Monday, September 29, 2014

Colorado Kiddos

Our Colorado kiddos showed up at the game. We miss them....

They came home for a wedding...our time was too brief. Love them!

Playing With Heart....

Sam and his fellow Cardinals played tonight....they lost. They played long and hard to the last second. I am so proud of how they played but more importantly how they represented the team and school. Love my  #61.

He was alone a bit on the bench .. Taking it in....

Slowly they joined him...

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Took mom and Sam for a haircut today....both long overdue. 

Sam drove us everywhere today. We hope to get him some type of car or truck in Feb or March. He has applied for jobs...I want him to help purchase it. Wish we could find one driven by one little man, unable to drive anymore, well taken care of, at a good price. Or from someone we know. I know how to shop for cars...Sam just has to get out of his head that he is getting new new.  

I have been nursing a headache for about 36 has me down tonight. We ate Subway for dinner and it was good!!

Friday, September 26, 2014


Sam will text me every day and ask for prayer.

He also will kiss the top of my head to tell me he loves me and that I am a good mom. 

In one week....

In one week Tori will graduate from reserve officer training.

Today she qualified to carry...did well at the shooting range.

Praying she is sent to academy and offered a full time job. 

She is determined and has met each goal... I think she has a long career ahead of her in law enforcement. I do pray and have told her not to forget she is a allow herself to be soft and girly. 

Just never thought I would be telling my daughter to lock up her gun....


Mom started walking again this week..not a lot...but she is stronger. 

She is skinny! But looking good. 


Last night I cleaned carpets for the first time in forever!!! They look better. 

I also gave dogs haircuts and baths. Freshened up the house. 

Felt good to get things done.

I intended to come home tonight and weed the yard and trim shrubs..but my recliner won the battle. Yard will be tomorrow. But first haircuts for mom and Sam.

Mom and Stephanie.....

Stephanie has been filling in for Melecia.
(Melecia has been out with a hurt back for a month). 

Stephanie is Melecia jr. We love her. She is an awesome caregiver. We've adopted her! 

She loves mom. Mom loves her. We love her. Today was her last day. Good thing she lives like 10 minutes away. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I want to have something relevant and new to say.  But it seems the roller coaster ride of Alzheimer's is all I have to talk about. 

Good days have outnumbered bad.  Mom is walking again - slowly - but walking. I reduced her medicine - and she knows faces to names.  And is tying her shoes.  Three weeks ago - no way she could do anything.  This disease is a mysterious one.

We had stomach troubles - relief finally showed up - and trust me - I used Bran, Bran Muffins, ever possible solution - nothing - and gave the time of 3:00 on Sunday - if something didn't happen - hospital - well thank goodness - relief came.  Well, heck fire, it is still coming - I guess that what happens if no potty for about 6 days.  Geesh - It is unreal.  Poor mom she was so miserable - she is happy - just a poopie girl.  I need it to stop.  ha ha.

Sam has strep throat.  I really thought he had Mono - he had all the symptoms.  My strong boy was so weak and so very tired.  He looked tough.  But it is strep.  He is struggling big time with Algebra and Spanish - and I am no help. Since he was out yesterday, today and tomorrow - I called his counselor - and she is going to talk to the two teachers to help get him up to speed. He shuts down if he doesn't do well.  He needs a taste of success in both - he is so smart.  He can do it.

Tori will graduate from reserve officer training next week -  she is praying they send her to academy. Three positions open.  She is taking online classes with Bethel University - accelerated - and geesh they are challenging.  If she stays on track and focused - she will have her Bachelors in Criminal Justice - December 2015. She is not hand gun qualified - she will try in October - please pray she passes that.  She has passed all other weapons. It was her grip - she has been practicing.

Work is still busy.  Very busy.  I think I lost my patience today - not with a person - with just the work load.  I had to correct someone - and I tried to gently do it - but it went over like a ton of bricks.

On a positive note - work is allowing me to have three boxes of books, I am delivering to some shut-ins. They used them in photo shoots.  I have a few ladies, a couple of veterans and a community center who can use them.  And will enjoy them.  I will toss out the Vampire ones - can't do that.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lost Comments

I think I deleted instead of publishing comments - I thought I clicked publish!  Sorry!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Well, I did it.

Tonight I messaged the few women in Steve's family and asked if they minded for Thanksgiving and Christmas if we could just meet at a restaurant the Sunday before each holiday and they are in agreement.  They completely understand. Now, to break it to the men in the family....Steve is in 100% agreement.  

And then we will have dinner with our kiddos on the day of each.

I feel better...because there is no way with mom that I could do it. 


Who me?

Sam just asked me why I am stressed so much and so tense.

Oh me! 

I need to relax on several things. I have reduced the amount of time I work from home. 

I'm definitely a type A personality...and I need to let go of things. I need to take care of myself.


A hacker somehow made it into the server that we use and put in a virus.  The server is in Chicago.  I cannot tell you the headaches and issues we are having at work.  Specifically the building the customer service and traffic teams work.

 This also stops me from working remotely working at home.  That is how I catch up and make up time to work around our caregiving schedule.

