Friday, August 30, 2013


Mom did not sleep last night. It is 10:03 PM Friday night and she just went to sleep. She was very restless. 

I have been awake since 5:00 Thursday! I left work early anticipating a nap...nope! Interruption after interruption!

But one interruption turned out to be a good one...Steven (Steve's son) said he had gained a whole new respect for women of all ages after living with us. He said he had no clue how I balance it all. It's all God I told him! 

Work was hard. I'm drained. Good night!

Please pray for ZP, KD, PS, And Melecia and family. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good Day

Mom had a good day.

Our case worker visited her today - mom danced for her and went back to mopping.

It is official - we will have weekend respite - starting on Monday.  So excited.

God is good!

Pray for Melecia's sister - it is official - thyroid cancer.


Mom has qualified for 216 hours of respite care! I will be able to have help on weekends. And she may eventually qualify for every other weekend.

I am so excited. Credit goes to Judy. She came up with idea!

Tired Tori!

She started school yesterday. She is still interning and works, and she fell asleep in recliner yesterday.

She is much like her mom and suffers from bouts of insomnia. Exhaustion won the battle yesterday.

Prayer Requests...

KD...has decided to separate from her husband. Pray God heals.

SB: diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year. Going into her 2nd round of chemo. A spot showed up around her heart. And her hubby left! Mother of two.

Melecias sister..had thyroid removed Dr,s  are thinking cancer.

Me: marriage, mom and work.

Yard work!

Steven has done all the yard for me two weeks in a row. He also cleaned our garage out. He's pretty detailed. I could get spoiled fast.

He is looking for a job and had a side job of painting he worked on yesterday and is going back today. Please continue to pray!

Monday night mopping!

She mopped and mopped!


Took mom for a haircut yesterday afternoon.  Trust me she has her purse in every pic.,then we are at chik-fil-a. She was tuckered out when we got home.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I don't even know where to begin.

Mom had a rough time all weekend - hence I had a rough time. I was worn smack dab out.  Still am!  I almost called in.  But heck, I needed a break from mom.

Someone tried to break into our house Saturday night.  Mom was antsy all day - mean - you name it.  I could do nothing - could not let her out of my sight.   So finally when it cooled down - I gave in and went to Walmart with her.  She loved it - she walked around - looked at every display - you name it.  All fine and good.  She was calmer and tired. 

When we arrived home - I decided to take the street that leads to the front of our house - instead of the back one that leads to our garage.  Praise the Lord I did!  There was man trying to break into our house - I first thought it was Sam or Steve - so I called and they both were gone.  Tori was at work. 
I circled around -  he saw me and he ran away.  I called Steve home - and the police - they came searched the house - saw where he tried to break in. They searched the neighborhood, the yard and our house.  The officer asked mom if was okay she said "well, I have to pee!"  hahahahahaha.   Regardless, my nerves were shot.

Steve's oldest son, is staying with us.  He is sleeping on the couch - all his clothes in the utility room.  He has fallen on hard times - he is looking for a job.  Please pray he can find a job - and that he can get situated.  We are crowded.  But I refuse to have one of our children live in a car or not have a place to eat and rest. We are making the best of it.  So is he.  Pray he gains confidence in himself and relies on God for the answers. 

I am a creature of habit and routine.  So, all the above has shaken me - but maybe I needed to be shook up. 

Much prayer is needed!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My mood...

My mood is not good! Yes, I know I need to snap out if it. 

The AC in my car is out, I need to go to store, I can't take mom because of the heat and those on my nest are being a tad selfish.  I guess they will just be hungry. 


Wide awake!!!

It's 5:25 am, I've been awake for two hours! And I am tired!

I have been residing and studying....I'm definitely in peri menopause or premenopause. 

I am very tired and stressed. Every area of my life seems to have a  cloud  over it!

Friday night...

Ended rough. Mom had a good week.
In fact here she is modeling a new top. Now when I look at photo she doesn't look happy!

She turned on a dime. Jabbed me with keys, slapped me, pulled my hair, kicked me, etc. just trying to get her ready for bed. I think the trigger was me taking her afghan off couch and washing it.  I literally had to fight her off...guilt is setting in.. Heck!!!!

If you can't sleep.....

Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet is okay to watch..however a cub was just attacked...I'm stressed! Changing the channel. 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tired Wednesday.....

I am so tired today.  We are short staffed all the way around.


So far, it sounds like mom is having a good day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

In the mail....

Received this today....

Now to find time to study....

A favorite snack/meal.

Mom just ate two favorites.  A peanut butter and banana sandwich and cantaloupe. With a glass of milk. She must be full... Snoozing on couch.


Here she is earlier after bath time...she felt so good! 


Thinking about books...

I don't think students are introduced to The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, even the Cherry Ames series.

Have they watched the Gidget, Tammy and Frankie and Annette movies?  

Even my own. I worry because during crucial years I had to work multiple jobs, I wasn't on hand as much as I wanted to be. 

