Friday, October 29, 2010


It feels like fall and it rained some last week. Whew it has been so very hot and dry.

Halloween is this weekend. Sam will dress as the Grim Reaper - the county in which we live - every community is on a different Halloween Schedule - makes it for a confusing but fun and busy time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The kids have been away this week on fall break trips and such.

This mama bird is ready for the chicks to return to the nest. I missed them.

Tori came home last night bringing along with her dirty laundry, dishes left everywhere, an energy that missed terribly and a smile that brightens my world.

Sam is coming home today. I bet he will seem taller.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Needing to be needed.......

My mother spent the night with us on Friday night - I am actually trying to do this more often - to let her get used to the house and such, because I know one day - very soon - she will move in with us.

She wanted KFC - so that is what we had - KFC. She then offered to clean the kitchen - we didn't use any dishes and such (used paper plates) - and I told her as much - but she went in there anyway and started cleaning - well she detailed cleaned! (Her house is spotless) - she just cleaned and cleaned - enjoyed it. (she loves to clean and organize)

You know what she said to me? "Well, Becky, you can't help it if you work - and can't clean house." (like my house is a garbage dump! ha!)

But all kidding aside- this made me realized - she needs to be needed.