We are working in another building - crammed in one room - five of us - cords, computers, files in every spot...and if you know me - the OCD in me  is about to go insane.  But everyone has a great attitude and they are making it work. 


September 23rd - premier night for all three NCIS shows.  I am going to have to switch that to a no cooking night.  And a do not disturb night. 


He is my favorite on Fox News.  He truly is fair and balanced.  He pulls no punches with anyone.  He holds our leaders accountable.  I encourage you to watch him for five nights in a row - and you will see.  Don't go by segments on other networks or on web- sites - sit down and watch and listen.

Plus, he is a darn good writer.  Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy are my two favorites.


Sam had the ultimate compliment from a coach this week. He told Sam he is coachable because he cares about what he is supposed to do, he listens, and wants to learn. 

He played the full game on Monday night - they lost by one point -but Sam made some awesome tackles.  But he was sick over the loss.  (I worked the concession stand during first two quarters)

He is struggling in Algebra 2 - but volunteered to attend tutoring on his own - without any prompting from his mother.  Whoop Whoop.  A sure sign of maturity there.

I love my #61.

A Blessing For Tori

This is how na├»ve I was about police training and supplies.  Their belts, handcuffs, flashlights, pouches, etc... they have to buy.  A retiring police officer is giving Tori all his stuff.  Praise the Lord. This is literally about a $1000 worth of stuff.  They will furnish the gun and bullet proof vest.  However the police dept where she will be working - the vests for women are expired - so she has a lead on one from another officer.  If they are expired - the manufacturer will not cover any expenses- should she be shot.  (I am trying not to shudder and worry)  This is me not worrying.

She is training on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Working the other days, taking classes online...she hardly has a free moment.

We are praying she will be one of those chosen to attend the academy and offered a full time job.

I cannot believe my sweet little blonde hair, Barbie loving, gummy bear eating baby is going to be a police officer.  Wow.

Tori, I am proud of you - I love you.

Mom's Night Out

I watched this  movie the other night.  Granted it won't win an Oscar. But it is so good.  Clean family movie.  I highly recommend it. And if you are a Trace Atkins (country singer) fan - you will really enjoy him.  He is an advocate for veterans and donates a lot of his time raising money for them and spending time with them.  He walks the walk and talks the talk  on this subject. His role fits him.  (his videos are sometimes a tad questionable)

Check out this movie - get you some popcorn, MM's and curl up together on the couch.  You will see most of the guys from the movie Courageous.

We need more family movies - and the more we watch and buy - the more will be produced.

Good Days

This has been a good week for mom - I just put her to bed.  She is still wearing the clothes she had on - she was too hard to change - I will wait until she is deeper asleep.

Melecia is still out  for two more weeks, pray for back to heal.  She also needs the money - but at the same time - it is better to be safe than sorry. We miss her terribly. 

We have been blessed with some excellent caregivers who are filling in for her.  Stephanie - so sweet and kind.  Klorissa - soft spoken and wise.  Myra - new to our home - but has 20 years of experience and is from Syracuse, NY- and speaks so eloquently and is detailed and very kind.  She watched mom on Monday night so I could help out at Sam's game and watch him make three tackles.  And we have Ms. Janice on Sunday - she is a doll - I just love her.

Mom is walking a tad better - I have reduced her medicine and she is more alert.  I don't think she needs all the medicine anymore. But it is nice to see her alert and talking. By the time I get home she is wore smack dab out. 

But in all seriousness, this time last week I thought I was going to call in hospice - but on Saturday she perked up and with each day she is better.  I know I have said this is a progressive disease - but I knew something had to be up - so with the medicine reduction and I think she was having a severe reaction to an antibiotic.  I started flushing her out by having her drink water and juices - and it was amazing the transformation.  She was literally at this time last week,  like a vegetable.  This hateful disease will continue to baffle me.

Prayer Requests and Needs

A friend has left her abusive husband for good!  I am so proud of her.  She is in a safe place.  He was served papers today.  Pray he leaves her ALONE.  Pray her self esteem and confidence returns.  Thankfully - they did not have children involved. 

A very sweet, Godly man at church has just been diagnosed with lung cancer - he and his wife are faithful servants.

A family has a need of tires for their PT Cruiser - extreme need.  Wires are hanging out - they have 4 kiddos - if you know of any one, or have anyone who has tires in their garage or business - please let me know. They live close to me.  Very sweet and loving family.  This is an urgent need.

Pray for our leadership - no matter your politics - we need to pray for our leaders.  Looks like we will be in a war real soon. 

Pray for the city of Memphis, so much violence, a murder a day.

Pray for Steve, yesterday- he was doing a set our or eviction at Hollywood and Jackson in Memphis - one of the worst - gang filled areas - the man they were setting out - and trust me - they try to do it quickly and preserve their dignity and take care with belongings - threatened to shoot them - he went to his car and pulled out a gun ---but put it back - but the process server called the police .  So thankful all were okay. This is a daily request - Steve works in some horrible places, as does his coworkers, often alone - pray for safety of them all.