Friday, July 26, 2013


Mom is thoroughly enjoying her baby dolls.  She talks to them, coos, holds them.  It is sweet and touching to see.

Sam brought up today his bag from last week's camping trip.  I thought we had everything!  Oh my word - stuff has been in a camper for a week.  ugh ugh ugh.  Add Tori's laundry from her manager training - oh boy.  I so appreciate my washer and dryer. And in my opinion Tide Pods are a gift from God - I love those things.  And Cascade pods - the extra cost - well worth it!

Much is on my heart and mind - I am restless in many areas. Hurting to the point I ache inside and out.  I know God has a plan - however why do I try things my way? 

Work was hard this week...Busy.  that is all I can tell you.  There are no words to describe the call volume, emails and chats! 

This week Sam goes for a checkup and physical for football.  We will buy school clothes next week - we bought shoes and cleats last night.  And we survived!  whoo hoo.  The clerk said we were the funniest pair she had in a while - plus we had mom with us!  I am sure we provided comic relief.  ha ha.  Mom hugged everyone - they hugged her back.  I am so appreciative of them.  I call myself being frugal - Sam calls me being cheap.  I used a $25 coupon code and bought sale items - so now then!  And we were able to get out of the store without buying the slinky pink neon shorts mom thought were underwear (do girls really wear those?  hmmph!)

I am in need of some hang time with friends. And in desperate need of worship service.

Please pray for our pastor - he and wife were expecting a baby - they went for a sonogram - there was no heartbeat.  Services are tomorrow.  A little girl.  Mercy Grace.    I know they are hurting - but their sweet baby is in the arms of Jesus.  I am sure they will appreciate all prayers.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Ok, I am taking this moment to vent.  Phones at work are non stop.  People yell, fuss, and scream over the weirdest things.  Very frustrating.

I was so darn proud of myself last night - I cleared literally 150+ emails - only to come in to 79 new emails.  Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh.

And I have my shoes off under my desk..and I got my feet caught in a drawer...lovely.  Call me LUCY.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mom and her new babies....

It is not often real sweet, quiet moments happen in this house.  My sister, Judy, bought mom two little baby dolls. We had read that baby doll therapy is good for Alzheimer Patients - tonight - it was just  mom and the two dolls.  They are in her room right now, close to her -on a pillow covered up.  Tonight their names are Elizabeth and Lynn. I say that because in Alzheimer world - their names could change.

Here are some pictures of mom and her babies..... I apologize if some are dark and fuzzy.

I have a video - for some reason......technical difficulties or operator error........ I cannot post it.  It has to be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.  No words or sound needed.  I can't stop watching it...I tear up. 
Thank you Lord, for baby dolls.  Thank you for ideas and articles. Thank you for Judy who picked up the dolls....thank you for the instinct mom has to love and care for a baby.  Thank you for quiet, tender, calm moments.  They truly are a blessing. Thank you for my mother.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Much going on emotionally and mentally.....but life goes on. And I must cling to God's promises, and grasp life and enjoy His daily, hourly...minute by minute provision!  He is so good.

The day began early and busy.  Mom had an accident of sorts - so it was shower time bright and early - which meant doing  hair, make up , etc.  Which turned out to be a good thing - it was done!  Had to clean...scrub the bathroom and her room. Boy I need new carpet/floors - anyone out there please enter me in home makeover!  Whew.  It is a need - not a want.  Then I had to shower up - had to feel clean myself - so I scrubbed our bathroom down.  (see the trend?) - then breakfast - of cereal and toast. 

I have had tons of laundry - Sam returned home from camp - ugh - I think it could have walked to the washing machine.  Tori had a bunch (she lives out of her car) - and of course mom's stuff. 

After getting situated, and laundry started- mom and I snoozed.  A pot pie (Marie Callendar) for mom , one of her favorites.  More laundry - emptied the dishwasher - then we went to the store. She behaved - we went to two stores - one for the exclusive Naifeh's grocery store items - and then Walmart  and I just went Friday - but I missed a lot!   I shopped fast and without a list - and didn't really have a meal plan.  It is hard - because hubby is so darn picky - meat and potatoes guy - the rest of us like casseroles and new things - he won't - and I just can't afford to cook multiple meals.  Trying to think of a resolution on that one.  I get tired of the same ole same ole - and then I lose interest in cooking.  I am enjoying all the summer fruits though.  Yum Yum.

After shopping took her through McDonalds (I do not like the two lane thing - and neither does my daughter) bought her a Happy Meal - she wanted nuggets - the funny thing was trying to explain to her how to eat them in the car - because she acted like she was malnourished and underfed. - she ate ever bit of that meal - apples and all.

I have been walking each day - and really watching what I eat - I am determined!

I ask that you pray for me - much going on..and I have to be honest...I am hurting...


I am not handling this lady leaving NCIS well at all.  I love Ziva!  What will Tony do?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lazy Day....

I have been lazy today! 

Mom has been antsy - I have just let her walk around the house - and boy has she walked, piddled, mopped, dusted this whole house. 

Work was very busy this week - unreal!  We would hang up from one call - and it would ring again - our phones would look like a Christmas tree.

I am sorting things in my mind.....God continues to provide.  We are blessed.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Can't decide....

Who argues with me more...Mom? Or Sam?


You know you are a caregiver...

