Friday, September 30, 2011


I cleaned carpets last night. Yuck! We are not dirty/nasty folks - where does the dirt come from?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Becky, who is your favorite football player of all times?




This little lady takes up about 80% of our time lately. She's a mess! She is eating Mexican in this picture.

Tori had an accident last Friday night - I received the call - 11:42 PM Sept 23. The worst call you could get.

Thankfully she is okay. Her car totaled - she went underneath a pick up truck. Shudder! Air bags deployed - not so much as a scratch on her. She is less than 5 ft tall - a total miracle!

Here is a pic of her car. We are blessed.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Last night Sam played the entire game - two positions. Nose Guard and Center - he was never off the field - he was worn out.

They lost 38-40 - it was a long hard game. But he did so good. He was already analyzing what he could have done differently and better. He wants to please his coaches.

He was exhausted....he passed out when he got home. Did his homework this morning.

I am very proud of #60.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Cool Weather.....

The temperature this week is in the 70's. Last week we were near triple digits.

It feels wonderful outside.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Kenmore, Mom, and a Flat Tire!
and every day life.....

We have been without a washer for well over a month .... trust me when I say ... I will never ever take a washing machine for granted. It is a necessity not a luxury!

Money as usual has been tight - finally saved up some money to buy a "cheap" new one or a good used one....we headed out on Saturday - each stop we made was a closed door.

And my new 'sister' / best friend Carla - called me - and told me about one close to her house- we sped out there and there it was...

Now, we only gave $50 for it. Praise the Lord! Steve hooked it up and it works! I love the sound of a washing machine - the spin cycle, the rinse cycle....choosing cold water, warm water, all of it. I am so proud of it. Now I must confess there was a man looking at it - I was in a panic - I could not let him have this machine. He went to his car or something...I ran in there (this is like a consignment store) and claimed it. Whew. I was ready to dive and tackle I tell you! There was a teenage boy there who helped Steve load it up in truck - he wanted us to buy him a Mountain Dew and we did. God put this machine there. Yeah.

Mom has been more "loopy" and confused mom - and I have decided I rather deal with mean mom any day of the week...the other is just too darn sad. Yesterday she was over here with us ...and she couldn't place me...she knows me...but doesn't know I am her daughter. Sad. She did manage to eat a good meal and a lot of dessert (woman loves sweets) we went to Walmart - and took her home. Some funny can I put this delicately? Gas....she talked about and demonstrated how bad she had gas....she got so tickled at herself. She would laugh so hard. Too funny. Last weekend I rolled her hair - we had a fun time together - I dried it and would take the dryer and blow all over her....and she would just laugh laugh. All this time I have been without a washer - I have been washing clothes over her house - she hates folks using her washer - so I would just leave my laundry there - and she ended up washing clothes for me - which was nice for me and good for her I suppose.

Later yesterday I figured out why God sent us the $50 washing machine - because I had a flat tire (I am in desperate need of tires - they are terrible!) - while at Walmart - I just asked if they could patch it...they could not...there were not one...not two..not three but four nails in the blasted tire and they said it was split. Of course! So....$92 dollars later I had one new tire (tire cost was $75 - but tax and fees - took it to $92 - I am not understanding the fees) You will probably see collection cans at local gas stations to make up for the shortfall..ha ha ha ha. Just kidding - God provided and protected - because I could have had a blow out while driving and such. My goal -is to try to buy one every two weeks or so. By the time I finish buying them it will be time to rotate. ha ha ha ha

Every day life observations......

  • And has anyone noticed the price of hotdogs and bacon? Really is there a shortage of pig?

  • We visited our old church yesterday - it was nice.

  • Tang and Manwich...Sam is into both.. What a combination.

  • Tori's heart is hurting ....I hate that someone is hurting her...but she will be stronger.

  • Dust...where does it come from?

  • I bought a new mop. Two mops actually. A wet mop and a dust mop. I am up town!

  • Steve is delivering our book route today. What a blessing!

  • Tori is enjoying college. I am so proud.

  • Sam is doing well in football. I am so proud.

  • It is literally 30 degrees cooler than last week - I have our windows open. Yeah!