak - it is in the attic - it could have been a huge mess.  A new one cost $400.  I am not going to lie - I sat down in recliner and cried.

Remember the bill we have been paying one - well they turned over to garnishment - because no one would answer calls, return calls, respond to letters, emails and faxes - over $300 garnished from Steve's check.  I managed to get it reduced to $90 per pay period - but if everyone had just responded  - it would have happened sooner.  It makes me sick. I researched - two Federal trade commission laws were violated.  I am not denying the debt - but how it was handled was unethical and just plain wrong.  I am going to contact a lawyer to see what options there are - I cannot believe this - we were following the Dave Ramsey plan - and were making so much headway - no complaints, no letters, no notices, and this happened.  I am so blasted aggravated.


Mom has not been sleeping - nada - zippo - I am tired.

Thanksgiving was wonderful - simple.  We did have Steve's two uncles, his dad and his oldest son out - and it was nice.  It was nice to set the table and everyone sit and talk instead of chaos.  Mom ate a great meal and did well with the company.


I just ask for prayers - I am so tired, discouraged - you name it.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mark Twain Award

Watching Jay Leno receive the Mark Twain award at The Kennedy Center.

Sooooo funny - I can't stop laughing.


God is working in our church...each week we have been blessed to see teenagers baptized. Prior to their baptism, a film with their testimony is shown. I love this. 

Our pastor preached three weeks on the gay lifestyle- he did so with love, discernment and wisdom. 

And I want to share this post from Facebook. I can clearly picture it.  I can feel His arms around me.

A good weekend....

Mom, Steve and I went to the mall yesterday. Mom had the best time.  She said hello to everyone and chattered away.

Today we went to church. Janice was here to sit with mom. Each week I learn a little more about her..she really had been through so much. 

Here is mom this morning after breakfast. Still tired from last night. 

Wish I could say life with Alzheimer's is easier - it is not. Just taking a day at a time and enjoying the good moments.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Just pray with me

We are having trouble with a creditor we have been making payments on faithfully - never missed a payment and are well over half way through the balance. 

They have decided to turn over to garnishment.  arrrrgghhhhh  I am fighting it.  They won't return calls, take my calls, respond to faxes or letters.  Tonight, I emailed an attorney for advice. We are not trying to escape the debt - we were paying it.   I looked up the agency collecting - they have an F with BBB. 


I praying that somehow $900+ makes its way here somehow.  Geesh.  Car and Financial trouble I do believe, as my friend Carla will say , are "from the devil."  Miss you Carla

On the upside - I am exercising more.  A lonngggg way to go.


Warning - I am venting!

I learned from two different sources that at an in service training for caregivers employed by the agency that Melecia works for - that Mom was mentioned by name by substitute caregivers, office personnel, her health care plan and insurance discussed in a group setting.  Can we say HIPPA laws?  Questioned out loud in the class by office staff  "do our services justify what we are getting paid?"  Seriously?  They do not pay their caregivers enough.

I am so aggravated about those who started the discussion.  I am protective of mom, but I also understand how hard their job is.  I always say... "if you are uncomfortable with anything, let me know."  I had three subs - who would not cook a meal for mom - I had to cook her lunch, get snacks ready, etc before leaving for the day.  I did this because one caregiver said mom  said "I am not hungry."  Who the heck takes the word of an Alzheimer's patient?  She had nothing to eat or drink for a whole day - developed an UTI.    Heck, I had one who said she couldn't open a can of soup - and I asked her if she tried the can opener.  Hmmph

I prepare mom's medicine for the week - divided by days and hours.  They said in the class - this wasn't part of the job.  That they were concerned about getting sued.  So, last night I changed all mom's meds - so I give all to her. 

The in service was on Alzheimer and Dementia care - which I am all for.  But my mother should have never been mentioned by name, her finances never discussed.  I am so upset.  A trust has been broken.  If they need someone to teach a class on Alzheimer care - give me a call. 

(Melecia is not the guilty one - but I heard how she was upset at all was being said-she was as upset as I....I had more folks there that cared about us as a family than they think/thought)

Mom can still be hard to care for - but she literally sits and chatters all day. Can be tough to change and clean up.    Plays with her babies, busy basket, will let you read books.  Takes a bath daily  - just because mom took pride in her appearance, and I refuse for her to smell bad) - but even then I will say - if she won't cooperate, I will do it.  I am about 20 minutes away - any issue - I have said - call me. 


I am so mad and hurt.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



My dad. 

Church Sunday - awesome services. 

No baby gate needed. We had a baby gate up to prevent mom from hurting herself in kitchen. I'm sad but glad. She is not as mobile and we do not use all the safety equipment, glad that we don't have to mess with it. Mixed emotions.

101 years old. My kids great grandmother in Florida. Grand we call her. Even after their dad and I divorced, she and I remained close. I love her so! 


Hurt Arm

Last Thursday my sister, Judy and I took mom to after hours Campbell clinic. She had hurt her left arm, it was black and had a huge raised bruise.  Mom was so funny and sweet the whole time. 

It wasn't broken or sprained but badly bruised. They put a temporary cast to prevent get from bumping it.  We take her next week to have it removed.

She enjoyed being "made over" and loved the sucker and stickers they gave her.

Yep, it is a sucker and not a cigarette.

The cast. I'm really surprised she had left it on...she has pulled at every mouse wrapping.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Productive Day

This has been a very productive day for me. I have to be honest..I spend Saturday's trying to catch up on lost sleep and lazing in recliner.  That is not a good thing! I have to stop! 

Gave mom her bath early..she spent day playing with her babies and blankets. Very content. 

I excercised for thirty minutes..I'm determined to lose weight. Gotta drop the pity party and move! 

Sam and I washed windows. I dusted  house. Tori did baseboards and vacuumed. I cleaned out behind fridge and stove  the other night. I have a goal to complete an out of the ordinary cleaning/organizing project one night a week. I'm not so overwhelmed that way. And it works. 

I just finished bathing dogs and cleaning bathrooms... now time for me to clean up. 

And let's not forget about all the laundry...that never ends!