Thursday, May 31, 2012


To say that no two cases of Alzheimer's are alike would be an understatement.

My dad had it.  My mom has it.

Dad progressed so quickly.  Looking back I don't even know if his was actual Alzheimer's disease.  His sister had it also - she was more like mom.

Mom had two sisters with it - both so different from mom.  Sweet Aunt Evie - stayed so sweet and loving.  She would put on her lipstick and perfume every day for Uncle Estle.  Ever proper Aunt Bobbie - I wasn't around her as much....but I think she was about the same as Aunt Evie. 

I don't understand the disease.  I just have to learn to adapt to the things that happen because of it.  And love mom through it all.    God gives me energy and strength every step of the way.  Gives me grace when I don't deserve it - rest when I need it the most. 


She had first watermelon of the season last night.  Loved loved it!

She ate one quarter - and this was after eating a hamburger, baked beans and chips. And after our walk.

She did tell me - that I need a bigger garden.  I don't have a garden - I bought the thing at Walmart.


Where she goes, her purse goes also. Bathroom, living room to kitchen and back again, it goes with her.

She has her important "stuff " in there.  Clippers, 3 brushes, eye glass cases, birthday cards, Christmas cards, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, tape, and her wallet.

The zipper on her black purse broke.  Lord help us all.  I remember she had another purse in a closet. So I go get it - make a big deal about it - she switches.  The fun begins.  It has two zippers - not one "Why do I need two zippers?  My other one only had one." She asks. I tell her '"because she has two compartments - so she has more room."  It only has one strap not two - "My other one had two straps not one."  "Because this one is a shoulder bag not one you carry" - I respond. 

"Why does this one have stripes, my other one did not."  "Because they are made completely different."

For about 30 minutes she pointed out each difference.  She carries it funny not on her shoulder.  I am thinking I will be getting her one with two straps this weekend. 


Mom constantly wears a wool sweater.  It can be 100 degrees outside - with heat index of 120. 

Last night she was in good spirits - she had an awesome day so I ask her if she wants to go walk around the block - she was so excited - so we did. It had been 97 all day.  She had on her wool sweater.  I said "mom you may want to take it off, you are going to get too hot..."    She said "Becky I am freezing - I am wearing the sweater." 

Alrighty then.

We start walking.

She then says....."Good Lord Becky you should have told me it was so I have to carry this sweater." (She won't allow me to carry it)

Ha ha ha

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I work in customer service - I answer phones, emails and chats all day.  My job is to take care of the customer - to be nice, patient, kind even when it is hard.  My desk phone rings non-stop all day - by the end of the day a ringing phone is like nails on a chalkboard.

Recently, my duties have increased beyond customer service.  I must admit my attitude wasn't that great.  I was having and still am having a hard time adjusting and finding time to do the job right.  I was resentful.  Then I was taken to the woodshed....

God speaks of working..... 

Here are a few  scripture points....

Be diligent and hard-working (Proverbs 14:23).

Do not be lazy. (1 Thessalonians 5:14; 2 Thessalonians 3:6-12; Proverbs 6:6-11; 12:24,27; 15:19; Ecclesiastes 11:6; Titus 3:14

Do not just do what you should, do it on time, when you are supposed to (Proverbs 20:4)

Be skilled at what you do (Proverbs 22:29; 1 Corinthians 4:12; Ephesians 6:5-8), and do it as you were serving the Lord (Colossians 3:22-24)

Planning is both good and essential (Proverbs 20:4,18; 21:5; 30:25). Give thought to your ways (Proverbs 14:8; Titus 3:14).

There are so many others!

I am blessed to have a job. Blessed to work for a company who understands a sick mom, school events, etc. Very family friendly. I need to plan, be more organized and work to bless God, not myself!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thankful for good days

Mom had a good weekend.  I am thankful for these days.

Thankful for Melecia.

Monday, May 28, 2012

So sue me.... I'm not a barber

Sam asked me to give him his summer buzz cut. We have clippers here I thought well why not? Would save $15.

Well he has no hair! I mean there is some fuzz. I told him hair is overrated but he didn't believe me. But I named a few famous bald men, Mr. Clean, Kojak, Van Diesel, Bruce Willis and others. He didn't appreciate the words. He put on a hat.

But it will grow back by Christmas?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

That's just nasty!

