Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mom and Eating

Mom has surprised all during this time of taking care of her - she has always had a strong, healthy appetite.  Loves to eat. 

Here lately - as mentioned in the below post - we have seen a decrease.  Not on my watch - she won't go down that way - if just by sheer will.

We normally have her eat on the couch with  a TV tray.  Comfortable , chairs don't slide, etc.  Well tonight, I set the table just so, carefully sat her down - ate with her - and she ate two helpings of everything - she loved her broccoli!  I cooked chicken strips too.  Plus salad, potatoes, and corn.   (Feel free to call me Betty Crocker - because this is NCIS night - and I normally do quick and easy!)
But if this helps her to eat and stay stronger physically - then it is well worth it. 

Please pray she continues to eat and stays physically strong.

The Love - Hate Relationship with Alzheimer's Disease

 Happy Face!
 She is being silly!

Mom passed out last night - I think she mopped for three hours!

I love mom - I hate Alzheimer's.

No other way to put it.  It takes a lot in a day....an hour to take care of her.  There are times I have to check my resentment - I know this a season - God provides.

We are having to buy Depends for night time.  And I think I am going to need to add Boost or Ensure - that is added expense.  Does that sound selfish?  I guess it does.  Her appetite has not been that great the past couple of weeks.  Doctor added a Vitamin D pill once a week - and I put her back on a multi vitamin - I took her off of it - when she was on so much medicine.  It is a huge pill - so we are cutting it in half and giving it to her twice a day.  Our medicine plan was working - I pray this doesn't disrupt it.

And bless her heart - I tasted Milk of Magnesia - ugh - I bought the tablets.  Pray they are effective.

Alzheimer's it touches everyone in the family.  Geesh. 

Dental Contest

I am a finalist for a dental contest - as of today - I haven't heard anything.  I don't think I will win.  But keep praying.  You never know! 

But now that we know what has to be done - we will get a plan together. 

God is in control!

For just a few minutes...

It seems like Tori and I are never home at the same time...or awake at the same time.

But the other night - we were able to act silly for just a few minutes.  I love my girl.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sam the happy camper....

Just received these pics....Sam is on a camping trip with his best bud....

Check out this pretty girl!

Home and stuff!!!!

We arrived home Thursday afternoon. Mom was not too sure about me. 

In fact it is safe to say she didn't throw me a welcome home party....

Friday I took her for a haircut and a flu shot. The young lady who had been cutting her hair is no longer there....that did not sit well with her...but she has a new "do"... For our convenience...okay mine... we went a tad shorter.

After haircut, came flu shot. The pharmacist at Walgreens picked up fast mom had Alzheimer's.... He came to her...babied her and hugged her. No waiting!

And then Praise The Lord... We went to bank and my car is paid off!  Whoo hoo!
I could have danced in parking lot!

And to celebrate we went to Steak n Shake....$4 meals! Can't beat it. Mom ate every bite and drank a child size milk shake. She loved it!

One more errand was a quick trip to Naifehs grocery...mom loved pushing the cart and the teenage clerk was very patient ... She allowed mom to hand her each item. What a blessing. 

I could not do all this for mom without Melecia! She is a blessing. She took such good care of mom while we were gone and is such a huge help to me on these busy days.

Last night and today I've had a stomach bug and feel tough. I wanted to ho see my nephew...but can't be around him. 

Please continue to pray for him. I am praying for 100 people to donate $5.00 each. He needs it desperately! Link is a few posts below.

God is good. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another day of fun

We spent all day in downtown Gatlinburg.  We have done more things and spent less money than we did last time - Steve thought we couldn't do it.  But we did!  We will leave tomorrow morning.

I lost my cell phone - we retraced our steps.  We thought it was gone - with little faith.  But thankfully someone was honest and we found it at the first place we walked back too!  Whoo Hoo!

We visited Ripley's Moving theatre.  That was fun!  I hated Ripley's Haunted Mansion!  Wasted $13.  Hmmph!

We rode the Sky Lift and that was so much fun!

Here are pics from the day... Steve just refuses to take pics!

These types of sculptures are everywhere! 

Up up we go

Checking out the view

God's Country!

Chubby faces

Yep - Gibbs' car from NCIS

Potty Break time!  hahahahahaha

Tuesday, October 15, 2013




Other moments.....we go all the way up the mountain - and we follow the trail...

We end up in North Carolina! In a Cherokee village/town. You could see it is a very poor town - very dependent on tourists - we walked around. Some businesses were closing - that was sad. It was neat seeing the signs written in Cherokee. I wish I had taken some pictures. We saw several school busses full of beautiful kiddos.

Another funny story - at this village/town - I heard an older couple.... Wife says "honey, let's go in that quilt and blanket store - they may have sheets." Husband says....."Walmart has sheets!" Bahahahahahahaha

Also saw a sign outside a church literally just minutes away from our hotel - with Dr. Dale Ellenburg - I so loved him when he was interim at Crosspointe. I hope to maybe visit tomorrow night. I loved hearing him quote scripture.

Mishaps and Laughter...

I forgot my toothbrush, toothpaste and hair brush.

We HEAD to Walmart to purchase the above and things for picnic lunch. Me trying to save money - purchases a Walmart gift card to buy gas. However this Walmart does not sell gas. What the heck?????

Then we go to another gas station - pull up - little did we know we... pulled up to a pump for race cars or diesel engines - so we had to back up and find the right pump.

And once up in the mountains - I had a serious case of Altitude sickness! Ugh. But up the mountain we went - beautiful beautiful views. The parks, visitor centers, etc - were closed due to the government shutdown. Hmmph. But we still had a nice time. Great time.

I have checked on mom and she is having a good time with Melecia. Please be in prayer for Melecia, her mom is in the hospital.

Tomorrow we plan to take the Trolley back to Gatlinburg - a heck of a lot cheaper than parking!

We are enjoying the time away - relaxing and just being.

Thankful for the laughter and the time away.

Pictures from Ripleys Aquarium

One of the coolest places I have ever been!

Getting Steve to pose for pictures is next to impossible.