Friday, May 31, 2013


Debbie is filling in for Melecia - and we love her.  She is a sweetheart. Soft spoken with dry wit.  Mom likes her too.


24 hours...

I have a headache. It started yesterday at this time. It is literally making me sick. Last night I couldn't wait to get mom in bed. Normally I keep her up later so she will sleep all night...but I had to rest.

There is a thunderstorm outside. All my chicks are in the nest. Sleeping sound. 

Thank you Lord for nature's storms and those storms we have in life. May we....I....draw closer to you as you work.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well Deserved....

Melecia will be on vacation  starting tomorrow. She deserves it.

Ms. Deborah will be filling in. Melecia worked with her today...and said she is real sweet. I will meet and work with her tomorrow. Mom seems to like her.

Pray we have a good week and mom adjusts. I appreciate Wesley matching mom to her caregiver...a true blessing.

Go Sam!

Sam earned all these merits in Royal Rangers. I'm very proud!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Very worried and depressed....

I know I'm not supposed to be. But I am.

Boy do we need a lot of prayer.  I need a lot. Much on my mind.

Monday, May 27, 2013

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.

Oswald Chambers wrote, "Jesus never mentioned unanswered prayer. He had the boundless certainty that prayer is always answered."





Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. 


Mom was better today than she has been all weekend.  Thank goodness.

She was up early - looking for the lobby. Ha Ha.  I cooked breakfast of pancakes and hash browns (call me Betty Crocker!).  She dusted for a bit - I picked up the house.  And for dinner I made two casseroles - one of Steve's favorites and then another that is a favorite of me and the kids. Steve is a fussy eater - and sometimes I get so tired of the same ole same ole. 

Sam and I mowed the yard - he did a great job on his part and cleaning out the garage.  Whoo hoo.  Mom actually behaved while I mowed.  I usually wait until she goes to bed to mow - and I always run out of daylight - well not today.  It looks good. 

He starts football practice this week - at the very inconvenient times of 9-11 in the morning -
 M, W, F.  The drop off is not a problem - I can drop him off as I go to work - he can just wait.  However, the pick up is going to be a challenge.  Gotta work on that.  If Tori is off, not a problem.  We are going to ask his friend's mom and my sister Judy.

I have a proposal/report that I am going to work on - hopefully it will help us grow and succeed.  I have been working on it a tad - but I did my best thinking today on the lawn mower. 

Still praying for a need to be met.  Trusting God. 

I need you to begin praying right now.  Melecia will be taking a well deserved vacation.  But we will have a sub for those days - except for this Friday - when her vacation begins - I am staying home - but we will have a sub for the full week next week.  Mom, traditionally doesn't do well with subs.  Thankfully, Sam is out of school and will be in and out.  Not that we don't trust whomever is here - but because we know how mom behaves sometimes!.  I am going to rearrange my schedule just a tad - go in earlier and come home earlier  - that way I am here during peak sundowning time.

It seems like I have had tons of laundry every day.  How does that happen?  Who wears all those clothes and such?  And speaking of laundry - call me spoiled or whatever - but I have decided this is the best thing ever made!   Cleans your clothes, less mess, and a whole lot easier to handle!  And you know exactly the minute you need detergent.  I know there are other brands - but right now this is my favorite - I find coupons all the time.  Walmart is the cheapest place. But other places have them on sale from time to time.  Worth the money spent.   I highly recommend it....
And if you have a dishwasher.... $3.57 covers two weeks and two days. Awesome!



I admit it, I am junkie.  I so enjoy this show! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wrong Number

I cannot believe I forgot to share this!  So funny.

Friday night Mom called Steve hit her I guess..she went back to Steve and said...Im sorry I dialed the wrong number. Bahahaha

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Change of scenery....

Ok, so we had a bad day. I was determined it would end on a good note.

After mom calmed down, I decided to take her to eat. But first we picked up my sister....

We ate Mexican. Mom loved it. Judy and I did too. We laughed over any and everything. I needed it. We needed it.

Here is mom pigging out on chips.

She ate and ate. She ate rice and tacos too. 

Think you Lord for moments of laughter coupled with chips and dip.

Double Hmmph!

I'll say!

First the girl at the dollar store.   