Now that I'm thinking about it I have a lot of mom and Sam stories. But I will save those for later. Today's story......this morning mom was up way early, I do not think she slept. So I hear her up and moving. I get up make her coffe and cereal. I take care of dogs and such. I lay back down for a few minutes sorting the day out and trying to wake up. I get back up, now Sam is up. I look over at mom and then I notice something.... She has on her ever present sweater and no shirt!!!! Without thinking I say "mom where's your shirt?!" Sam then just ran out of the room without looking but hollered out "now that's just nasty!!" I look for the shirt can't find it! No telling where she put it. So I give her a Tshirt , she doesn't want to put it on .... She says it's too wrinkled! But she gets it on. And then in the car it hits us both and we start laughing until mom has tears! And no we haven't found her shirt.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Update on Charlie

My brother-in-law did have a blockage.  They were able to take care of it - and changed some medicine.

Continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

They said he was fortunate he came when he did - it was a bad blockage.  I guess he will learn not to ignore the signs.

Thanks for praying.


Steve popped a bag of popcorn last night - I could see mom sniffing the air.  He gave her some popcorn and diet coke.  She went to town!  Like she hadn't ate popcorn in forever!  (it probably has been a long time)

She just watched TV and ate all her popcorn.  She went to bed and slept all night!


I seem to have a lot of posts beginning with Mom and.....

Yesterday mom is in the car with me, I say buckle up! (she clucks that tongue - becuase she has always hated seatbelts)

She pulls the strap over - and I am checking my phone, getting her stuff situated - I begin to pull out she yells "WAIT" - I look over - and she said "This won't buckle"  - I look a second time - the seat belt is on her head - with the buckle part behind her ear.  I don't even know what happened.  Didn't even try to figure out the details - just got her situated. 

Then laughed later.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


We just need prayer!

Pray for Charlie

My brother-in-law, Charlie, is having a heart cath tomorrow morning.  He has to be at the hospital at 5:30.

Please be in prayer. 


Today is the last day of school. (Whew!)

At 11:30 a.m. Sam will be an official 8th grader.  One year away from high school. 

Sam, I am so proud of you.  I love you lots!


Yesterday mom had a good day.  Melecia did call once and said mom kept looking for shoes and was getting upset.  Melecia laid out every pair possible. 

I suggested that she take on pair of her favorites, put them in another room, and "holler" out - "Mrs. Martha, I found your shoes..."

It worked - mom settled down - she had  her white Rebocks and all was well.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have written about laundry before.  Last night I had my usual pile of laundry in a chair.  I was looking at it but somehow it just didn't fold itself.

Mom was  having a bad night - but all of a sudden she wanted to fold laundry. She started folding the laundry.  Then she would unfold it, then fold it again.  But she was calm while doing it.  Then she decided to go to bed.

Whatever works!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Mom is having a real bad night. She just ate so I'm hoping she will settle.

Selfishly, I'm tired and don't feel very strong and able to handle life tonight.

Please pray for a peaceful night.


It will grab you from the start. I wish I had the eloquence he does.....he speaks to and for so many.


Mom did not have such a good day yesterday.

I picked her up - she was so ready to come home with me - had her little bag packed.  :) She was Sundowning big time..

We get to our house - and she never settles.  She nibbled at dinner (though Melecia did tell me she ate a good lunch and had snacked on her precious Mrs. Weaver's Salad), she folded some clothes (loves folding laundry), then she wandered all over the house with a paper towel just wiping - for almost two hours.  She had a stomach ache - after she found relief - she rested.  But she was up early and ready to go!  I had a headache left over from yesterday and I felt real nervous for some reason - I couldn't sleep.  Maybe I was sundowning!

As I type this I can't help but compare mom and dad.  Dad went down so fast - he seemed to suffer so much.  Mom is different - as Ronald Reagan's daughter wrote - it is the Long Goodbye.  I am glad mom is not suffering physically.  She is strong, walks and exercises - has a decent appetite.  It is just the prison in her mind.  Dad seemed to have known in someway what was happening and just gave up. After reading a blog or two - about treating infections and agitation - dad was totally over medicated 10 years ago.  I have never wanted mom over medicated.  I am funny about medicine.  There are times when I may have to give mom an extra pill for agitation - I try to avoid it.  Milk and a snack seem to do wonders for her.  (especially if it is cookies!)    I have learned that during peak sundowing time - to just get the house quiet and dim lights.  I actually put the TV on "low stress" channels - the cooking channel, the weather channel, or just a kids comedy that doesn't have horrible language, etc.  What seems to calm most is when we are driving in the car every morning - listening to Chuck Swindol.  She loves to listen to him.  Today we listened to part of Adrian Rogers and then Chuck Swindol.

