Sunday, December 22, 2013


We slept late today....I have a chicken in the oven.

I have not done one bit of holiday baking. Will start tomorrow. Steve's family is coming over Christmas Day. 

I am off Christmas Eve...that will help. 

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sound asleep...

Sweet Story...

A week or two ago we were looking at our Nativity set with mom...we were naming the figures...came to Baby Jesus.... Mom said "I know Jesus, He's in my heart." 

Will treasure those words forever. 

That's what Christmas is about Charlie Brown


Merry Christmas......

Happy Birthday Jesus!


We have one of those built in microwaves - well it has gone to appliance heaven.  Had to buy a cheaper model today - until we can replace - I need it for cooking - you know melting stuff and warming up stuff.

But God  provided......received a gift card that paid for it.  Whoo hoo.


I am not going to lie - we have been up and down with mom.  One extreme to the other.  Alzheimer's, I wish I understood just a smidgen of it's purpose.
I really thought we would be past the violent stage - but she has moments - the other night - she jumped on me grabbed my neck and bashed it against the door window, thankfully there were blinds there!  I physically lifted her by under her arms to get her off of me.  And she is 130 lbs of dead weight.  Then an hour later - she was weak as a kitten go figure. 
We are still reading Bible stories and other books to her. She is hooked on baby Moses story.
She is also taking my Nativity figurines and my Christmas village pieces and putting them everywhere - finding them in shoes, her purse, under bed, in the silverware drawer. 
Her appetite is still strong and she loves to get made up - make up and hair - though  there are days I want to be lazy -she doesn't want me to be lazy.  ha ha.
I get discouraged and tired - I really do....... but then we will have sweet moments.... I love you momma.


In time out - after hitting

Doing her favorite thing...mopping.

Waiting at doctor!

Showing off her new pink sweatshirt from my sister Pam. She received three outfits, socks and make up -her favorite?  Lip stick.


Remember these?  Judy found these for me.  I love them.

Melecia is on vacation next week - we picked this up for her  - She loves it!  We love her1
A favorite quote of mine....

Something to laugh at...

Monday, December 09, 2013

A funny....

Trying to get mom to gargle and rinse her mouth out yesterday.....

I was showing her what to do...she got so blasted tickled  - she spewed it all out. 

Too funny!


We have a couple of new problems in the life of Martha.......

Eating - she eats - but we have to prod her along or sometimes feed her. Except for breakfast - she will eat Rice Krispies every time.  But the other is push and nag to eat.

The other issue is getting her to take her medicine - the sneak. She tucks it in her cheek and spits it out.  And trust me, I can tell when she does that!

Working from home....

Please pray - Melecia was rushed to ER yesterday - she is pretty sick.  I am quite worried about her.

That being said - we were unable to get a sub right away - sooooo...I am working from home.
I like working from home sometimes.....but I rather go into the office and be around folks.  Geesh.
Though I am blessed to be able to be set up and it is a viable option - I do get a lot done work wise.
I like sitting in my recliner at night answering emails and such....

Mom is quiet right now -  praying she stays that way.

Sunday, December 08, 2013


I have been in the house since Friday - I am not going to lie - I am about to go insane. But it is best I stay in - out of the weather and with mom.

Alzheimer's has kicked my tail today.  Big time.  I am tired.  Mom was and is like two year old twins - in everything.  I cannot adequately explain it.  She was meaner than a junkyard dog today - hateful with words, slapped me this morning - and then it hit me - she had not gone to the bathroom in  few I did my first Enema and survived.  And it worked fast.  Geesh.  In moments like that - I battle resentment big time.  Is that selfish or what?

I worked home from Friday - I have managed to keep up with laundry and keep house picked up -- boy I have learned fast the things that matter.

I have to pay a traffic ticket tomorrow - ugh!!!!!  $105 dollars.  Hmmph!

Please continue to pray - the same song is happening right now.  (If you know me - no title is needed)

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Doctor visit for mom...

Mom has fallen a couple of times...she's gonna give me a heart attack.

A lump came up on her hip 7 inches wide. Melecia and I took her to doctor. 
No broken bones... PTL!

Took 15 minutes to get her temp she didn't like the thermometer on her mouth...she gave the nurse "her look"

Radiology assistant got the same look when age told mom to tilt leg...

How one little lady can keep all of us on our toes is beyond me!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Christmas Cards...

I love letters and cards. But I just don't have time for Christmas Cards this year. 

Forgive me! But I feel relief of one less task.

Work decorations....

We are being ha. A combination of many personalities. We have a talking snowman in bathroom.

Pray for Nancy......

Please pray for Nancy - she is my friend who had a double mastectomy  - there is cancer in lymph nodes.

We will know more Thursday.

She tells us she is not feeling very strong and is very depressed.

Update on Rusty....

Praise the Lord!!!!!!

Rusty is 90% cured.  Last round of chemo this week, next month will be another round of scans to decide if there will be surgery!

Oh, Christmas Tree

I want to tell the story of our Christmas tree.

I got it in my head I wanted a real tree. But we could not spend $45. So I call around - find out Lowes has one for $19.98 - whoo hoo. We head that way - Sam and I. We find the $19.98 trees - I am fine with them.....Sam looks at me and says "mom - we cannot be taller than our tree." So, he finds a $24.98 aisle......I said, okay.....we have them trim it a bit. (thank goodness)... we get it home - the tree must have grown 3 feet between Lowes and our house. It is huge - biggest tree I have ever had. It looks pretty. (our stand adds a few inches - so the $19.98 tree would have worked- not to mention $5.00 would have been saved- Sam calls me cheap). None of our toppers work - I am just going to get a bow and ribbon. (I wanted to buy from BHS - but just too high)

The decorating had to be done after Martha "Rocky Balboa" went to bed - she was a mess yesterday...well all weekend - one extreme to the other. Whew.

I also took the time to clean out a lot of junk - two garbage bags full of broken/worn out - embarrassing to be seen stuff. I have a hard time tossing Christmas stuff - however I am quite proud of my recycled coffee table decorations.

We brought the dogs in - gave them a tour of the house - in Turner and Hooch style- we take them to the tree and say NO, the village, NO, etc.... of course they looked at us like we were nuts.

I took fresh cut branches from Lowes - and I think - if I feel crafty - yeah right - I may make our outside door decorations...I used some in our Nativity and on the mantle.

The last time I bought a real tree - I got a deal $10 - the top was split - thought I could fix that - well - the tree kept falling - and we ended up with a topless Christmas tree all year. That was funny. Maybe I need to stick with artificial. Mom loving to sweep and mop - will have plenty to do.

Here are some pics....I have named our tree TREX.

 Kitchen tree



Waiting on the bus....

When I arrived home yesterday.....I thought mom was in a moment of clarity...until she said...."I have something to ask you....what time is the bus coming."

She has been very hard to handle these past few days.  I have decided she hates me.  I really thought she would be over the violent stage, past the hitting, kicking and such.  Last night she slapped me as I was trying to take her shoes off to get her ready for bed.

Much prayer is needed.....

Focus or lack there of.......

I cannot focus...I cannot think.  I don't know what is wrong with me?

I am so depressed and very sad.  Heck fire - I need to snap out of it. 

I do have a couple of prayer requests in regard to need - God always provides.  Why do I worry so?