Cursive writing is not taught in school or even used...a lost art I guess. 

Just thinking....

Friday, August 16, 2013

A day off...

Mom slept until 10 today! Whoo hoo! So did I! Yay. I sure felt good and feel good now.

I checked emails for work..then showered and ran errands. Bank, cell phone bill, hair cut, met Steve because he left his wallet at home, a Route 44 Dt. Pepper at happy hour, grocery store and gas in the car.  Tori watched mom for me...she was upset I was gone so long..oh well! Half my time I was driving or waiting in line. The Dr. Pepper was truly down time of about 5 minutes and I love the ladies where I get my haircut. I think my little family forgets I need to do things for myself.  Hmmph!

Came home and just rested in the living room with mom...she literally mopped all day. She was tired.

I plan for tomorrow to be pick up house and semi lazy day. My goal this weekend is to clear out my email box. I've had to be firmer this week with my team. I've done real well on not reacting when my mouth wants to do differently. I wait a day on addressing me one day to think about the issue or task at hand.

Have a good night!


In an attempt to save money I bought these...  Mom asked where the Elves were?!  Ha!! She ate a bowl plus two eggs and two pieces of toast. 


Well, Sam and I watched the Sixth Sense tonight and we did his report together. 

We mentioned none of it was Biblical despite the religious symbols throughout the movie.

I emailed the teacher tonight questioning the purpose of such a thing. What if I had objected to him watching because of content? What would have happened? 

Now I will help him memorize JFK speech or portion of...same class.?English. I'm trying to figure out the overall goal...she's all over the place with assignments. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'm off tomorrow!

Funny How....

The media is consulting President George W. Bush's administration and his staff on what is going around the world?

Hmmm, I wonder if they are realizing how good he was? Or will it take longer to appreciate him?

Monday, August 12, 2013


I have laughed more today than I have in a long time. So grateful for laughter...and a couple of my stories are just too funny not to share!

Our mower is back up and working --Praise the Lord - I was about to go nuts - yard looked like a jungle.  I was trying to be stubborn and ignore it - but could not longer - I was determined it was going to get cut - if it were with tweezers.  W
hen I arrived home from work - I was determined to mow - I hustled in the house - changed - Sam was worn out from football -so he sat in the house with mom. I managed to mow where our yard does not look like a jungle... - trimming and goodness help me, raking needs to be done (I hate raking - maybe the storm that followed - blew some it away) Anyway - I saw the clouds were getting yuck - heard a rumble of thunder - I called Sam out - so he could push mow and help trim. I was weed eating and had him push mowing - the wind picked up - the thunder was louder - I Yelled out "run and mow Sam, run and mow" He didn't listen - he put everything up and it started raining. Chicken! bahahahahaha

Okay - I don't mean to embarrass my mom - but there are some moments in Alzheimer world that are just too darn funny not to share. Let's say she a little...ahem...a lot of gas......she waved her hands in the air.....and then she looked at her baby dolls...and said...."Ya'll quit!" I have never laughed so hard in my life. Too blasted funny. Bahahahahahahahha.
Oh, and another reality TV show moment - mom has the habit of flushing things down the commode - doesn't matter what it is - but she just likes to flush! Poor Meleica - had a mess to clean up today after a flooding disaster in the bathroom. And I know it was challenging with mom trying to help her. Thank you Meleicia - We so appreciate all you do!  Now if you know me-the germaphobic me - I had to come home and bleach the whole bathroom and wash everything.  I thought about it all day.  Judy told me I am just like our mother.  Oh well!  Bathroom is clean now! 
Another Funny Mom said...."tell the conductor, I want my money back!"
Oh, how I have laughed!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ok this one makes sense....

Sam is actually residing and studying this one for history! Quite frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised!  And I had a copy!
Years from now this man will be appreciated more than he is now!


Janis, maybe you can help. Sam has to do a paper on the movie, The Sixth Sense. 

I'm trying to figure out how that ties into English. Makes no sense to me. Hmmmm!?

The garbage can.....

You see this spot? (The picture came from mom's house. I have always loved it! And am so blessed to have it in my kitchen!)

Anyway...until mom moved in I kept our garbage can in the utility room.,behind the door unseen. I am OCD about many things and the garbage can is one of them.,I liked it where it could not be seen. But when mom moved in, we had to rearrange house...lock certain rooms to prevent her from playing with...breaking certain things. The utility room being one of them. She would just put ANYTHING in the washer.  Sooo - the garbage can came out and into that spot. For convenience. Ugh. It has  driven me nuts. I have hated it from day one!  Now mom has developed a habit of throwing things out, considering I'm down to three coffee mugs, I'm guessing that's one thing and she would take garbage out which was REALLY driving me nuts. So this morning I moved the garbage can back to it's original spot...I put out a very small garbage can in a corner so she can throw away paper and dust pan stuff. I am excited to have that spot back. Guess, I'm weird. Of course that whole wall got a scrub down.

