Monday, February 27, 2012


Tori bought her own car! Yeah Tori!!!!!! She did it all herself. We are so excited for her. She was so happy - now it is back to her never being at home. Kind of liked having her hang out. :) I learned a lot about her life in the time I was taking her back and forth to school and work.

Size 9 - Sam wears a size 9 in men's shoe! When did that happen? What happened to the little boy who wore little boy size 12 light up Power Ranger shoes? Hmmmmmm... The little boy who liked little green army men and buzz light year? Now he is into Airsoft, DC Shoes and had a girls number written in Sharpie on his hand. Hmmmpph!

Our dog had puppies - three weeks ago. She had six - three died. One is now spoken for - we have two left. Just say the word. I may try to post pictures real soon. They are cute. Cocker Spaniel mix.

Weird winter weather - let's face it - we didn't have a winter this year. Our yard needs cleaning up big time. Bulbs are coming up all around.

Church - we want to go home -but we have to get to church to do it!
I write of my mother and Alzheimer's quite a bit. It consumes a lot of my time. I never know really from one minute to the next what she...what I will be doing. I think I have said it before - to borrow from Forest Gump - mom is like "box of chocolates mom" - you never know what mom you have until she speaks.

Yesterday - I was getting ready to go to church - I got a call - had to go check on her. I cooked her breakfast - helped with dishes and clothes. She calms down consierably. I leave with in my mind that I will be back over later to go to evening services since the morning was shot. Well, no, she was totally confused and uncooperative. Get her to my house - she just calms down. I guess she was lonely - I don't know. I didn't feel good at all yesterday and I had visions of resting. ha ha ha

Friday & Saturday. We take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant - she gets fish -though she says she is not hungry - and proceeds to eat all of it. I take her to the grocery store with me - she walks the whole store with me - twice- I want her tired! We get to my house - with me being determined she is going to take a bath - she is worse than a 9 year old boy - but we get that done - hair washed and rolled up - dried - bed time snack and she passes out. Praise the Lord! She sleeps from 9:30-6 which is a long time for her. I take her home in the morning. Saturday we had plans to take Sam out to find some shoes and a few clothes that wouldn't break the budget - hmmph! He still need clothes -but we filled in a few gaps. Tori was able to take care of mom for me - until Sunday morning - whew!.

I love my mom. I know this is a season. But today I am just tired and discouraged. Oh, she can say some funny things, some sweet things and most defintely some shocking things at the least expected times. But for both my parents to go through this hateful disease just makes me mad some days. I guess I sound selfish. Physically mom is strong. Mentally she is a small child. She has days where is she is of sounder mind. But those days are becoming fewer and far between.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted!

Mom is the same - not worse - not better. I am working on getting assitance for her care. It is a process - but she needs way more than I can give.

Steve's uncle passed away after a 15 year battle with cancer. His funeral is this weekend. Please be in prayer for his family.

Sam tried out for football for next season - he was so excited - he loves it. He will have weight traning next week.

Tori doing well in college - still working on getting a car. I know it is frustrating for her not having one - but she has done real well attitude wise handling the inconvenience of it all. Thankfully her work has adjusted her schedule, she rides in with me.

Our dog had puppies - six total - three lived. I truly believe she had them too soon - she had them last Friday - and by my math that was about two weeks early. I will post pictures of the puppies real soon. They are cute.

Will post again soon.