And today my sister and I were looking up family on 

They have my birth year 5 years BEFORE
I was born.

I'm writing a letter. 

Double Hmmph!

Ok, Alzheimer's

You won the battle today.  I'm wiped out.

But tomorrow is a new day,


Well heck...

Mom just slapped me so hard and clawed me on my arms--ugh! I don't know the trigger. Heck heck heck. Crap!  

I had just cut her a piece of cake and ice cream. I guess she forgot who I was and didn't know what I was doing.  And when I try to hold her back I'm so afraid of hurting her. She's yelling help help throwing cake at me...I'm standing there like a loser. Feelings of failure swallowing me! Heck! 

I'm mad, furious actually, resentful,  sad, you name it I'm feeling it. 

I hate hate hate this disease.

Here she was this morning ... Dusting away.

She dusted so much she got the sweater came off for about 30 minutes.

I love her. I hate the disease.  

I just had to vent. 

Very Tired

I am very tired today.  Exhausted actually.  And I can't really figure out why.

Just taking it easy - I think I am fighting a virus or getting sick.    I still have cold sores....and I just ache.  I am thinking the week has caught up with me.  Thankfully, mom has stayed pretty calm today.    She was so funny earlier - she still loves to clean - she dusted for 2 hours straight.  Nothing left  untouched- even me! 

I just lightly picked up the house - and working on laundry - I guess I will deep clean more later.  This is a long weekend.  Memorial Day on Monday.  (Thank you to those who have so bravely served our country)

I think I just spoke too is crying to go home. She doesn't know who I am - and is getting frustrated.  Say a prayer as you read this!  Alzheimer's - not fun at all.

Good Morning!

Up and ready to go! Dressed herself head to toe!

Friday, May 24, 2013

A web-site I visit often.

Created by Bob DeMarco. He started when he became full time caregiver of his mother, Dotty. 

I have learned so much. Great ideas!

A great resource for Alzheimer caregivers.

The List....and prayer needed

I made a list of everything I needed to accomplish today at work. 

I work better with lists. I had slacked off from list making..and in my opinion it showed. 

So last night I listed 15 things - and I am proud to say I checked them all off!  Whoo hoo!

I at one time used a day timer..and I know we have smart phones, but I do so much better to actually write them down.  
Prayer request: Steve is not feeling that great, he's had blood sugar and blood pressure issues. He is on new meds, and I think his body and mind are getting used to them. But he feels tough. 

Another request for a need that needs to be met. My God is a big God. Whoo hoo!

Thankful for all God provides...and for all He does in my life.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Potty Chair

Don't know why. But mom is terrified of the potty chair. I'm thinking the color- resembles a hole? I'm going to get a seat cover to see if that helps. I just don't know. Also wondered if I could get decals or stickers to decorate it. But she is having nothing to do with it. Very frustrating. We have made a big deal bragging on it... You name it..we've done it.  I can't believe this is the same woman who used to tell me on long -much hated  by me- car rides or camping trips to just squat and go in the bushes. I'm not a squatter - I prefer the nice trappings of indoor plumbing. Ha!

It's so shiny...because its never been used! Bahaha

Mom and Melecia

I sent these pictures in for the article I wrote.  

I cannot say it enough, we are blessed to know Melecia. We all love her! She is family. 

It took us a bit to get mom to cooperate to pose.  She was having none of it. Until we went outside...then she was real good. (I won't post the uncooperative pics! Though that would be a hoot!)

Side note.....
I want to figure out how to post videos. I have some good ones. 

"Window Shopping"

Often on my lunch relieve stress from my work day I stroll around local shops.

I saw this at Tractor Supply. I did not buy it...but it's cute! It's a table top fan! Way cute!

Too cute!

End of school....

Sam ended the school year better than he started. His grades improved! He did better on all exams. I told him if he studied more - he could be straight A's. I think he will do better in high school because they have labs for most students time to study and do homework.  Tori did real well with that type scheduling.

Every year I have paid workbook fees...they never use the full book. He brought home this unused stack...I dropped off at the school with the hope that it will save someone the $30 I spent.
Thanks for the idea Diane!

Here they are....

