Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, I started my job this past week. I worked there 12 years ago - I left when Sam was born. I was thinking if I had known then the journey that I was about to take, I would have stayed. Whew! But all happens for a reason.

I am starting out at the bottom and my ego was bruised for a minute - but it is better than no job at all. I will continue to do my part time bookkeeping job from home and Steve and I will deliver books each week - both little jobs help out tremendously. I will have to be in check with my attitude though, I get bored - but I will dust and such if I have to. I believe firmly in working while at work!

Tori is blessed to be in Gulf Shores this week with a friend and her family - they go every year and called and invited Tori - she was so excited. It gives me a whole week without worrying about her on the road! ha ha! I know she will have fun. She's had a week of stuff happening - her phone broke, her battery had to be replaced in her car, etc. Whew.

Sam is going to a friends house later this week for a few days - a home of 6, yep count 'em, 6 boys. They will swim, run and play. This used to be his babysitter - and he always had a good time with them. This will be good for him. He tried out for football last week - we will know in August - there is a camp he will go to next week - I think this will help in the decision process - plus it will be good exercise for him. (He turned 12 a few weeks ago)

They both have finished school - and did well. I now have a senior and a 6th grader! Yeah Tori and Sam.

Our church will have a new Sunday School Class about relationships - I am excited - it is something we need. I also want to teach children's choir - but need that confirmation from Steve and kids.

My dad will be gone 8 years this week - I miss him terribly. Mom struggles between one extreme and the other mentally - it can be exhausting at times. She is really having a hard time adjusting to me working.

We adopted a dog a few weeks ago - Kylee - she is so sweet!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I got a job!

I start next Monday - May 24th. I am so excited and relieved!

God is good!