Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My phone at work was burning up from the minute I walked in - and I kid not.  Add emails and live chat - and other duties  - whew.

Something that should take me 10 minutes would take me 30 minutes.  I am taking a quick break from playing catch up at home.  I have answered 53 emails since being home.  Eeewww...  Now I have two projects to complete - and I am going to finish them.  I have to go in tomorrow knowing they are done.

Please pray -  I need to find a way to mentor/work with/manage and insecure team member. She is good at what she does - but is full of self doubt - she just needs to realize it. 

Mom had a good day - she had a good dinner and went to bed.  She was so tired. 

Tori starts an internship with Juvenile Court on the 21st and she was appointed President of the Criminal Justice Student Department today.  She is so excited.  I couldn't be prouder.

Sam turns 15 on Monday - my young man - who will probably be shaving this summer.  I can't believe it.  15.  Love you Sam! (but feel free to read the book of James - about controlling your tongue...!)  I am proud of you.  Stay focused and driven.

Steve is tired - they worked hard today.  He worked hard.  Thank you honey for working hard to provide for us.  Love you!

Dinner was ready when I arrived home - I crockpot cooked - chicken in one - black eye peas in the other.  Whoo hoo!

Just watched both NCIS shows - two shows left in the season.....I so enjoy this show!

Monday, April 29, 2013


No telling how many times this has happened.  And how she is doing it, I don't know.

I found wrapped in tissue in a couple pairs of pants - a couple days worth of medicine.

This may explain a lot.

I told Melecia - we are  going to have really watch her.

I caught her one time - hiding the medicine in between her fingers on the backside of her hand.....no clue again how she is doing it.

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky mom!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up and Wandering Thoughts

Sunday night - it has been a quiet weekend. 

My ears are better - yesterday I had trouble hearing - I could not ear out of my left ear at all.  Today I can hear - and I have a slight ache - nothing compared to Friday.  I am betting that is why I was sick last Tuesday.  I totally sympathize with babies with ear aches - they can't express it - but trust me a bad infection can literally make  you hurt all over and feel very sick.  Thankful for medicine and ever so thankful my doctor was able to fit me in at the last minute Friday - I am so appreciative of our doctor - they are good to our entire family - a true blessing. And I am so thankful for health insurance!

We have taken mom completely off one medicine - I now know it was literally turning her into something worse than mean, violent, Alzheimer mom.  Goodness.   She was wearing both Melecia and I out.  This weekend she has slept late  - I mean late!  And I have enjoyed it - I was able to rest  - and get things done before she got up on both days.  The rest has meant a lot.  We did get out yesterday - just did a couple of things - went to a bookstore and the dollar store.  Today we visited my sister for a bit - and I came home with a coffee table - (ours broke well over year ago)  - it is amazing what one piece of furniture can do - and it fits our living room.  I am so excited.  She has also started making candles - she wants to sell them - and she gave me some  - she does good work.  I am proud of her.

I had been hedging about mine and Steve's time away - but God really spoke to me through studying and other things I read and heard.  We need the time away as a couple.  Our marriage has taken hit after hit - some hits generated by us - but many from other sources - things out of our control.  I pray we grow closer during the time.  I am also praying that God becomes the center of our marriage.  And our lives as individuals and a couple.

Alzheimer's - I felt guilty for enjoying the quiet mornings this weekend.  Guilt for enjoying early bed times.  Then I realized God gave me and mom much needed rest.  She had to be exhausted from all the days and nights of being up and aggression.  Glenn Campbell's daughter spoke from the heart on Alzheimer's to Congress last week - they are at the beginning of the journey.  I just want to tell her it does matter what she does, it does matter that she and her family are there for her dad  - true there may be a day where he can't say her name - but he will know love.  We all know love.   Sometimes  I allow my feelings about the disease that has so savagely attacked my family  get in the way how I am caring for mom.  It is the disease controlling mom - not vice versa.  Mom has no control - and that has to be so hard for her. 

George Jones.  I remember the big stereo cabinet my parents had - I cut my teeth on country music.  And I mean the country music of old days.  George Jones being one of them.  Marty Robbins, Jim Reeves, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and many others.  Dad had all his albums in the bottom cabinet with the sliding door - he and I would just dance and dance.  He also had gulp....8-Tracks!  I know younger kids would disagree with me - but the country music today to me is more like the 80's southern rock we listened to in high school.  Though now I don't listen to much other than Christian or talk radio - my finger does push a different button every now and then.  I enjoyed music from my 10th grade year the other day.  Nothing like Journey.  ha ha ha.  Back to George Jones - that voice - he lived as he sang - not another one like it.  I understand he found God's peace - Praise the Lord!

