Monday, July 28, 2014

Tons on my mind.....

I haven't been writing a whole lot of "meat" lately - a lot on my mind.

Mom - this past Friday night, was pure hell.  Finally, I had to remind myself to stop reacting and act.  She was in her room - there is nothing in there now that can hurt her.  She now  has a hospital bed, we took out all heavy furniture.  This bed is a low 13 inches off the floor - we don't have the HUGE worry of her falling off of the bed.

Back to Friday - the doctor had put mom on a new medicine - it improved her motor skills and walking - however it has made her EXTREMELY violent, agitated and nervous.  I took her off of it and have called the doctor. 

I was telling Steve this morning -there are days I could drive straight to a nursing home and not look back.  But she would not last in one - her doctor and our caseworker said that.  Don't get me wrong, I love my mother very much, I just get frustrated at the disease and to be honest HER.  Then guilt sets in.  And t hen we have we have sweet - funny moments

Mom at Dollar General on Thursday night  it helped a lot - I am thinking I should have kept her out  little bit longer. She is not made up as much - because we had a substitute that day - and mom refused to allow her to do anything.

She is mad at me here - because I clipped her nails and had her take a bath - she pouted and pouted.  Bahahahahahaha

This is her new thing - wearing a blanket like a cape/shaw - I call her Super Mema.  As you can see she is playing with her baby dolls.

I thought being a single mom was the hardest thing I have gone through - but now I can say, that by far being a care giver to mom - to an Alzheimer Patient is the hardest thing I have gone through.  I am clinging to James Chapter one - considering it pure joy.......

Miscellaneous Funny

Officer Tori Mills

August 5th, Tori starts as a reserve officer for Atoka, TN.  With the goal of becoming a full time officer after the police academy.

I am proud, nervous, excited - you name it.  She has worked  hard toward her career goal and is one step closer....

Sam and Mom

Sam is getting more sentimental towards mom, he has always been very protective - they have a  hate to love each other relationship.

In this pic - he started teasing her - then starting singing  "My Girl"to her...ended up being a sweet moment. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I so.....

Hate Alzheimer's!   It has wore me out this weekend. 

Surgery did not work...I am made funny...go figure! The anthesia  did a number on me..along with preop meds. But this does explain years of female issues. Now to focus on weight loss.  

Please pray for us. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I was being dusted...look at mom's face...she was working hard!


We are now blessed to have weekend care...4 hours on Sunday. Church was Awesome!

Just took this one - mom thinks it is Saturday and snowing. 

Two of my favorite pics. Mom and Sam hate to love each other...but Sam is quite protective of mom

Melecia doing mom' snails. 

Sam and Barney.

A lot of us out there....

I am a member of about four caregiver groups related to Alzheimer's. I have shared some bit learned much. 

I hate this disease.


The minor surgery I was supposed to have Thursday...did not go so well due to complications...soooooo

Having full blown surgery Tuesday. Lovely!

Thanks for praying.

Saturday, July 05, 2014


Memphis has to be one of the most corrupt, crime ridden cities ever. 

Please look up what the city council has decided to do the Memphis Police and Fire Department employees - benefits and pension cut.  They don't draw Social Security. 

I don't live in Memphis - but I have helped protest all I can.  I am ready to charge city hall like charging hell with a water pistol.


Right after the city council and Mayor made this decision - the Mayor was involved in a wreck - needless to say - guess who had to respond - without a remark.  Yep and they did their job, just like they always have.

I am praying hard the decision is overturned - the story needs to go national.  And don't even get me started on the Shelby County council - unreal - look up Henri Brooks.  The right judge, right lawyer - somehow beat the law books.  ARRRRGGGGHHHHH

Guilt and bloody lip

Guilt is weighing me down...we were having a good day. Mom fell against a TV stand - one in the corner. Busted her lip and broke her dentures - and apparently cut her mouth. Now trying to take care of an Alzheimer patient with a mouth injury is a nightmare - thankfully we have a nurse across the street - she helped us - and the doctor called me back and confirmed we were doing everything right. Blood was everywhere.

I don't have a single throw rug, we have a high baby... gate that keeps mom from the kitchen, door knob covers, no chords, literally baby proofed, yet this happened. I feel so guilty. I know it could have happened anywhere - we were in her room folding sheets and making up her bed - she bent down and tipped over. I was in the same room with her for heaven's sake!

I keep checking on her - she tells me to leave her alone. She knows my name when she is half asleep - kind of funny. I am afraid to go to sleep - I just want to sit there and watch her.

The doctor did say take her off blood thinner for about three days and bring her in for a looksee -
Need prayers that the bleeding stops - that we make an adjustment - because I don't see her sitting still for a dentist - and sedation is not an option. I absolutely feel 10 inches tall

My sister Judy brought band aids and such - and mom called us, and please excuse the language - Chicken Bitches.  It made me laugh. 

Whew -

Please pray.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Mom and playtime...

Sundowning...the hours between 4-7 every day are sheer hell sometimes...but today we received the blessing of mom being sweet, just busy. About 4:00 she sat down on her own and started playing with get blocks, dishes and babies for a good hour!! She just talked and moved things around....

A quiet day

Mom was so good today! 

We had beautiful weather...I should have weedeated...but my back is not good.

Pictures as I was grilling out....

 I can't get too far from mom so I had to take pics from patio...crepe myrtles look good.

Our side yard. And I made the observation...the older I get the bigger the yard gets!

26 Hours

Sam worked 26 hours in two days. I picked him up a short while ago.  At 9:00 I sent a text and asked was it slowing down?   

He sent me this pic and I took it as a no. 

Funnies and thoughts from Facebook...

Future Law Enforcement Officer...

Tori has been interning all summer and has learned much. She has worked in the sheriff's office, gone on patrols, learned forensics, etc. And has loved every minute of it. She may be going police academy soon. 

First day on job....

Sam worked at Jakes Fireworks this holiday...this was his first "official" job.
My friend Diane took this pic..she got a semi smile.

Sam's Doctor Appointment...

This past Wednesday took Sam to the doctor for school physical and check up. It hit me hard after this appointment we have only two more check ups left. 

He hates taking pictures.

We ate at Red Robin.  We did get to talk and have time together. He definitely wants to join the Marines. 
All said and done he is healthy and the doctor said "really really big...not fat...big."

I love Sam and am so proud of him!

Happy 4th of July!