And this is what I found in one folder. I'm glad we were never called to the office. Ha! Sam loves all things military and air soft. He will be a good Marine. That being said, he should have been....STUDYING! But what am I thinking!  Ha ha


Is the number of phone calls I answered today. I am beat. 

And I promise you I have about 80 emails to answer. I bet I took care of over 120 emails at work. Whew!

Thankful for a good team and coworkers.

This little lady....

Right now she is dozing on couch. Looks so helpless and harmless. But this morning she leaped onto my back, pulled my hair and slapped me. Whew!  I was so stressed when I finally got to work. 

Please pray for a better night and morning.

Tying mom's shoes....

Mom has forgotten how to tie her shoes.

I know it is not a huge thing...but it makes me sad.

Monday, May 20, 2013


We pray. 

Lord, please be with the rescuers, the families, the children, the teachers.  May there be more light for those working. Give them superhuman strength to ensure, to stay strong...

We love you Lord. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Book!

All of us in our family dreaded the journey into this book. Mom would pull it out at the first sign of ANY ailment. 

Her medical book once bound in green covers. Surely Dr. Martha would find the cure. When we saw the book come out, suddenly we would feel much better. Any cure would consist one or more of the following....vinegar, Vicks, baking soda or powder, hot water bottle, meat tenderizer, mineral oil (gag), honey, raw meat, jello...the list could go on!

We often called it the "jungle ju ju" book, expecting a witch doctor to pop out of the pages. Without further ado, here it is. Oh and it doubled as a booster seat along with two unabridged dictionaries. 

But come to think of it...we stayed pretty healthy...and if we got sick..we didn't stay sick for long.

We were made to play outside too! Not allowed to watch soap operas even if we had to shell beans in the summer.  

Childhood memories are hitting me today ...I may share more later. There is work to be done,


Thinking of you this morning.

I am blessed to know you and to be friends....sisters.

Thank you for allowing me to be me!

Love you and your girl!


We were kind of lazy after breakfast. Mom was still and quiet- didn't want to rock that boat.

Around 2:00 or so she and I went to Lowes.  We received a rebate check, so I bought 2 each of these for our front porch. At first I was overcharged, clerk argued with me, so I had to go pull signage. (Hmmph)

I'm very proud. It adds color to the front of the house.

I also picked out some paint chips for our bed room. I'm staying with blue/gray/white- as I originally planned.
While we were in Pigeon Forge, we went into this quilt shop, and they had a beautiful, handmade quilted comforter super super had been a display and needs washing. So we bought it. It has to be by far the prettiest and nicest comforter I've ever had. And it was super super on sale!  I don't even feel guilty about the purchase. You have to know me, I will walk around a store and talk myself out of things...not this time!

Back to Saturday....

After mom. went to bed, I did yard work. It was thick! I called Sam home to help...he was soooooo thrilled. Not! We finished in the dark, ending by spraying weed killer. But it is done.

It's 3:30. I'm wide awake. Steve sleeping sound. I wish I could. 

Have a great Sunday.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Say what? Did I hear you correctly?

I went into a dollar store in Munford.  It's by my favorite local grocery store.

I was checked out by a 12 year old. Or so she seemed.

Before she gave  me my total she asked "Are you over 50? It's senior citizen discount day."

Ummmmm no! I wanted to snatch her pony tail. Hmmph!

But then I thought back to what Sam said this morning..."what's wrong with you? You looks weird."  Now mind you I had morning hair, a cold sore, pink pj pants and a green shirt. I didn't take it personally. 

But I get to work and three people ask me if I'm okay.  That I look weak or peaked. (Say southern style)


Maybe I won't snatch the pony tail. Heck yeah, I will. Over 50, I'll say.


One of our best friends....,

I do not mean to be crude..but if mom misses one dose ... All of our lives are miserable. 

She gets downright mean. And we now have a schedule, the medicine along with a good diet and plenty water. And this is one schedule that has no room for flexibility, 

I am sometimes amazed at the time I put into moms potty time. Ha ha ha! Just like a toddler. I think Jeff Foxworthy used to joke and compare. 

They're heeeerrrrreeeee

Granted in a month they will be better. In two months they will be home grown around town.....

But I bought my first one today! It was okay...but I enjoyed it.


And soon the sweet scent of cantaloupe will be here!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


All I can say is HMMMMPPPHHHHHH!

