Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My kids are spreading their wings. Tori especially - hopefully all she has been taught is a strong foundation. She works hard, does well in school, and is happy and healthy. What a blessing. Selfishly, a small part of me wants her to still need me - but she is almost 18 - she is very independent, has a strong will and a definite opinion.

Sam is at the beginning of spreading his wings. He is very sensitive to women (thanks in part to being the only male in a household of women ages 10-80), the "leader" of the nerf gun boys in the neighborhood (though he is impatient and slightly bossy), he is about to enter middle school and is struggling with "not liking" what he looks like. I think he is finally realizing the importance of soap, shampoo and deodorant. :)

I am proud of both of them!! Love you Tori and Sam!

Job interview...

I have one Thursday - it is for a part time position - but we need the income. I am printing fliers today for cleaning houses - maybe I will get a couple of calls. Please pray something comes through soon. Though I have to be honest - all the little part time jobs have pretty much replaced my income. And we have cut back a whole lot - you learn that you can do without a whole lot of stuff.

Closet cleaning...

I cleaned Sam's closet out yesterday...whew. And I cleaned out mine and Steve's closet. Let me tell you right now, the bulk of the mess in our closet - belonged to me. I am trying to figure out why my purse, my car and my closet are the three messiest areas in my life. (And possibly my dresser) Sam's closet was typical boy..broken stuff, taped together stuff, Lego's, boxes of more stuff, glasses and bowls. Needless to say when I was finished, I had a lot of stuff being thrown out or being donated. We have been here two years and it is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated.

Life Changes.....

We are making other changes and I think they...no I know they are good ones. The right steps in the right direction. God is good.

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Still looking for a job. It is discouraging. Obviously I am going to have to try harder.

My mother is probably at the beginning stages of Alzheimers. I think about my dad and all he went through and suffered, and pray that mom doesn't go through the same.

Kids are fine - anxious for Spring Break next week.

Steve has been on vacation this week - we've hung out a lot.

Not a whole lot on my mind...sorry!