Now, a new dilemma, with the move of the garbage can...out came the coat rack that used to be in an unassuming corner in the dining room which is now Sam's room. 
Right now I put it in the entry way..not too sure about it. I have a feeling it will be moved a few times before I'm satisfied... But truth be known this really the only free spot....

I will really have to think about it. Ha!

The weekend...

We have not been able to mow...rain.  Yard looks horrible and Im about to go nuts!  Steve changed the filter and the oil, we plan to wash and clean it up. It was acting up the last time we mowed. Our grass is high..I attempted to weed eat but a rock flew up and hit me in the eye. Sucker still hurts. Then the rain Steve and cleaned out garage and attic..we threw away a lot of stuff and enough appliance and miscellaneous boxes you would think we had an appliance store.

Later Steve and I went to Chilis and the grocery store. Sam watched mom...he took this picture of mom tucking our dog, Barney in...
This morning mom shared her morning coffee time with her babies....

Today I faced tons of laundry... And I have two more loads to take care of.
 Praise The Lord for our washer and dryer! I had to wash mom's precious she is wearing a sweatshirt. She is cold natured!  Here she is after a bath.....

And in all her days she's never painted her fingernails red! Here they are red! She loves them and is quite proud of them. I had so much fun painting them.

And then she and I took a nap...took this one before we both nodded off!

We are still sitting and watching TV, I'm enjoying the quiet.

Sunday, August 04, 2013


Alzheimer's kicked my tail today to one end of the county and back.  Whew.  Mom kept me super busy.  I am exhausted beyond belief.  I can't even relax yet.

A funny...after giving her a bath - I gave her an outfit to put on - she said she hated it - oh well.  Finally at bed time - PJ time - she said - don't touch those - that's my favorite outfit.  Bahahahaha.

She totally got mad at cold sandwich at lunch with fruit and milk.  She is spoiled!

But she was literally into everything - and I mean everything.  Much like a toddler with energizer batteries in her pocket to keep her going!.

Praying for a good week!

Saturday, August 03, 2013


Today mom slept later than usual. I think because it was cloudy...the clouds led to rain.

I cleaned part of the house last night after we arrived home from shopping. I just went through my closet and dresser ... Two bags headed to Goodwill. I am about to clean our room. It needs it. I gotta get Steve out for a bit so I can move things.

This afternoon after all of us snoozing..I went to grocery was packed... I was so stressed! Steve sat with mom so I could get out...I enjoyed Happy Hour at Sonic. 😄

We ate sandwiches for dinner. Mom not too pleased...but she ate a hot breakfast and she survived. 😁

Tons of laundry! How does that happen? We wash everyday!! I think elves come in at night and mess up clothes and towels

Overall mom had a good day. She was calm. She mopped for a little bit...puttered in her room. Grateful for that!

Tori is working and Sam is at his friends.
Is it selfish to enjoy normal?

Back to school...

Sam goes back to school Monday.

Steve and I met right after work and got busy. $10 jeans at Old Navy! Whoo hoo! And shirts 97 cents and up. I zeroed in on clearance fast. I was so excited. Then next door at Rack Room shoes it was BOGO 50%...we had already bought tennis shoes but Sam asked for some "dress" shoes for his khakis. Soooo with a coupon I found I was able to get him and Steve a pair of shoes for literally the price of one pair! (Sam and I went Tuesday he tried on clothes to give me size and style ideas)

We ate dinner at Jim and Nicks - I spilled my I looked like I wet my pants. Bahaha.  

Then to Kohls found belts and polo style shirts on clearance! 

So glad we finished and so blessed with God's provision. 

Oh, on Tuesday when we went on our trial run at Old Navy...took this pic of you see what's wrong? Ha ha!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Mom at football meeting...

Last night I had parents meeting for football. Mom went with me and brought a guest.  Kept her calm and happy.


(Steve and I managed to get out last Saturday night late!)

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Mom's hands fascinate me.....

They have loved and worked all their lives.  She would tell the story picking cotton at age five.



My other babies.....

Kylee and Barney - mother and son

Barney - either the smartest dog or the most oblivious

Kylee - the sweetest dog ever.....




Took mom and  Sam to eat at Red Robin after a check up for Sam.  Mom needed to go to the restroom - she went in her little stall.  I went into mine. 

All of a sudden - I hear. "Help, Help, Help.. I can't get out"  Mom could not open her door, I managed to get it open with a quarter - but employees rushed in - thankfully mom was decent!

But we enjoyed Red Robin - we had never ate there before  - kind of pricy - but it had to be the best hamburger I have ate in a long time - and you don't leave hungry.  Sam couldn't even finish!  And that is rare!

Mom totally enjoyed her burger and really loved their fries

Sam's burger - he couldn't finish - you have bottomless fries!

I couldn't finish mine - and was full at dinner time - no cooking for me!