I watched 60 Minutes tonight - missing Mike Wallace.  Dad and I used to watch 60 Minutes together I bet I was a very informed 10 year old.   Dad and I used to read the paper together every morning.  I think he took pride in what I knew - and would ask me to tell folks what I read that day.  He also took me to Wednesday night Bible Study every week - when I outgrew the kids classes - we sat together.  Even after I married- that was our Wednesday night thing.  Bible Study.  Man, I miss him.  He was in Isaiah devotionally  when he could no longer read the Bible.  I found his spot after he passed away.  I read from Psalms and Proverbs to him in the hospital and nursing home.  We all remember how Dad had stopped talking and didn't talk for months - until the last two weeks of his life - when he just said the 23rd Psalm over and over and over.  That gave us such peace.  I have the peace about Mom now.  I think I wrote it here in this blog - if not....here ya go.  I pray with mom each night - when I tuck her in - and one night mom said "I love you Jesus, come in my heart."  With innocence of child - I know God heard her. 

Mom used to be sooooo picky about what she wore - to the point she wore the same thing over and over.  Now she lets us pick out different outfits and such. Today she just looked cute.  Like a little grandmother should.  Make-up, hair, smelled good carrying her little purse with her everywhere she went.

I put this little table in the bathroom that the kids and mom use.  It has a drawer and shelves (another thing Judy gave me-she is cleaning out stuff) - I can't decide about it - but it does clean up clutter from the sink.  It has all mom's stuff in it - however not as much room in there.  I also cleaned up Sam's room while he was out - I put stuff in Rubbermaid containers to get him organized - his Ranger and FCF in one - movies and games in another, etc.  cleaned up some clutter.  He hasn't seen it yet.  ha ha ha..  I am not a pack rat and I hate clutter.  Very distracting to me!

I am going to pick up paint samples this week  - so I can start thinking about what color I want our bedroom.  We are also thinking about replacing mom's carpet with some type of flooring - accidents are happening - and things just don't look that great.  I may take it out into the hall way - and then Tori said she wants it in her room - so it may be  bigger project - but if I get everyone working - we may can get it done - just need to find inexpensive flooring.  But if I am taking out into other rooms I want it to look good!  And not cheap.  Is that being snotty?  Thankfully Steve's brother and oldest son have experience in putting floors in.  This is on our....okay mine.....to do list ..... it just doesn't have priority placement.

I have been blessed to be able to answer emails from home - I won't go in tomorrow totally swamped.  I also answered as many as I could from the waiting room on Friday.  It blows my mind how many I receive on any given day - and blows my mind more how many  I can answer without a ringing phone.  I told Steve today I really do like my job, and I believe in the company.  I love working from home, reading, reviewing and preparing for the next day.  I go in feeling energized and efficient. Nerdy, uh?

Did I mention I am enjoying my coffee table and my candles.  Very relaxing.  It really is the small things.

I know this post was everywhere...but had much on my mind.

Have a great week. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ears 👂👂

I have a long history of ear aches and related problems.

Thursday night I woke up in extreme pain. By Friday morning it was worse. They were draining and pain intense. I went to work, but called doctor and they worked me in.

Severe infection. Dr described it as a ball of infection...ugh...they drained it and flushed. Owwwwwww

I have antibiotics and drops. Right now I am hurting. I'm waiting for Advil to kick in.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I want to get some projects done - with mom in the house - they become more challenging. 
But here is what I want to accomplish

Turn back flower bed into a rock garden - mainly because I don't have time to mess with a flower bed.

Paint our shutters burgundy - to give the house a "pop" of color.

I want some hanging baskets on the front porches.

Repair the dog damages to our patio (a long story - Barney is creative)

Paint our bedroom - I am leaning toward blue and white - I saw the cutest comforter set in Big lots - loved it - but then what about a shower curtain I am thinking about doing an accent wall - in one color - different from the other three - or do the color and then paint designs on the wall with an accent color.  I just don't know - or maybe blue and grey.  I put a lot of thought into this - I have to like the colors completely.  I was looking at purple family - but I didn't see anything I liked. 

We need a new weedeater.  I would like a straight shaft - lithium model.  I have been looking and looking at weedeaters - other women look at diamonds ; - I look at craftsman - ha ha ha.

