Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"

My version of "If you give a Mouse a Cookie"

If you take the grate off the front of the refrigerator to see start to clean yuck and decide to move move fridge and see more clean yuck...and you see dust on clean dust..move fridge back...replace grate...and as you look up you notice ice maker needs clean ice maker which leads you to clean notice can opener...

This could ...go on...I stopped at can opener.

To be continued...I just don't know when....

 The whole thing started with me dropping a spoon.  Sigh.....


Whew - what a week! Sam is sick.  He went to doctor - ear infection and one hateful cough - he was feeling tough yesterday.  Tori took him to the doctor today. 

I have visited the pharmacy three times since Sunday.  I think they have a button on their screen that just pulls up our family.

Mom is doing okay - she is in bed right now - she had a real good day.  She has been staying busy with her busy basket, her purse and her babies. 

Tori has been working so much - you can call her messy - but never lazy!

I went to doctor yesterday - waiting for the test results.  Mammogram next week.  Then maybe we will be finished for a bit.  It is like a domino effect - one sick person to the next.  Ugh.

Please pray for all of us.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Mom is full of energy and walking tonight and that is good. And exhausting. 

I am trying not to be upset, bitter, resentful. I'm trying not to cry. Unsuccessfully! 

I'm lonely. Not one sister, not one niece, whom  mom help raise and provide for has called, come by, etc. One niece is a respiratory therapist, visits a patient in our neighborhood, never comes over whole here to visit the grandmother she says she loves so much.

I have been with mom non stop since Thursday afternoon 3:30. It is like we are joined at the hip. I'm so glad she is better, she looks and sounds better, but I am drained in every aspect of the word.

What is wrong with people? Is it me? I try to be kind and welcoming. Granted we are not fancy, I'm not going to put on airs. I am me. My house is clean, but not a mansion.  I just don't know. 

Oh, a couple will make visits on moms birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas...just enough on my opinion to keep them from feeling totally guilty.

The Book of James, Psalm 91, Psalm 119, Psalm 23...scriptures I know, but I can't pull into my head and out my mouth. 

I need..we need prayer. 

And if you know me...I'm stuck on same song second verse after being away from it for a long while. Things have been so nice. 



Mom feeling better....she is where she was last Christmas today. Walking, talking, into everything. And we had major Sundowning today. I am dreading time change next week. 

Whew. But she feels better. 

Now tomorrow could be so different.


Friday we went back to doctor for a follow up from Thursday's  ER visit. (Mom was so sick) But I first want to share what happened at the hospital-and we will never go back to this particular hospital and I am sure they have many fine employees who work hard. 

Once we were in the back - a nurse introduced himself...requested we change mom into gown...asked why we were there. I explained the constipation, the vomiting etc... And he left...we were only behind I heard this conversation between the nurse who began checking us in and another nurse... "84 year old Alzheimer's patient. Possible impaction" the response of nurse two..."well I'm not cleaning that **** out of her." Nurse never came back...shift change..we had to go back over everything. Could not get mom a blanket..good thing we brought our own. After hour four X-rays finally ordered..the X-ray techs give mom a blanket and juice. X-rays complete - back to our tent room...that's what it felt privacy. That is when I notice mom has a used IV bag on her bed from two days ago...and a clip board with a chart from oct 13. The floors were sticky with goodness knows what. And all of a sudden mom goes potty - by end of night..she would go four more times. Diagnosis time..they said at time of X-rays and check in she had just gas...hmmph..I knew differently. But I didn't had relief..they said mom had a touch of pneumonia. They give her a shot..and we finally go home.  

Now we go to was totally misdiagnosed. No pneumonia and yes at the time she was impacted. Our doc takes his own X-rays to compare. To say I am livid is an understatement I knew in my gut what the problem was. Hmmph. 
I'm calling hospital Monday. What if they had mixed up blood work? X-rays? I am so mad. This was our first visit in six years to the hospital, I know mom. 

We are their voice. And trust me this voice will be firm and stern Monday. I am giving myself all weekend to calm the heck down!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Prayer requests...

Ms. Janice....our Sunday Caregiver...asked for prayer for her daughter. She called her mom and told her she was entering drug rehab. Janice shared there are times she doesn't know where her daughter is. But this is hopeful, she sought help herself.

A coworkers marriage. Gambling is the mistress in this marriage.

A 12 year old in our church battling brain cancer. Her name is Cassy.

A friends mom. Recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and now cancer. 

Another friend, both parents have Alzheimers - she has been caring for both - dad was admitted to hospice on Friday.

Salvation of my zoo buddy's family.

Melecia's mom--had back surgery last Friday.

For mom- she is stronger and feeling better. For Tori and Sam- for them to remain focused and be less cynical about their dad. For Steve. And for me.