What I Learned About Alzheimer's Disease....

In the time I was away on our vacation, I learned a lot.

Me, being a list maker - see below.

  • Caregivers need and deserve the break, not only to rest and heal, but to be better caregivers.
  • Mom survived without me being here - she did great.
  • I must allow others to help and not smother.
  • I must allow mom to do as much for herself as she can.
  • I must adjust my attitude and change my thinking - mom is not able to change.
  • I must learn to forgive myself when I mess up and not dwell on the mistakes - learn from it and go on .  (this applies in every area of my life)
  • I must enjoy life, the every day quirks and turns.  To enjoy the sunshine, the rain, to notice flowers and the world around me.  I need to allow mom to enjoy them also.

I am pretty sure my list could be longer...but these are a few that I have been thinking about.

By the way....I was asked to write and article for the Home Health Service Agency Melecia works for about mom and Melecia.  It will be on their website, their printed material and on FACE BOOK.  I will let you know when it comes out.  They are asking families to share stories - and we are honored to be the first.

Philadelphia abortion doctor.....

"Any doctor who cuts into the necks severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is a murderer and a monster."
- Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams

Read more:

There are no words - I wonder how he can look at himself in the mirror or how those who worked for him and assisted in the procedures can look in the mirror. 

This case did not receive half the coverage as the Jodi Arias trial, and OJ Simpson in the news again, the media is  so scared to talk about abortion.  I first heard about it on Focus on the Family and I started digging. 

I saw one of the mother's on television.  I wonder how she feels. She said something to the effect "I didn't know it would hurt my kid..."  I wonder when it will hit her.

Life in prison - he has life - those sweet innocent babies did not.  But I rest in the knowledge they are in Heaven.  They will not face violent schools, garbage on television and in games, they will worship at the feet of Jesus.

I must admit that I have a hard time knowing that if this doctor and the others involved confesses truly, openly to God, repents, asks for forgiveness, my gracious Heavenly Father will forgive him and welcome him with open arms. My sin put Jesus on The Cross. 

Lord, forgive us for allowing this to happen. For closing our eyes and hearts

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We are home. 

Thankful for the time away and the safe return.  A truck hauling farm equipment threw a rock somehow we have a chipped windshield - that is getting repaired tomorrow. Whew!

This momma bird was happy to see her chicks and even grandmother bird. :)
Mom still not too sure what to think. I brought her some lipstick... She wrapped in Kleenex and tucked away. 

I'm doing laundry...answered emails. I return to work tomorrow.

God is good!

Another T-shirt...

I saw this one.... I love reading pictures, signs and shirts....

Bahaha. Not trying to be ugly...but I died laughing.

Carla....another one for you. I wish I had seen "that dog don't hunt."

The Trolleys...

Absolutely wonderful way to get around Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.... The above is our first the end of the day I was an expert.


Top of the mountain.,,,

At the top of the mountain after the Air Tran ride is a mini mall, skating ring, and a wildlife refuge for bears rescued after being domesticated, etc.

A beautiful carousel....

There are a lot of troll figurines for sale..this was outside a very expensive store!  As was the below "knight"

Now the bears...I'm not being  sexist but it seems parallel to a lot that goes on in homes today.  Hmmph! Sorry guys!

Momma bear and her cubs...

And then there is papa bear...



2800 Feet Up

We rode the Air Tran!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vacation observations

Would this work at home?
Free pancakes $3 milk
To of her favorite sayings
To Judy...


First of all, I am so relaxed and rested.  I can hear the stream from our room - and the geese.  Absolutely lovely.  I spend about an hour or so in the morning and at night answering emails for work - just so I won't have tons to do when I get back.  It is amazing how many I can answer without ringing phones.  Yesterday I cleared over 100. Whew! 

Back to vacation - yesterday we shopped - or just looked around.  We went to the largest knife store - and I got lost - place was huge.  It had a nice museum  - we walked around - here are some pics from the store and the museum.

We went to Hollywood Wax Museum- had the best time. I laughed and laughed. 










We went to an antique mall - I want to go back - but do you believe these books - a staple shelf item from my childhood are selling for $19-$30 dollars each?  When we moved mom - I gave all hers away.