I want to go my mom's house and get some seedlings from my dad's tree - I want to start a couple in pots and plant later.

There are several others.but these came to mind

Just too darn funny not to share...mom and wine

Mom used to drink wine. And when I say she drank wine - I am thinking like two-three glasses a year.  She loved her time in California wine country in the 50's

My sister Judy gave mom a tiny sip of wine - mom made the worst face and gagging noises.  We died laughing,  I would probably gag too - I have never tasted anything with alcohol in it.  (that's the last thing my extreme personality needs!)

But her expression was priceless.......you thought she had swallowed cleaning fluid or something.

ha ha ha ha

Thursday Thoughts....

Today was a busy day at work.  I have caught up one emails and such here at home.  It is easy to do once mom is in bed - she doesn't like anything that takes my attention away from her.

When I arrived home - Tori was so sleepy in the recliner - she does work hard and goes to school, plus she fits her socializing in the midst. ha ha.

Melecia had mom looking pretty and smelling good.  We are having some medicine issues, so we are playing around with them to see how we can adjust.  I called the doctor to let them know what we were doing and for any advice they could offer. One of the meds is really beginning to agitate her - she was becoming more aggressive.  It is a guessing game.

After I got home and changed into comfy clothes, mom and I visited my sister, Judy.  We sat outside and talked. Laughed a lot.  We were blessed to have a few sweet clear moments with mom - Judy and I both teared up.  I think I needed to see and just talk to my sister more than I realized. I took mom to McDonald's and bought her a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal - she ate it up and enjoyed the toy.  She also enjoyed the sprite.  I didn't want anything - but I knew she would enjoy.

Sam has been testing all week - TCAP.  Bless his heart - he doesn't test that great.  He is super smart.  He said they seem easier this year - I told him - it is because he is smarter and knows more than he thinks.

I just painted my toenails -something  about doing something frivolous to cheer oneself up - I need and will snap out of my funk. Alzheimer's had be discouraged - and angry. And then there is so much going on - so this is me perking the heck up! 

I hope all had a good day.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I want....

I want to have something witty or insightful to say in this post.  But I do not.

I am very discouraged tonight - to the point I feel oh so lonely.  Many emotions are twirling around in my mind and heart - I ache.

Need much prayer.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 minutes or less

My hubby was able to solve our plumbing problem from last night in less than 10 minutes when he got home from work. Thank goodness.  Mom flushed undies - and boy as I said before - we had a huge mess.

Thanks Honey!  Love you.

(bless  his heart - he is a silent, supportive witness to the drama in our household - I know it probably drives him nuts)


Melecia has to be the most efficient person I have ever met.  She can get mom in the tub, dried off, dressed, hair done in half the time it takes me.  And I don't play when I do it. 

She managed to give mom a good manicure - clipped her nails to shorter length at my request - because I was thoroughly scratched up last night.

She just laughs. And will turn anything mom says into a conversation with mom - she truly has a gift.

Boy we are blessed to have her,


As mentioned below - I had to go to the Laundromat today to wash bedding - if you know me - I love to notice and people watch.  The details are interesting. I was so sick...and didn't want to be there...but had to be there...so why not enjoy my time?

It had a vending machine - every selection was 100,000 grand candy bar - I took a pic and sent it to my sister.  Too funny.

There were two women in there - and they were covered in tattoos - I mean covered.  I don't think my Brighton Cardinal shirt fit in with skulls and snakes.  Ha ha.

I am envious of the dryers - they dry a load in about six minutes.  Can you imagine? 

And why does it seem laundry seems to take longer in a Laundromat than at home - it seemed to take forever.  In fact I endured 4 episodes of versions of People Court. Which in a way cheered me up - geesh where do these people come from?  My life looked pretty darn good when I left.  Ha ha. But regardless - it took almost two hours for the bedding to wash! Ugh!

And do people really pay $1.50 for a plastic bag to hold their laundry in?  I guess they do. 

I am so appreciative of my washer and dryer.  I feel for those who make regular trips to a Laundromat.

Sick mom, sick me...tired me

Mom was up all night with stomach bug. I was sick too,


I've been up since 5:30 yesterday morning.

I feel so bad. I am now at laundromat washing her bedding.....ugh ugh ugh I feel yuck. And it cost $4.50 to wash her comforter. Whatever!

In the midst of her being sick she was mean. I've been hit, kicked, punched, pinched, scratched..you name it.