Again, I appreciate Melecia so much.  She had a rough day with mom yesterday but was real positive and happy when I got there- though I could tell she was tired. 

Monday, May 21, 2012


Mom loves the stuff. She eats it every day.  And I mean EVERY DAY. 

Other favorite foods...attention food companies....feel free to send coupons or samples.  Ha ha.

Wavy Lays Chips
Caffeine Free Diet Coke
Chips A Hoy
Fig Newtons
Apple Sauce
Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup
The little chocolate Doughnuts (she loves sweets! and I don't stress about it either)
Milk - she drinks a lot of milk!
Canned Pears and peaches


Random stuff actually.

It was a productive weekend for me. And I feel good about it.

Friday I left work early - went to a ball game at school.  Red and Black game - Sam was playing.  It was hot and loud - but I was away from work with an activity that didn't involve doctors, insurance, etc....

After the game, I ran errands and such.  Got home and mowed the yard.  Yeah!

Saturday I cleaned our house.  I mean really cleaned - moved stuff, washed, dusted.  I cleaned baseboards using socks on my hands.  Ugh the dust that came off of them! 

Did what seemed like tons of laundry and ironed.  Shopped for mom, brought her back with us - she wasn't in the best of moods - okay, I will be real, she was down right mean.  But she came back down to semi-sweet after she ate. She didn't sleep that great - she was up and down.

Barney the puppy - managed to make multiple messes of different types all weekend.  He wasn't so cute.  ARRGGHHHH. 

We had awesome church services Sunday - goodness God really spoke.    We then went grocery shopping.

Now to the stupid mistake...I check my bank balance - expecting $17 left (yep you read that one right-just proud that it wasn't in the hole) - I had a lot more.  Then I thought UH OH - I used mom's debit card for a week instead of mine - so I will take care of that cluster today.  I am so mad at myself.  I wasn't thinking, wasn't reading or checking.  Ugh ugh ugh

Still tied up in a child support cluster.  That is making me tired.  Hmmph.

Thursday, May 17, 2012



Mom is being stubborn today. Whew.

So...thankful for Melecia!


I feel so blah today.  A lot on my mind. Trying hard not to worry. 

Need prayer.


If you were to walk into my mother's house right now - you find an immaculate, neat as a pin, eat off the floor kind of house.  It has always always been that way.  I am so thankful she can still dust, mop, sweep, wipe her little house.  My dad built that house.  Every nook and cranny is theirs - 52 years of marriage.  Mom has lived in that house 32 years now. Wow!

Now....come into my house.  Now it wouldn't totally embarrass me if company came by. But it is not mom's...and mom let's me know this by clucking her tongue.  And saying...."you just help it Becky that you work..." 

This morning - she started folding laundry and was wiping down my cabinets, all the while her tongue clucking.  "Well, Becky we understand you are busy..."

ha ha ha.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am so glad that Alzheimer's is in the news.  We need attention brought to this hateful disease. But we need more than a web-site, a toll free number and pats on the head.

I wish I was smarter.  I wish I was a doctor. A scientist.  Something or someone who could help find a cure. A treatment. A preventative.  Something. But I am me. Facing this with my mother after going through it with my father.  And seeing three aunts lose the battle also. 

As I wrote before I try to find laughter in the day - to enjoy the lighter side of things.  I laugh to keep from crying on most days.  And sometimes the tears win. 

I wonder if I could adequately explain to our President what Alzheimer's does to the person and the family.  How tired one can get?  How discouraged?  How it must be a living hell to be trapped in your mind like so many are?  How it is hard to work and take care of family when you are a caregiver?  I never seem focused on the tasks at hand - worrying about mom.  Though it is easier since wonderful Melecia came into our lives. 


After a careful and detailed search of our attic - dressed in goggles, gloves, flashlight and a broomstick - no critters in the attic.