Thank you!

Never Give Up

Zoo Trip

Steve's dad turned 71 yesterday.  So we went to the zoo with Steve's family.  I won't post pics of the kiddos because I don't have permission.  But one little tow headed boy - who came with his grandparents and I had a come to Jesus meeting about not using foul language, hitting and staying with a grown up. I'm not gonna lie, he is adorable, but someone has taught him to say and do  these things... By the end of the trip he was behaving, talking politely and staying with the group. Unfortunately I bet "I'm going to call Aunt Becky" will be a threat. Please pray with me for this family to see the light...I would mentor his mom if I thought she would do it.  I'm trying to think of a way to offer. Not that I am that great..but she grew up without a momma and I  sure it left a huge hole in her life whether she realizes it or not.

But, now a few good pics. 

The lioness

Her fellow-he is huge!

The puma and the most vocal animal there yesterday.


Albino Tiger
A very alert ostrich

And the best pic of all!

Steve took more pics of the animals than I did....once I had my little focus changed.I will get those and post those.  Pandas were active as were the polar bears. Memphis has the number one Zoo in the country...there were additional displays that cost extra...I would have gone on in these - but not everyone had the extra - it would have stretched us a bit.  If you live in TN- and have a valid ID it is free on Tuesdays after 2:00. As is the Pink Palace. Brooks Museum of Art is free on Saturday mornings as is the U of M museum. There are other discounts - just look them up. I highly suggest Sun Studio tour. We have not visited Graceland. I would like to visit Lorainne Motel...they have renovated. I recommend going to the top of the Peabody at night for an awesome view, a show at the orpheum, and BBQ Nachos from the Rendezvous at a Red Birds game at third base. 

With mom we don't do as much as we like - but I hope to get back in the groove with Respite care.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fun From Facebook

Good morning....

Mom slept late this morning, took a good bath and ate a huge breakfast.

She felt good. She looks good.

She has what I call her busy has blocks, Happy Meal Toys, stacking cups, shape sorter...Along with her dolls she loves it and will play, sort for hours.

Looks like I have a toddler, doesn't it?

Blue Angels...

There is an Air Show going on in Millington...the Blue Angels are appearing.  Working in Millington, shopping  at Walmart...I along with several others enjoyed watching them rehearse. The sky was that blue and clear. 

They are awesome to watch!

Taking over my chair...

The other night mom took over my chair with her favorite blanket. 

Fall Break

For those in athletics and band during the fall, there really isn't a fall break. Sam and team practiced all week and had a game outside of Nashville last night. We didn't travel to the game...unfortunately, they lost....had to been a long ride home.

He returns to school on Monday...will have Algebra tutoring on Mondays and Spanish tutoring on Thursday. I meet with his counselor on Tuesday for a study plan. He is smart, knows the material, but it doesn't make it to the paper.

Please pray for Sam.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Say What????

Sam is struggling in Algebra 2 and Spanish.  The two subjects I cannot help in at all.  I am lost.  Fortunately, Sam's best friend's mom is going to tutor him in Spanish.  She homeschools  her son - so I know she is good. 

A page of Spanish words and a page of Algebra - looks like Greek to me.


Brighton Cardinals JV played Munford JV last night. (October 6)  Cardinals won - 24-22.  Awesome game.  Sam played awesome - his best game ever.


Tori graduated from Reserve Officer training on Friday night.  It was wonderful.  I was and am so proud. 

Major photo bomb of Friday night, October 3, 2014.


Yesterday I had to attend Child Support Court.  My least favorite thing in this world to do (okay maybe cleaning up poopie explosions - but a close second).
This was a contempt of court for their dad.  He was a no show as he usually is, and I totally expected for them to file a continuance as they have in the past....well...hmmmmm no.  The did what I have never had the courage or guts to do.  I had no choice or say in the matter -  since they were the ones who filed the papers on behalf of Sam and child support - they signed a bench warrant.  I have mixed feelings.  Actually I was sick for a little bit about it all. Steve worried about what the kids would think of him - thinking he pushed it - he didn't even go up with me to talk - he stayed in the back ground. 
His parents are not in good health - nor do they have the money.  I really don't know if he is working under the table or how he supports his wife and family.  I just know his track record. And both kids decided at about the same age - they don't want to visit him again. 
I just don't see how going to jail - no matter how briefly will help.  But on the other hand maybe he will learn, maybe this will wake him up.  He needs to be a father to all his children.  More than a just money in the mail. 
I always encouraged the kids to call on special occasions - even sent gifts and pictures when they were younger. To no avail. I allowed them to decide when to stop visiting and they had to tell their dad.  I pray they can one day have a relationship with him - one at least where they are comfortable.