Friday, April 29, 2011



Yeah Tori! I am so proud.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Spent my lunch break today at a local antique childhood memories and favorites are now antiques.

For example...

Bionic Woman Thermos - I also had Wonderwoman!
Nancy Drew Books - I think I read everyone
Holly Hobbie Pictures -Would love to have these
Fisher Price Chalkboard - 1972
Fisher Price Cash Register - 1972

And so much more!

Again, my childhood favorites are depressing. Ha! I may need therapy! Or I may go back and take a trip down memory lane.
A belated Happy Easter!

Thank you for the Cross and all that it means and all it did for me!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Way to go Tori!

Tori won 1st place at State Competition for FCCLA in her category - Chapter Project! I am very very proud.

Good Job girlie!
The biggest part of my job is customer service.

So for all you out there....please be nice to the person on the other end of the phone. Or the one behind the counter or the one serving your food.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Light Switch Memory

My mother spent the day with me yesterday - for the most part she was with it and knew what was going on. (We had a hamburger and milk shake!) Then at the end of our day - we went to grocery store. She didn't' want to walk around - she sat at a table set up near the deli. I kept going back to check on her.

Well....lesson learned.....she got up and started looking for me. She found the time we got to the car...she didn't know who I was. It literally was like a light switch. One minute it was there and on...the next it wasn't - in fact no where near on or there. I will never take her to a store and let her out of my sight again!

We got back to her house. She was so confused. It was sad. We sat down, went through pictures and the family Bible...slowly memory came back - though not a 100%. I wonder how much longer even the fuzzy memories will be around. She went through her little house, looking at each family picture...naming each person..only a few she didn't know. Touching each one as if her fingertips would help bring the names to mind..maybe they did. I wonder how often she does that during the day. At that moment, I wanted to take her home with me and just protect her. I want to wage a battle against hateful Alzheimer's Disease -and all that it robs.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Do you think kids will figure out that dirty laundry cannot make it to the clothes hamper by itself?
I must admit I lost my patience with mom last night on the phone. I was tied up in bookkeeping, tired and drained. I must do better! She really can't help it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sam will soon be 13.... Need I say more? He is getting taller by the day. Long arms and lean back. When did it happen?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom memories..... Mom told this story to me a few weeks appears her parents had one of those up and down night her "Papa" came home all in a romantic mood - however he had been out with his buddies - drinking. Well her mama wasn't in the mood - she chased him out of the house by hitting him with her houseshoes. (I said it then and I say it now...I never knew her mom - but I think I take after her in temperment! Ha!) ____________________________________________________________________ Mom remembers starting her monthly cycle when she was picking cotton. _____________________________________________________________________ She remembers her mother's corn bread and potatoes - said it was one of the best meals she ever ate.
Thankful.... I am thankful for the scattered memories my mom has. I am learning more and more about her childhood and teen years.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Angels.... Yesterday my mom called me crying...she was hiding. She told me two angels each had her by one hand....trying to take her away. I wish I understood more. Is God preparing me? Preparing our family? Preparing her?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Miscellaneous updates and information...................... Doctor appoitment went well...everything is okay....gotta take Vitamin E. Watch how much caffenine and chocolate I eat and drink. Ummmm that will be a struggle for me! Addicted to caffenie and love love love chocolate. Just have to keep an eye on returning lumps, etc. ___________________________________________________________________ 45 minutes..... The time my mother spent in Dollar General. She walked the entire store twice - aisle by aisle. But she enjoyed it. _____________________________________________________________________ Arby's....... Mom loves the Jr. Roast Beef.....tempted to write the company and tell them how this little 81 year old Alzheimer patient loves their sandwhiches and turnovers! _____________________________________________________________________ Prom....... Tori is going to prom. Yeah! I am looking forward to dress shopping with her. And yes I know we will disagree on some stuff...but it will still be fun. I can't wait! ____________________________________________________________________ Girlfriend ........Sam still has one. He is l brushing his teeth and using deodorant without being told. Ah...young love. ____________________________________________________________________ Hamburgers & Hotdogs....... Cooked out on the grill for the 1st time this season....and they were good. Guess what I brought for my lunch today? _____________________________________________________________________ 6:00 a.m.

The time Steve has to be at work all week. EEWWWWW. He gets up at 4:00. I don't know how he does it. I barely make 8:00.