I am leaning toward what the pest control guy said - Mr. Skunk probably sprayed outside our house.  Ugh.

But thankful for no critters!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I know we only have a few short days of school left...but I just wish schools would slow down on the projects so close to the end of the year!  There is only so much time! 

Sam has had six projects due in two weeks - major projects at that.

A coworker - her granddaughter received notice on two projects Due today on  Friday.  They first thought her granddaughter wasn't telling the truth when she knew - the project note was dated Friday.  And one is a major project - 50% of her exam. 

I am guessing testing is complete, there is not much more they can cram into the kids. Why not just shorten the school year by giving up a break or two.  We have Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break (each 1 week), then Christmas Break, Spring Break, Easter......

Maybe my attitude is wrong on this one.  Why not go ahead and do exams this week and get them over with and do fun stuff next week.  Field day and such?


Last night I went to mom's after work - took her groceries to replace the ones she threw out or poured out. We are going to lock up extra food - I hate to do that - but we sure can't afford to keep going like we are going.  The thought of locking it up is making me sick.  Probably should have done it sooner.

But now to the funny part of last night.....I am visiting mom - sit down and we talk, watch TV and eat a snack.  Melecia is there with us.  I get up to leave - ask mom if she wants to come with me - she says no, she will stay there - (she did fine by the way) - then she says..."So if you are here tonight - you won't be here tomorrow night  - like last week right?  She has figured our my every other night pattern.  Explain that to me?

Ha  ha.


There is a skunk in, around, near or close to our house.

I am going nuts just thinking about it.  I first thought it was in the attic  - but a pest control guy said it is unlikely we have one in the attic.  He said it could be Mr. Skunk was near a window or the a/c unit and he sprayed and smell came through the house.  Or he sprayed Mr. Owl who was trying to kill Mr. Skunk and now Mr. Owl is in our house.

Oh boy.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Mom is going to have a medicine change - she is medicine sensitive.  Please pray.  Insurance no longer covers one of them. 


Tori went to prom with a friend on Friday night. She looked so pretty!!!!!!  They had a good time.  After the actual prom the party animals went to IHOP and was home by 1:30.  :)  Fine by me!


Mom is having a really bad day. 

Hopefully Melecia can get her calmed down. 

It is so hard not to be discouraged. 


I am going to be blunt.

I believe in specific prayer. Our family has many needs.

Pray for mom.  Pray for me as I care for her.  Pray for Tori, Sam and Steve and we try to balance it all.  Mom has sweet moments, sad moments, mean moments, and those moments I can't even describe - I call them "I don't know what planet she is on moments..."

Pray for my sister Pam, she came through knee surgery okay on Friday -but the recovery begins.

Pray for my other sister Judy and her husband Charlie - right now they are headed for heart tests. Charlie is disabled because of his heart.  And they received some bad news financially this weekend.  I am praying that God turns it around for  them.  It doesn't seem fair that they keep getting hit with bad news.

Pray for us - we are hurting financially.  I have applications filled out for part-time jobs.  I call them non-thinking jobs- I don't want to feel or think.  Just work.   We need the $ desperately.  Quite frankly I am sick of worrying about groceries and gas when I pay bills. 

I know God will provide - He always has.  He opens the right door at the right time. 


I have always tried to have the attitude to laugh when it comes to the adventures of mom. And sometimes it is so hard to do so.   Especially when I am tired and such. 

I have been thinking about this disease a lot lately.  It is such a part of my life. 

Dad had Alzheimer's.  His sister Alma did too.  Mom has it - her sisters Evie and Bobbie did too.  And from what mom describes - I bet her mom did too.  It is a horrible disease.  It is not fair.  There has to be a cure - there has to be a way to treat it.  It robs us of so much. Robs the patient of so much. What is going on in science labs and hospital's around the world? 

I try to think what am I supposed to be learning from this? To see two parents suffer from the same disease -but  so dramatically different. Everything I knew about Alzheimer's I knew from dad.  Mom is so very different.  There is no predicting their behavior.  It is  light switch.  You can peg sundowning time -you just don't know what they will do.  Yesterday we ate around 4:00 - gave her medicine at 5:30.  Kept the house quiet on a low stress TV show  and and semi-dark and that seemed to help considerably.  She went to bed at 8:30.  So last night was good.  Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night, early Sunday afternoon - not so good. 

