Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I just need prayer.  So much going on.

I will write more later - laugh tomorrow - but  now I need prayer.

Monday, April 21, 2014


I am often asked what stage of Alzheimer's mom is in.

All of them!

She is much like a three year old.

I hate this disease.


We were in for most of the time.  Steve and I had date night Saturday night.  We ate at Corky's and saw Captain America - it was pretty good. Before the movie we went to Kohls and was pleased to learn they closed on Easter.  Good for them! 

Mom was pretty good all weekend - we had moments.  She seems to sundown now between 2:00-4:00.  I am changing medicine times up to see if that helps any.  She just goes and goes and goes, she is like the energizer bunny.

We did not make it to church - but I am so glad we were able to go last week for the Easter Celebration at church.  Still missed it though.  I did cook out hamburgers and hot dogs.  I also made a strawberry cake and a chicken casserole.  My feelings were momentarily hurt that my sisters did not have  or even bother to invite us over to their different things - but I got over it.  hmmmmmm  But it still bothered me just  tad to see pictures on Facebook and such. 

Honestly - I was so tired the whole weekend.  It was unreal.  It took everything in me to get out Saturday.  Tori took care of mom the whole time -but I could have gone to bed.  I know I looked terrible when we went out - but oh well!

Still waiting on insurance on what they will pay for dental work.

I think we are going to have break out the lawn mower and trim up this week. First time all season.  I want to put in rock garden in the back - where a flower garden used to be.  Low maintenance.  Surely it won't cost too much - I want to start with basic rock -and then add large pieces, etc.  I have it in my head.  And maybe some large pots for flowers.  Or even a stone bench -on thing at a time.

I need to catch up on blog reading - will do that tonight.  I am behind.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

A funny...

A friend sent this to me....said it reminded her of me.  And I love snoopy. 


Was horrible! Mom was terrible. 

Here she is resting for five minutes.

 Here she is walking around...I bet she walked, moved furniture, and everything you could think of....

George Strait

Can't afford tickets anymore...he is on his last tour. Sigh! True country music. Prior to ticket prices going up up up up...I've seen him 17 times. I've met him. Have his autograph. Several times I won tickets!  My favorite song is The Chair.

A funny or two....

Another pic of Tori...

Not a morning person...

Sam hated having his picture taken. 

Here he is last Friday morning. See how thrilled he looks.

Easter Celebration

Last night we went to church for the Easter Celebration. Before we went, we stopped for a bite to eat. Mom went too and did really well. 

Here are some pics

Mom eating her salad.

The orchestra.

Kids choir...

Led by ....

Diane ...my friend.-

Student jam...my babies I taught in choir and Sunday School for years. I miss serving! 

It was wonderful! Mom sat through it...a little antsy. 

We went to Walmart afterward...I ran in. Fastest Walmart run ever.

Mom was horrible when we arrived home. 

But overall a good day!

Prayer Needed....

I write of everything else...please be in prayer. I went to the dentist &9,000 for what has to be done. In advance. 

I'm so discouraged. I feel ugly and much like a failure. I just want to smile that's all.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Excercise at desk...

Lots of little videos in you tube - just did a five minute one for arms. No weights needed but it was a killer.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


 I start Monday with dental work - needless to say I am a blasted wreck.  Need prayer. 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Pretty girl.

Had to share this pic...

A fall........

Our kitchen set is on its last limping leg..but it is going to have to wait...other things come first. 

But it may move up on the list....

Friday, I was sitting  at the table getting mom's medicine ready for this week. She sat in my lap... Chair tips back... Mom grabs table...Does not fall..I do! I hit china cabinet fall in dogs dish. Somehow table falls in top of me. Mom is still up. I push table, get up and immediately slip on dog water. Both kids couldnt hear me, Steve wasn't here. 

I get up..get mom to sit in couch. Threw the chair in garage. Yes, I threw it. Change..get cleaned up. Two more teeth in back broke..( 2:30 am had mouthful of blood) I am sore head to toe.u

Thankfully, mom is fine. She has a new thing..sitting in mine and Melecia's lap.