She also stopped up the commode with what I believe, socks and underwear. Bathroom flooded 2:00 in morning. It has been a hoot.

I have cried and cried. Feeling like a failure, doubting myself.

Please pray...

Sunday, April 21, 2013



I think if I look back the majority of my posts start with tired.

Mom was a handful today. Busy, but less anxious. I cooked breakfast...then she and I jumped into cleaning. She dusted and dusted. I cleaned living room real good...even Sam helped he cleaned baseboards in kitchen and living room.

She doesn't want to sit. She literally walks all day. She has this new thing..moving furniture...she slides it across the room. Ummm no. This one is gonna be a fight.

We did go to Dollar General. And went to Sonic for therapy.

We had some visitors...Steve's oldest, his dad and his aunt and uncle. I made chili in the crock pot and we had strawberries

I am every tired. Please pray that mom settles and sits for more than 10 minutes. .


Saturday started out smooth...but mom became agitated.

She is literally like a two year old...into everything. Now some if her antics are not safe. Talk about stressful!

I was wiped and a blasted wreck. After dinner and her nite time med...Sam watched mom and I visited my friend Diane for a minute and then my sister Judy. Picked up some things from the store. I'm sure Diane and Judy have no idea how close I was to just crying. I treated myself to a Sonic Dr. Pepper ..,a form of therapy for me. I do love Sonic drinks. Thankfully mom was in bed when I got home. Thank you Sam!

I was just so tired yesterday, heck I'm tired right now. Discouraged. Sad.

Praying for a better Sunday.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Maybe I am being selfish.... but I had to turn the news off.  I am drained - emotionally and mentally. 

This has been a hard week and I am just a television witness to it all.  I cannot imagine how the folks in Boston and Texas feel.

I continue to pray for our leaders and our nation. 

Lord, thank you for being you - ever present in every situation - with arms open wide.  Never leaving us,never forgetting us, always loving us when we deserve it the least.  I pray for our leaders, our law enforcement, us as citizens - that we turn to YOU - THE GREAT I AM.  The God of Moses, Abraham and Isaac - the one who gave the words to those who penned YOUR BOOK.  We need you.  We need you to heal, to forgive, to show us how to forgive, to wake up tomorrow and be able to put our feet on the ground and walk the next step.  I don't know the how, the when and the where - I just know YOU will be there.....to protect, to love, to shelter, to shield....

Thank you for The Cross, The Empty Tomb, without you we truly would have nothing and be nothing.  I pray we all realize it.

West, TX

I am praying. Pray with me.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I think the news folks need to hush - and let pictures speak.

Lord, please be with our leaders.  Please be with those who are injured and the families of those who lost loved ones.  I want to understand, I do, when will our country learn to turn to you?  I can't even ask "What's it going to take?" 

Lord, thank you for The Cross and for the Empty Tomb. 

May we as a nation, Bless you, turn to you - instead of pushing you further away.  I am so grateful for mercies anew. 


I took mom for a walk this evening after dinner - she used her walker - and we walked further than we did last time.  It is good for her.

I brought her back home - Steve watched her and I was able to take a quick walk - it felt so good.  Relieved stress.  I hope...I PRAY...I can do this more often - just those few minutes help tremendously.

Sam the weed eater

Yesterday, Sam trimmed and mowed around the  yard and house - the parts that cannot be reached by a riding mower.  I think he did it all in about 10 minutes.

Ummmmm no.....needless to say the work needed improvement.

Our weed eater is not working - plan to get one in a couple of weeks. 

I left him a note on things he needed to touch up and to pull weeds.  He called me and here was the conversation...


Me:  Hey Sam

Sam:  Mom, are you serious...I have to mow again and do all this work

Me:  Yes I am

Sam:  Well, you need to get a dad gum weed eater.

Me:  Sam you are my weed eater.

Sam:  Huff

bahahahahahahaha - I am quite proud of myself for my quick reply

Monday, April 15, 2013


Pray for Boston. Pray for the families who lost loved ones. Pray for those hurt.

Pray for our Nation. For our leaders.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


It has been an up and down weekend.

Steve hurt his shoulder and arm at work on Thursday...it has bothered him all weekend. Not making him a hamper camper.

Tori has worked a lot! She may be called many things....lazy is not one of them!
Sam hung out here for a bit...spent the night with his best bud last night.

Mom has been mom. Oh my! I took her for a haircut yesterday and we walked around a consignment shop.