I am thankful for Melecia.  She has a gift.  She is able to get mom to cooperate and do things that I cannot. And she has told me to be prepared for bad days - that not all of them will be good. 


I have to admit right now I was in the worst mood yesterday morning.  I was tired, grumpy and determined not to enjoy church services.    Challenging God  - "ok, I'm here - bless me!
Boy am I ashamed.

We sang the old Hymn "How Great Thou Art"  and I just stared crying.  I had been questioning God and myself all week - "Where are you God?  Why do we keep having these stumbling blocks and problems? Can't we have just one normal - drama free week?"  God has not left me - He has not forgotten me.  I have forgotten He is there.  I have forgotten that He sees exactly what I am...what we are going through. I haven't been looking up - I have been frantic trying to solve things myself.

God loves me....loves you.

Please forgive my friends if I am come across as negative......

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day....

Happy Mother's Day!!

Diet Coke, sheets, cushions, socks and pillows!

Today mom poured out all diet coke - I have no idea why!

She took all cushions, pillows, sheets off beds and couches.

I cannot find her socks. I have no clue where they are.

Needless to day it has been a rough weekend. I am tired. So is mom.

Pray for a good week!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Mom has $15 in her wallet.  The problem is she constantly takes it out and hides in some nook or cranny in her purse.   Could be in her make-up case, her coin purse, balled up in kleenex...wherever.

She couldn't find that $15 last night, she kept pouring her purse out.  I found it folded very small - stuck behind a card.  I thought her having the money in her purse would help her feel secure - it has made her paranoid.

We haven't had a good week at all. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Please be in prayer for my oldest sister, Pam. She is having knee surgery tomorrow.  Her husband is Jerry.

Also be in prayer for my brother-in-law. Charlie (I have wrote about him a time or two) - he is disabled with a heart condition.  Today he didn't receive such a good report - he goes back to the doctor on Monday for tests.  Pray for him and my sister, Judy. 


Another funny....

Mom called me the other day. She was thinking that I was just livingg with Steve.  She said..."Becky you need to get a just can't trust men these days...get a certificate showing you are his wife.  That way you won't be arrested."

I told her I was an honest woman.

ha ha ha


Tori has just completed her first year of college!  Way to go Tori!  I am so proud of you.

(She was stressing about two grades - she woke me up at midnight last  night when grades were posted to celebrate - I wasn't as excited then as I am now!  Sorry about that Tori!)

Love you.

Just too funny not to share!!!!!!!

I called mom this morning to prompt her to take her medicine. (We put it in a special spot for this dose).

I stay on the phone with her while she takes it.  I just didn't hear a lot of the noise she normally makes when taking a pill smaller than a baby aspirin - she gags and chokes - that is funny in itself.  I asked her "Well, did you take it?"  She said, "Yes, Becky I did."  "Are you sure?"  I ask again.  She said..."Yes Becky, I don't lie on Sundays."  I said... 'Mom it is Thursday."  She said.... "Oh well."

ha ha ha ha ha

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I dont speak French, and he doesn't speak southern...

I am customer service.  I answer phone calls all day.

Monday a French-Candaian called - I was on this call 29 minutes and 26 seconds.  Mainly because we couldn't understand each other. 

Personally I think southern is easier to learn than French.  I wonder what the French word for ya'll is?


Okay, yesterday  was a terrible day for mom. She just had a rough day and night.  Right now I am so tired I am sick.

Though I hate that the following happened - I am glad it happened - so others could see what I have been going through for awhile.

Melecia came in at mom's yesterday - she started looking for the spaghetti she cooked the night before to warm up for mom's lunch - she couldn't find it - looked everywhere she could possibly think of.  She finally opened the dishwasher, and saw the spaghetti in a garbage bag and she had run the dishwasher.  Ugh!  Some other food items cooked and not cooked have disappeared - we have no clue where they could be.  Melecia looked all over the house and I did too.  My luck I will find stuff poured in a purse or something like that.  Ugh.

All the way around it was not a good day for her.  She didn't sleep much - we locked every door and window we could think of - and she just wandered - finally falling asleep on the couch.  She ate a good breakfast this morning - took her morning medicine.  So prayerfully she will have a better day today. 