A busy, hectic week....but blessed!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Today was a rough start to my mother's day. She didn't sleep well last night - and she was confused this morning. I had to go over there sit for a bit until she calmed down and collected her thoughts. I wish I had a better understanding of Alzheimer's. It is horrible. Though she has not progressed as fast as my dad did - it is still sad to see her go down. I sometimes wonder why we are going through this a second time - physical problems are so much easier to deal with than mental. I guess that is selfish of me. Mom is trapped in her own mind. And that is very sad. I know God has plan - nothing happens without Him "touching" it first - but I wish I just understood. Pray for me..... A few weeks ago I found a couple of lumps ....I have had a mammogram and a diagnostic I go and have them drained or whatever it is..and they will look at the tissue. The doctor seems to think they are just fluid filled cysts...but it is in the back of my mind..the what if's and such. He wants to make sure - and I am glad he wants to make sure.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Alot can be said for a card....... A couple of weeks ago...Sam told us he had a girlfriend....then the next day he said he didn't have one and didn't want to talk about it. (I thought you only had this sort of drama with girls?) Yesterday he proudly showed us a musical card Miss Wishy Washy gave him. I guess he has a girlfriend. He put the card by his TV. Right now he is not one to text - goodluck to anyone wanting to text him. I wonder if this will change. Needless to say, he likes his card......we all oohed and awwed over it.

Monday, April 04, 2011

A way to communicate...... My girl and I both are learning how to handle her being 18 and graduating high school.... Without revealing details of all that we have been is some advice I wrote to her last Friday - I want to share with you.....I think a lot of us need to follow. (This is just part of it...the rest of it is just for me and her!) To Tori....... A friend reminded me recently the relationship between a mother and daughter is special - they are intertwined because they are mother and daughter - and then as they both get older - both are women in different stages - one has already been where the other is headed- being a woman is a special thing - because we are created to be nurturers, caretakers, soothers, we worry, we laugh and we cry. We relate to the physical pain and emotional pain of another woman - faster than a man ever would - that is how we are made. With that being said - we both are learning something- I am learning how to let go and let you fly and grow and pray harder than before. You are learning to fly and grow - but as you fly and grow - learn how to respond and treat others. Don't be quick to fly off the handle - pray before major decisions - pray before little decisions. Pray for your relationships. (family, friends, work - they are all important). Pray silently before speaking- this is something I totally need to do - because I always speak before I should. The letting go is hard - harder than I thought. But I will do better. I also worked with someone who had 4 teens at the same time - and he said he used to worry - then after the first two put him through many a sleepless night - he learned the following -and he said this, it will always stick in my mind "If at the end of the day and the week, if the kids are not in jail, the hospital or pregnant or at the funeral home.. the rest of it(problems) can be fixed. And even if one of the first three happen - they can usually be solved or dealt with - it is just the last that you cannot fix." All and all I have been blessed - you have a good head on your shoulders - I appreciate that much. Don't forget what you have been taught, where you came from and don't lose focus on where you are going. Trust God!
This past weekend was weekend of projects, chores and such. Boy am I tired. We mowed, weeded, washed, cleaned, swept, name was done on the outside. I need to really clean the inside and I also plan to give the dog a haircut with my newly purchased dog clippers/shears. Whew. ____________________________________________________________________ Mom is still the same. The Alzheimer's rears its ugly head late in the afternoons - but sometimes it is an all day thing. It is sad and discouraging. I really do miss my dad. _____________________________________________________________________ Tori has a bad case of Senioritis.....she has a boyfriend...who graduated last year from the purple and gold school...he doesn't want to go to her prom...she does.....they are in conflict right now. I personally don't see the conflict - its her prom - she needs to go. I think they will have it worked out this week. Hmmph. (It is hard for this mom to stay out of it - when I know she will regret not going! But I think they will go or she will anyway) We have paid senior fees and the invitations to graduation are at home. It hit me hard when I saw them. She continues to work hard at McDonald's - her room forever smelling like french fries. ha! ____________________________________________________________________ Sam will be 13 soon - he is playing football again. They are in weight training right now - he doesn't like weight training that much....but I want him to stick it out. The football is good for him for discipline, exercise, etc. I told him he doesn't have to be the best - just be part of something. He still plays outside and I call him the leader of the Nerf Gun brigade. However he is maturing and is noticing girls. He helped me from start to finish in our very unsuccessful yard sale a few weeks ago...he worked hard! It was the pay our utility bill yard sale...needless to say we payed the bill on prayer...prayer answered! _____________________________________________________________________ Steve and I are okay....we still are learning to merge and such. Three years...doesn't seem like it. _____________________________________________________________________ I need so much dental work done...I'm gonna start. I am embarrassed to even open my mouth! _____________________________________________________________________ Church is going great - we teach children's church. We have a regular Eddie Haskel in the group. Whew! But we have fun. ______________________________________________________________________ I like my job...but I need to make more money. I know God will provide...but we are so struggling! ______________________________________________________________________ Tornadoes in our area today...I think some areas of Memphis took a hard hit. Pray for these folks. ____________________________________________________________________ Well, closing for now. Love to all!