When you spend almost an hour clipping, filing and painting toe nails. And then have the worst headache afterwards!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


What I found in the middle of the floor....with no clue why. He does have a camp coming soon. I guess that's the plan. I hope anyway!

Homemade Hatchet

Bag of rocks


And then pics from my brother-in-laws birthday party. Those who haven't seen him in awhile were amazed at his size. Tori was at the other end of the table..I need some pics of her!

A good pic!

Mom, Judy and I.

Average phone day...

The number of calls I answered in one day. Whew! Add emails, live chats, etc.

Blue feet

Our little office had Mosquitos the other I sprayed OFF on my feet.
Well, the OFF caused the dye on my sandals to run. Call me an Avatar or a Smurf! Took a long time for me to wash off!

Monday, July 08, 2013


You know how you have to call yourself on your own attitude?  I guess it is better than others calling me on it!

ha ha ha


Mom is having a tough day!  Melecia is being very wise and just making sure mom cannot hurt her space.

I hope she levels off.  I know how nerve racking it can be.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Now that's Alzheimer's #2

Mom is now shredding napkins and tissues.

Or she will fold a stack and bring them to me.

I don't say anything.  It's just paper and she likes doing it. 

Sunday review...

We did not make it to and I both slept until almost 10. Then after breakfast and freshening up the house we catnapped some more. 

After her bath and lunch....Sam stayed  with mom..I had Kohls cash to spend...I got a free outfit. Whoo hoo. Then Steve and I ate at Memphis Pizza Cafe. They are good and cheap! We had to take some paperwork by his shop's office because he has jury duty tomorrow. 

The key to my "sanity" I believe is getting mom out on the weekend...something small. But out of the house. And then a break away for me. This weekend was better than last. I lefty my laptop alone. I have done nothing work related. And it has felt good! 

I am bleaching tshirts and socks right now. Just got it in my head I needed to do so. Lol. I have another load in the dryer. I  am so thankful for our washer and dryer!!

Please pray. I have been bitten by something...what I do not know. Buy it is hot to the touch and painful.

Mom is sleeping...she was so tired! Not too tired to boss me as I was getting her ready for bed! Ha!

Now that's Alzheimer's

Mom was up, I heard her getting ready. I always try to let her do as much for herself as she can without my help or interference...but it was taking longer than usual.

I checked on her. As soon as I walked in her room...she said "something is not right." 

Well yeah!

Purse on her foot and socks on her hands.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Not totally lazy...

After mom went to bed...I washed living room and kitchen baseboards. Swept, mopped and dusted. 

Washed sheets..the laundry hamper is empty. Whoo hoo. 

We hope to go to church clothes and breakfast stuff are ready. 

Have a great night!


Diamonds are not necessarily a girls best friend... My hubby is a lucky man! My friend Carla knows how I feel.

This girl picked this up today....I'm so proud! It was on is one that uses rechargeable batteries. One is charging now. I can't wait to use it. 

Here it is....a new weed eater!!!!!!

Ta da!!!

I went to Lowe's to look at Pompass Grass...but I compared pricing and the weed eater won out. I still want some Pompass grass.

Plus mom and I ate out...we ate at Chili's...she enjoyed it. She wanted a hamburger and fries...ate them with a fork...but whatever works. She ate every bite. I wasn't too hungry. These are the   outings I enjoy. Leisurely--I had a moment of regret on 20 spent...but she was clearer in mind and seemed stronger and less antsy.. so money well spent.. We walked the whole Lowe's store...she was pooped. 

And after the trip....


Something about Saturday.  I had good intentions to just get right up and clean baseboards, and I still might. But I've been cat-napping all morning. I'm trying to decide if I'm being lazy.

Last night after I got off was just mom and I. It was quiet, cloudy, and the house was dark. We ate peanut butter sandwiches, fruit and milk. And we fell asleep about 6:00! She on the couch and I was in recliner. I woke up at 8:00- moved her to her room...and I just fell into bed. Slept all night. 

That being said, I can't figure out why  I am so tired today. I need to get moving. I cleaned moms room, washed a load of clothes. And just cooked her and Steve lunch. But I feel like I could sleep more!!!! What the heck!? So unlike the old me. Old me would be scrubbing and cleaning.  I gotta snap out of it!

Friday, July 05, 2013

I know you were worried..

I finally managed to give dogs haircuts and baths yesterday.

Fourth of July...

Fireworks in our neighborhood.

Sam and his friend Ryan setting up for the fun. They truly are best buds! 

Boys being boys. Sam's science project blocking bottle rockets and other fireworks. I didn't flinch this year!

Thursday, July 04, 2013


I wonder, how would those who labored over and fought for The Declaration of Independence, think of America today?

Light filtering....

P Hoping these new light filtering curtains help mom sleep longer. She liked them.

Ready for the 4th...

Sam's favorite holiday....

Poor Barney....

Tone very mischievous dog, one that will snatch socks, underwear, chew on metal, bounces up and down...

Is terrified of balls! Too funny!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Monday, July 01, 2013

God Bless...


Arizona...I am praying.


I'm sitting here going back over our weekend.

Mom is like a child. She cannot be left alone, and she has to be kept busy with intervals for rest

I did not  work with mom on the things we found or picked up for her! She needs these things! Needs my attention.

I have much to think about!