Funny note:  When I got to her house yesterday I had some cookies and cake from a bakery - she was like a kid "Oh, you brought me cookies, now I don't have to go get ice cream!" 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


It didn't work..... ha ha


He is a lot bigger than this now......but this is our puppy.

Barney.  And boy is he all puppy!


This past Saturday close to the time she was getting off,  Tori met Ms. Sharon.  It was obvious Ms. Sharon had Alzheimer's and was very confused. She drove a long way and ran out of gas. 

I am so proud of my Tori - she stayed two hours after getting off work to sit with Ms. Sharon while her family drove to pick her up. I had the pleasure of spending the last 30 or so minutes with Tori and Ms. Sharon.  She is retired Air Force and a retired Lab Tech from the VA Hospital.  Her daughter and grandson pulled up and I saw on ther daughter's face all the emotions that I have felt over the past four years.  She is jsut beginning on this journey and is trying to get help. She took all keys away and has no clue where she found the set she had.  Her main issue is that she is 58 years old and is being told she is not old enough to receive assistance.  Makes me sick.  This sweet lady is a veteran and is sick, needs help. 

I have said it before and I will say it again.  I hate this disease..I see no purpose in it.

But to give you is Ms. Sharon - please pray for her and her family. They seem so sweet and loving. 


Taking mom anywhere these days is an adventure and I have to be honest our last few trips to the beauty shop haven't been that fun.  But the one this past Saturday went great. She has beautiful hair!


Didn't take too many - they were everywhere....but here is Sam cooling off after a major battle in his Airsoft War party....


Tori is going to Prom with a friend she works with- she sent me a picture.  I like it.  She bought it - looks great.  I will post pictures this next week of Prom Night!


Trying on his helment...


A product I highly recommend.  My sister suggested it - I find it at Walmart by the Febreeze - top shelf.  $2.88 here locally.

I use it as a deodorizer, I mop my floors with it twice a week, spray my shower curtain liners every day, garbage cans, counter tops, etc.  At first there is slight clean scented odor  (similar to what they use in hospitals and doctor offices) - then it disappears along with any bad odors lingering in the air.  I absolutely love it.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Sam!!!!

Sam you are 14 today. I love you so much! You are getting taller and bigger every day. You love to come behind me and pick me up. You tease Tori relentlessly about being short. You take pride in things you make.

You still plan on being in the Marines. I know you will do well.

I look forward to watching you grow!

Happy Birthday Sam I am!

Friday, May 04, 2012


Now that I have help with mom - I am having a hard time deciding what to do with myself.  I had time last night, time to do many things - but chose to do nothing. What is up with that?  I have yards to cut, a house to dust, laundry to fold.  Instead I did nothing. 

Am I being lazy?  I would like to say I am just recuperating from total exhaustion.



Project time.....

For years those words meant Tori and I staying up doing them together, she wanting...demanding my input and help.

Sam brought home a project, and boy did I mess up..  I started tweaking and changing.  And I hurt his feelings terribly.  I felt so small.  He didn't need my advice - he had done an awesome job.  I asked for his forgiveness. 

The difference between Tori and Sam - she would want me to help to the point of doing a project - Sam just wants to show me his work - he knows what he is going to do. 

Shame on me!

Thursday, May 03, 2012


To my friends....I should say sisters......I feel that connected to you.

Diane - For a person who talks all day, I don't have the words to adequately say what you mean to me.  Who knew when you made that call to sign up for Children's Choir how our friendship would blossom?  You understand me.  You listen, you never judge, you hurt when I hurt, rejoice when I rejoice.  You understand the difference $10 can make.  You gave me shoes when our dress code changed, you took mom a grilled cheese sandwich.  You are beautiful raising a beautiful - awesome daughter.  You amaze me with all that you do and handle - you do it all with grace and humility.

Carla - I met you in Sunday School and we clicked.  How cool is that?  We relate to clean houses, mowed yards, love of our kids (we both have one of each),   You love fiercely and stand up for me!  You even...hmmph with me every day.  I have learned so much from you and your husband.  You guys are wonderful examples of a strong marriage.  You have done so much for me personally.  Praying, encouraging, you have taken mom lunch, brought her to me for a dr's appointment.  I cannot thank you enough for being who you are.