Need prayer! I feel horrible. 

Happy Birthday Abby

My great niece, Abby, will be 8 this week. Her party was yesterday. The weather was perfect for the outside party.


Barney visited the vet this week. He was "fixed"...though he would say he wasn't broken....

Before the vet...

After the vet...it hasn't  slowed him down at all. 

His momma missed him!!! Love my Kylee girl.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Rusty started his new job last week - it will be local after today when he completes training.  God is good. 

He will be moving into my mom's house - until he can get on his feet.  The guy that was living there was transferred..  It will be a win - win - it helps Rusty - and the house won't be empty.  However, like the guy before him - not too sure if housekeeping will be a priority- no big deal - I won't see it.  bahahahahahaha.

I am so thankful Rusty has no cancer in his body. God has shown up and shown out.

My Friend Nancy

My friend Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall...she had a double mastectomy.  Just a few weeks ago - she had her plastic surgery done.

She is still weak and tired.  Her dog died - and to help cheer her up...her kids adopted a dog for her - Nancy took dog for a walk -(he's big) somehow leash wrapped and she fell and broke  her leg severely.  She is having surgery today.

To say she is depressed and discouraged is beyond words. 

Please pray for her, her husband Ronnie - they are taking a few hits.  Thankfully their children are helping out.  She will be out of work for three more weeks.

She is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet and know.  I am blessed to know her.


I have slipped off the wagon big time with diet and exercise - going to forgive myself and get pack at it.

I have a huge weakness in bread and certain sweets... and here is one of them.  I bought individual packs for Steve and Sam for breakfast - to keep from buying the larger back - to avoid temptation - didn't work - I had to have some!   (I am so busy - I cheat on breakfast for them now - I just don't feel like cooking and cleaning up breakfast every day and I am a breakfast advocate!)

But here is my weakness.....

Sigh..... I will no longer buy - and go back to cooking a tad more.  Oh, I will miss  you.

Absolute Anger and Disgust

Warning - if you have a weak stomach - do not look at pictures.

Steve had to a "set out" yesterday - basically an eviction - normally it I just people who do not pay their bills, some of them drug dealers, etc.  (he works in bad areas of town) But yesterday he was heartbroken and teared up when he talked about it. 

They had to "set out" a 91 year old Alzheimer's patient - a widow. Living alone in horrid conditions.  How no one noticed or cared to report, check on her, I will never know.  Thankfully Steve was there and he was able to guide folks in how to talk to her.  Human services and the police were called.  She had paid rent faithfully - and missed two months - someone - family I assume started spending her money. 

I am livid....whomever had responsibility for her...whomever claims to love her and care for her belongs in jail. 

But how management,  neighbors, family did not notice the below is what sickens me - surely there was a smell.  What really breaks my heart - look at the two little magnets on her fridge - the only normal in the house.  An American Flag Magnet.   The United States is drastically behind on treating and helping those with Alzheimer's compared to other countries like the  UK, Switzerland and a few others.  I am afraid it will only get worse. We have tracking devices and housing for prisoners living at home or in half-way  houses.  Assistance to those who continue to have children out of wedlock and they use drugs.  I had to fight insurance to cover "pull up" Depends instead of diapers- I reminded them that there is dignity and independence - both important.  They have literally sent me over 1000 diapers - one day we may use - but I can't send back - because they are a medical product - so that is wasted money on their part - but I have them put up.  I am my mother's voice. Obviously this little lady doesn't have anyone who cares........ You have to understand they do things that are strange - milk in closets, shoes in the freezer - money in Kleenex boxes - will go to store multiple times - take meds all at one time....... we knew the moment mom could no longer live by herself - we had to fib told her that her road was closed and they were working on it - and we have never looked back - she doesn't ask to go back to the home on  Hollygrove - she asks to go back to her childhood home or to California where she and dad lived in the 50's. 

I am so mad.  When I really have time - I will become a strong voice and advocate for prevention, treatment of Alzheimer's.

I ask for prayer for this little lady - I don't know her name. She is a child of God - He knows and has protected her thus far. But I still want to knock someone out for letting it get this bad.