Saturday, July 24, 2010

Parenting your parent...

My mother seems to be in the first stages of Alzheimer's (my dad and three aunts suffered, and it is suffering from it) and she is keeping me hopping.

It is heartbreaking, exhausting, and frustrating at the same time.

Some of the things she says and does will make you laugh and if you are down - cry like a baby.

Decisions will have to be made in the upcoming months.

I know God will guide us to make the right ones.

Your prayers are appreciated more than you can know.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A shift....

Well I knew it was coming.....

The "official" shift from little boy to preteen.


We had a Sunday School Social at our home on Saturday night - (it was fun by the way, we watched Blindside and had a dinner of cold cuts and such) - everyone brought their kids - and well my son ditched the younger boys playing Nerf guns and other stuff. And ended up sitting on the patio in the middle of about 4 12-13 year old girls.