Monday, June 30, 2014


Thank you to the owners and the family for sticking to their guns and beliefs. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Attitude Check For Me

We have a busy season - we are in it.  Folks are grouchy and it is rubbing off on me. 


Monday, June 16, 2014

No Rice Krispies

We had a crisis on our hands Rice Krispies. She suffered through Frosted Flakes. And she knew it too! 

Father's Day

Father's Day with Steve and his dad...yep, they look that much alike.

Happy to see me....

Mom was happy to see me last day it will be a full smile.

George Strait

His last concert was about a week ago....I'm sure he missed me. 105,000 in attendance. Largest indoor concert attendance ever!

Saturday Soup

Spoons optional...

Sam and Mom

Sam took this selfie when he was watching mom..... they both look so thrilled! Ha!



I posted these thoughts all weekend on Facebook in Memory of my dad.

Dad usually had a nickname for was his name for one else called you by that name except him.


Memory of dad...he was so easy to buy gifts for. He appreciated any and everything. After Christmas dinner and gifts he would neatly stack them up and place on his dresser...and the next day would look at them..knowing who gave him what.


I was saved in the summer of 1980 at GA camp. During the Wednesday night service - message by a missionary. I wanted to tell daddy ... So I called home collect...(it was like he knew) he answered..and I told him I gave my heart and life to Jesus. He was so happy. When I came home, he greeted me with a new Bible. Dad understood my love of Jesus, church and serving. He loved a good Bible Study. Afte...r I married. We went to Wednesday night Bible study together, and training union.( remember that?!)

He was not perfect, none of us are...but he was just the daddy, Pam Hartsfield, Judy Horn Brock, and I needed. We loved him and we knew he loved us.

Happy Father's Day daddy! I rejoice that you are in heaven, that you are whole and pain free. I rejoice knowing one day we will see you again!

By the way is still mom...I just gave her medicine to her and trust me she is not a morning person unless...she wants to get up. She says your name...she loves and misses you too.
Memory of dad.....

He would sign any note or card to us, especially mom, Charles E. Horn. Like we didn't know who he was.
A sidebar to my postings about my dad - it was from the heart:
To all the single moms, who balance being both mom and dad, work (sometimes more than one job), who mows their yard, prays over a light on the dash, who scramble at back to school time and Christmas on how to buy the extra..who make it to every game, recital, and awards program. She doesn't have that other parent to help make decisions or dole out punishment...she is sometimes told she is too lenient or too tough, too involved, not involved enough...she can't seem to win or get ahead! Happy Father's Day. You are loved and your kids will cherish you.

To the single dads who have learned how to braid hair, put in ear rings, deal with the first crush, and put countless Barbie things together. He coaches soccer, football, has to be soft when he can't be tough. He works hard to provide, cooks meals, and will go on school field trips. He also makes those decisions when a lot of households have two people to make them. I wish you Happy Father's Day! You are loved.
Back to dad......
Memory of my dad and at the time I was sure I was traumatized for life. A boy came to the door and asked to see me..."Is Becky home?" Dad (already decided he did not like hair length and guys car.) "yes"  Guy.."may I see her? " get ready it really happened this way, "no you cannot and go brush your teeth." And he closed the door! I was mortified and totally embarrassed! I was quite certain that day was why NO boy at MHS ever asked me out! I had a different kind of reputation! The one with the tough dad!

I survived! Love my dad!
Memory of my dad: He hated to eat off paper plates...and goodness help you if you gave him one. He would look at you like you had grown a second head.
Memory of dad: He would shine a flashlight in mom's face and say "Martha you awake?" Knowing full well she wasn't awake and not a morning person.
Memory of my dad...for about two years my dad took me to a movie every weekend. I got to choose..and I was a teen! During those drives and at the theater or DRIVE IN, he would give me tidbits on how a guy should treat you on a date. Never go to the concession stand alone, always have some money of your own, he should open your door, just things like that. If it weren't a movie we would go to the library and we both would check out 10 books each...which we would finish within a week.

He would sometimes take me to the bookstore..I have the first book he and I picked out together..I had to be 7 or so...Charlotte's Web.
Memories of my dad---he used handkerchiefs, drank coffee from Tupperware coffee cups, you couldn't fill it too high...had to have just the right amount in the cup. It had to be hot and black and could drink it in 100 degree weather. He watched Hee Haw, Wild Kingdom, 60 Minutes and was determined that Wonder Woman, Cheryl Tiegs, and Stephanie Powers loved him. Ha!
Going to be sharing my memories through out the weekend. I was and am a Daddy's girl. Love him and miss him.