Today we went to grocery store. We walked around store twice. For the exercise for mom.

She has been up and down on the mood meter. I've been hugged, hit, kissed, kicked, loved on then yelled at.

Please pray for my sister Judy ... She has much going on.

Pray for a dear friend ... Marriage is under attack. Her heart is broken.

Pray for my cousin Mae. She is hurting from the loss of her sister Lily. She is going through so much.

Have a great week!


Is what we are.



Go to the store for me.

Buy groceries, put them up and cook dinner for me every night.


Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Mom liked Play Doh - the picture is kind of dark...but you can tell she had fun.


Today I attended the funeral of my cousin.  Very sweet service - with funny stories that had all of us laughing and nodding our  heads in complete understanding, along with tears in our eyes.

The pastor mentioned my cousin had lived 7 decades - as in many services there was a slide show playing of pictures, her children had pictures of her all through out the chapel. My cousin had a hard life, she faced many adversities and valley's.  But in all those pictures she had a smile so bright, down right laughter shining from her eyes. She loved rings - and would wear one on every finger.  You knew where she stood - she made no bones about it.

Of course as in all funerals I left reflecting.  And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I don't have pictures of myself smiling with eyes shining.  For 12 years I was a single mom working two or three jobs - I missed so much.  What if my kids are adversely affected?  What memories will they have of that time.  And now taking care of mom - I don't have a lot of time to be wife and mom in the way I want to me - I know this is a season but what am I missing, and are Steve and the kids missing anything?  What will their memories of me be?

Decades - I don't need to look at decades - I need to look at days..hours - how am I spending my days?  How will my kids remember me?  Am I making an impact in their lives?  Am I working to expand God's kingdom?  Does my testimony bear a positive witness? 

My cousin was saved at an older age - and a relative read a letter she wrote to him - giving him scripture and how it touched her and what she learned from it. Challenging him to apply these same scriptures in his own life.

Monday, April 08, 2013



I try to be positive.  I try to sound happy and energetic - I know that even if at first I don't feel like it, eventually a good mood takes over. I can remember at one job - our boss put a mirror at eye level and if we were on the phone we were to watch ourselves - that is not fun - but I got it - my mood, my attitude come through my conversation and productivity.
I have spent a few days observing and listening - and it blows my mind at the negativity.  I know I can and have been guilty of being negative - but geesh!  People work so hard to find the bad, to think of ways for something not to  happen that they miss the big picture.
My question is how can I be a better influence?  How can I be more positive?  What can I do to make a day better for others?  How can I not allow the moods and attitudes of others to affect me?  I need to allow God's light to shine so bright - than when others see or hear me - they really don't see or hear me - they see or hear God. And I haven't done so hot lately.  I am glad God convicted me of this today.


My cousin, Lilly Etheridge, passed away this weekend after a hard battle with cancer.  Diagnosis came quickly - it had spread.  She had been so sick and was so tired.  She told the doctors, no more treatments or radiation.  I am glad she was able to make that choice.

Please be in prayer for sister, Mae, her husband Terry and her children. 

Lilly, you always brought laughter and energy into a room.  You and Mae were two of my dad's favorite nieces.  I will never forget how you and Mae never forgot mom and dad. 

You will always be missed.  You will always be loved.  Say hi to dad for me.

Call it what you want.  I hate it. 

For the first time ever, I have doubted myself and my abilities.  These feelings came last night.  Mom had stopped up the commode with paper and such, opened the dishwasher mid cycle and tried to empty it, just a multitude of things.  No telling where all her socks are.   Then I realized she did all these things when I was busy with other things.  She is much like a two year old - you cannot take your eyes off of her at all.

I was mad at myself, her, and everyone else.  I lost patience.  Boy, do I feel guilty.

I refuse to give up.  But for one moment I sure wanted to.

Sunday, April 07, 2013


I took mom to the mall - we only walked half the mall, but all over Sears twice!!
Didn't buy one thing - but I was determined to give her...okay...me a change of scenery today.  After the mall walk - we drove toward home and went to the grocery store.

I even stopped and bought her a Whopper Jr ($1.29 -can't beat it!) - she came home - and took a nap.

Steve's oldest had dinner with us.  It was good to see him - the mom in me worries - he looks tired. But seems to be doing good and I think is on the right path.

I am hoping mom will rest well tonight.  I just warmed her up a plate and gave her night time medicine.

Happy Sunday!


I called moms doctor about our week. We are adding to and adjusting her medicine.

