Wednesday, March 28, 2012


One thing that drives me insane (don't know if that is an appropriate word) is the amount of food my mother goes through at her house - considering she is with me the bulk of the time.

The next time this happens, I will take a picture. But yesterday morning I stopped by moms on my way into work - she had a good Monday and wanted to stay home that night. So I go in the house and see the table set for two. Two plates, two bowls, two cups of coffee. One in her spot and one in what used to be my dads spot. Sometimes she will prepare a meal for her mother. She still has the heart of a wife and daughter.

But really and truly - she goes through 3 gallons of milk a week! Whew. She drinks milk and a lot of diet coke.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I miss when Tori used to climb up on the cabinet in her Beauty and the Beast night gown and help make cupcakes or muffins (She called them fluffins)...but I love now when she calls me and says... "Can I take you to lunch?"

I miss when Sam used to play for hours with green army men on the brick in my mother's house but I love now that he helps in the yard.

I miss when Tori used to have me paint her nails and toes, but I love now when she will ask does this outfit look okay?

I miss when Sam used to have curly hair, but I love when he takes his football helmet off and he's covered in sweat - giving me a peak of the handsome man he is to become.

I miss little hands and feet running around or climbing all over me, but I love the growing hands reaching out to help me.

I have always been blessed to be mom to Tori and Sam and continue to be blessed.

Love you kiddos!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Thankful for the good day mom had yesterday!

Thankful for the frozen pizza we had for dinner -no mess!

I am so thankful for a full nights sleep!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Okay, so most of you know one of the biggest fights I have with mom is with taking baths. For a woman is so picky and so clean - she will fight on the bath. I knew yesterday she needed a bath and needed to wash her hair. After her appointments (both went well) - we are alone in my house. No one is due home for a bit. But to be safe, I call my men folk - just to let them know - do not come in the house unless you call first. (let me stop here - we are so close to having home health - Lord help me - she is going to hate having someone in her house!)

I tell mom - "Mom, you are going to take a bath" - she gives me a look that used to strike fear in my 10 year old mind, heart and body... But I stayed strong! I run the bath. We kind of have small bathrooms - but in the bathroom she takes, her purse, shoes, sweater, and her overnight bag - there is no room. She gets in the tub - refuses to sit down. I say as patiently as I can, "Mom sit down..." She says "NO" - and just stands there - the water is the right temperature - so I say "Mom, sit down or I am turning on the shower (she hates showers)...always a tub person." So with the same dirty look - she finally sits down - thank goodness. I help with her hair - she is still mad. Tells me to move - as I move - little did I know that somehow the bathroom door was nudged open by our momma dog-who is behind me, I trip on her and almost land on the puppy who had one of mom's shoes in his mouth.

Get the bath done - in the process bad caregiver me realizes mom's toenails are long overdue for clipping. So after she is dressed I fill a pan of water and baby oil to soften the nails up she soaks her feet- with each clip - she kicks at me. While I am doing this - she decides she needs to clean out her purse. The puppy has now pulled the bathroom rug into the hallway, found a kleenex mom dropped - too funny.

But after an exhausting HOUR and a half of bath time, nail clipping, hair drying, lotioning up. Mom looks, feels and smells better. Her comment "Well, we need to do that more often." ha ha ha ha.


So, I am thinking my bathroom is a mess, my living room is a mess - let's just groom the dog - so I get her outside - cut her hair - I allow her to recover from that while I am giving puppy his first bath. He doesn't like baths - as he did everything but jump out of the tub. Then momma dogs turn - she is a true woman - loves loves her baths.

Then I have to clean up - I sweep, vacuum, mom, bleach the tub - which somehow in my mind forces me to wash the baseboards and clean the light fixture in the bathroom.


Then mom says..."Becky you really need to should go take a bath."

I need cameras in my house. I could make a fortune.

Monday, March 12, 2012

It was an up and down, roller coaster ride of a weekend.

Friday - I am going to my very first ever Bunco game - I have to take mom - she was restless - I was on edge - I had fun though - wish I could have stayed longer. Everyone was super sweet.

Saturday - Took mom to get her haircut and to walk (she walked one lap and fussed the whole time!) Made an awesome pie for a fundraiser for Sam's Bible Study group. (it fetched $20!) Cooked up a few meals for mom. I go back to moms (she has been alone for maybe 4 hours) she wasn't talking - I am thinking she had a mini stroke or something! I get her in the car - get to my house - she eats, walks around - still no talking. Then Steve and I decide to take her to the hospital - just as we are down the highway she starts talking. Was it a mini stroke or TIA? Was it daylight savings? Was she tired? I don't know! We have a Dr's appt tomorrow and an appointment to be evaluated for home health. (praise the Lord!)

Sunday - mom sleeps until 10:00 am (no way was I waking her up!) - we miss church - but I take her home after we visit my sister. Then we go to PM services - she did great - spent the night with us.

This morning - of course we have three very busy, very active, not housebroken puppies in the house - I keep sanitizer and resolve handy. (they are not touching grass until they receive shots or leave my house) - one poopies in the floor - mom steps in it...I was trying to get mom to sit and quit walking - well she wasn't listening.....she has her breakfast plate in her hand she finally sits where I can clean her shoe and the trail she has left. Then I start looking for her breakfast - she has sat down on that - another mess! ha ha ha ha.

My week has begun.

Friday, March 09, 2012

You know being a mom to Tori and Sam is a pretty awesome thing to be!