Nancy - I have known you the longest.  You and your girls helped me raise Tori and Sam. Watched them when I was working mutlitple jobs.  You have the sweetest presence and quiet strength.  I love how you try to solve my problems when you have so much spinning in your world. You have three awesome kids - and have every reason to be proud.  I hate when I miss your calls and hate getting your voicemail - because you always make me feel better about myself when I am low.  You are loved!

Julie - We met at work.  I love you to death.  Right now you are facing trial after trial - but you maintain such a good sense of humor.  You love your mother.  You love your kids. You work so hard, and keep working even when so many around you are rude to the point of mean.  You laugh with me, you encourage me.  One of may favorite memories is eating pizza with you at the park and just talking.

Sue  - You are so brave.  You are facing  a battle no one should.  I love you.  You are an encourager and take no bull from anyone.  I love the way you love your husband when he is mopping the kitchen floors.  I love to hear about your walks on the beach eating cotton candy.

Stacey D - We don't talk as much as we used to. Life has us both so busy.  I have never forgotten all that you have done for me and the kids.  I cherish those times we hung out on Friday night watching the kids play, eating pizza and talking along with the other Brighton Babes.

Tracey W - Tori's other mother.  You were there for me in the darkest and lowest of my times.  I am simply blessed to know you.   You are an awesome person.  I love you.

Joan  - How I miss you!  But I cherish those times  and I am so glad you have found someone to love and care for you. Excited to hear you will be a grandmother or "noanie" soon.  You have two awesome boys - you did good!

I have so many other friends, Debbie K, Trish O, Lynn, Christie, Connie, Pattie B, Karma, I am so blessed to know you. 

I have no idea what I have done to deserve having so many wonderful folks in my life...but I simply say thank you for being you!


Yesterday after work I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for mom and myself.  Well, I get to mom's - and I just wanted to cry.

Mom has never looked as good and healthy as she did yesterday.  The wonderful Home Health Care Provider - had mom exercise, walk. She ate three complete meals, took a bath, did her hair, makeup, etc.  I wish I had the words to adequately describe how I felt to see mom look so good and happy. She was laughing and joking. 

I have known for a long time- mom needed much more than I could give her.  I would struggle with guilt that I was failing her in some way - just doing the best I could - learning as we went along on this journey.  Wanting to do more - but not knowing how.  This time has been covered in prayer along with the person sent. God sent the right person at the right time.

I feel less stress.  I wish I could describe to you the worry that is not with me. Knowing mom is being taken care of so wonderfully.  Thank you to my dear friends for praying and for always being so supportive.  I am blessed to know you.  I may write a post shortly about you all!  :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Spring training is in full force for Sam.  He is excited.  He will start this year.

Sam, you had a great 7th grade year, you pulled grades up, stayed active in church, played football and you are now mowing mema's yard.  I am so proud of you.  Love you.


Today is the last day of Tori's first year of college. She is wiped out. She got make that bounced out of bed. She dressed up for the last day of school - said it was worth celebrating.  She has struggled in math - but she will get it. She is pointed in the right direction.

She has managed to go to school full time and work over 30 hours a week.  Plus she helps with mom.

Tori, I just want to say I am so proud of you.  I love you!

Mom, ADT, Fingernails, the Nurse and the Medicine

Last Friday, mom's home health aide started.  And she is absolutely wonderful. With years of experience, one speed - (Fast!), a strong worth ethic, a belly laugh, patience and full of love. And tiny!  But what she lacks in size she has in a great attitude!  I love her and mom loves her.  She calls her "that girl!" She is wonderful at redirecting mom - which is so important with Alzheimer's Disease.

Yesterday she (won't give her name without her permission) gave mom a manicure and did her hair.  Mom met me at my car - so proud of her nails and hair.  (she still wants to feel like a girl!)

With her home health care comes ADT - which normally would be a good thing.  But mom didn't like having an installer in the house and she doesn't like having that box in the house.  We were testing it last night - and she told the operator on the other end - "Don't expect me to pay for this ugly thing!"

In this transition of health care, insurance, etc...her main medicine is not getting approved. Doctor gave us some samples - same medicine - but it looks different from her normal medicine. And this is how funny her mind works. She forgets who I am sometimes but  she knew the medicine was different looking - wasn't going to take it - took some convincing.  She just fussed, then gagged when she swallowed the pill. Ha ha.