I do not want her to be a"zombie." But she does need to be calmer and we need the rest. It is going to take a day or two for her body and mind to adjust to the changes....but I am hoping we see some improvement in behavior and sleep.

I introduced her to playdoh this week. She loves it! Legos are a favorite.

As always, thank you for praying.

One of the best.......

Meant to share earlier....

I rented Lincoln this weekend.

It has to be one of the BEST movies I have ever seen.


Saturday, April 06, 2013

A movie...

At the very last minute Steve and I went to a movie.

We saw Identity Thief. Good movie and most certainly could have done without the cuss words. But it is funny. And nice to get the break. Sam watched mom and all went well....

Except she hid the dog bowls...we found them inside the china cabinet. Whew!!!

Thank you Sam!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Can't wait...

For time away. And for rest!

I'm so tired.


Mom is doing better. Not violent. Just antsy.

She was sweet, cleaning mom tonight. She still doesn't make sense when she talks....and I'm sure that wont change. I just try to learn cues from facial expressions, etc. it's not easy.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

What a day!!!!

Mom had a bad day.

Agitated and violent. She was rough on Melecia. And about 20 min ago she attacked me then threw herself in the floor. Pray for no injuries!

Pray for a better tomorrow.

Pray for me...right now I'm discouraged beyond discouraged.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Just Stuff

I was off on Good Friday.  I watched my sister's granddaughter, Abby. She will be seven in a couple weeks.  We baked cupcakes, read books, went to the store, bought a Sonic coke, and painted nails - blue glitter - what else?  Ha ha.  She is soooo cute and soooo sweet.  Tori said she rememberd me doing all those things with her.  That made my day.  The little things and time spent together do matter!



Saturday was pretty quiet - mom didn't feel that great - we hung out at home.  My sister, Pam and my niece, Jennifer came over to bring mom her birthday gift...(mom turned 83 Saturday - she didn't even realize or understand) But she enjoyed the visit and said the sweetest thing to my niece..she took her face in her hands...she said..."I don't know your name, I just know I love you."  Well, heck - we all teared up.   Mom asked for a hamburger - so I took her out - then after she got it - she didn't want it - and threw it at me.  No clue what the trigger was.  She settled early - and the rest of the night was quiet. 
Sunday - yes, I know it was  Easter.  I was so depressed.  I missed church more Sunday than I have in a long time.  It was a quiet day over all.  We "snacked" - I gave mom a bath and pampered her.  I painted her toenails - and let me tell you - it is probably the first time in her life her toenails have been red.  But she likes them.  She did smear them a tad - but oh well.
Mom wants someone (Me or Melecia) to sit by her all the time.  She will hold my hand and go to sleep.
Here are our hands...my hand  underneath .....on her lap....
Steve and I managed to go to a movie Sunday night- we saw GI Joe - mainly because I saw Bruce Willis on the poster - mind you he is in only a couple scenes...but still.  :)  Judy sat with mom so we could go out.  I needed the break.  And I always wonder why we buy popcorn?  It is not like we eat it.  This was the local movie theater not the one near Target - so we paid too much for something we didn't eat. But it was good to get out for just a bit.
I did not "big" grocery shop this weekend.  I was determined that we eat everything we already have - and we are just about there.  I am sooooo tired of spending too much money on groceries.  And guess what? We survived!  No one is hungry.  Ha ha!
I started cleaning up our yard tonight.  I mowed and pulled weeds by hand.  We are in need of a push mower and a weed eater for the close trimming - the riding mower started right up - I bet it was the fastest I ever mowed. I was losing light - and mom was restless. The yard is no where near where I want it to be - but it looks less like the movie sets of George of the Jungle or Lion King.
I ask for prayers...I am somewhat depressed here lately. Okay a lot depressed.  I know it must be the stress of every day life.  I think I cried off and on all weekend.  It would just hit me.  Another prayer request....Steve and I have a three night - four day trip semi-planned in May.  I am looking up stuff now.  Naturally, I am trying to be "cheap."  Gatlinburg.   Judy will stay with mom at night - Melecia during the day. This way her routine won't be too off.   I am so excited.   We need the time away.  I need the time away.  We will leave on a Sunday night and return Wednesday.  I am sooo sooo excited.  The prayer request in this snippet?  For mom to stay "healthy" - for all of us to stay well. For my car to stay in good shape.  For me to find good bargains.... I am telling you I bet I will sleep the first day a lot! 
Happy Monday!