Monday, September 28, 2009

Nerf Gun War...

Every day boys between the ages of 6 and 13 in our neighborhood -with Sam being a ring leader . They draw maps - have hiding spots - bunkers -they pack crackers and water for food in back packs just in case they are in a bunker longer than planned and whatever else they can think of -they are ready for a battle. It is so darn cute. (Though I am sure cute is not what they are going for - but I am a mom - what do I know?)
Weekend to Remember...

Nope, we didn't go on a trip or even out to eat. Outside of the usual weekend stuff - we stayed close to home.

I was off Saturday! I was so excited. I swapped out my days off because boss/coworkers are out of town.

Sam had a soccer game. They won! Sam scored a goal and as goalie stopped 4 goals. Whoo Hoo! I was so glad to be there and he was glad Steve and I were there. We then went to moms and did some repairs and such at her house. We made it back to our house - where I cleaned! I scrubbed baseboards - moved appliances, etc. I decorated for Fall/Halloween. Steve washed the car. Sam had a friend spend the night. We finished the night with Pizza.

Tori enjoyed homecoming Friday night and hung out with friends and worked Saturday. She introduced us to to her new boyfriend - he is a senior and has enlisted in the Marines. He will go to boot camp about 6 days after graduation. He doesn't look old enough to hold a razor - much less a gun. I worry about Tori being hurt - but it will be a life lesson for her and him.

Sunday was church - we had a good class. We came home and was lazy for most of the day.

I do appreciate my job - but I miss Saturdays with my family. I could tell they all enjoyed me being there too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My daughter has been faced with a lot of decisions and choices of late. She has faced pressure from friends and classmates. For the most part, she has made the right choices - though I know she is hurting inside at the response from her friends.

I am here for you girlie!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Marmie (Melody)....

I am thinking about you and want you to take care of yourself.
I am so thankful for my friends. I wish I had the words to make them understand how much I love and appreciate them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It is Monday - my "off" day. I will lay down for a few extra minutes - the last person, Sam, is about to leave for the day. Chores are facing me - laundry, clean carpet - finish dusting, laundry, dishes, give the dog a bath, book keeping work, laundry. You get the picture. My "off "day is a work day thinly disguised as an off day.

My friend Diane, had surgery, thyroid surgery this past week - she had a few complications and is not feeling well at all. But she is home. I took her a scarecrow last night (you know a fall decoration for the yard - I thought it was funny - she laughed). She and her daughter are all that is good in a person - so hurry up and get well my friend!

Well, I am going to enjoy a few minutes of laziness before I begin my "off" day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Working on Saturday....

Today is the first soccer game of the season and it is also the first game I have EVER missed. I have made it to every recital, cheer competition, scout meetings, and soccer games - and I have missed today's game.

I can't change things right now - I am ever so grateful for the job I have. But I sure wish I was on the sidelines cheering Sam and team on.

Progress Reports..............

Both are doing pretty good in school. Sam is struggling in math - but his teacher emailed me and said this is common for 5th graders - their math is in "steps" now and they have a hard time adjusting. I hope we can get over the hump. His end of year test scores from last year blew it out of the park! I am very proud.

Tori has a 100 in Chemistry. Wow!

Teaching Sunday School..............

Steve and I are teaching 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday School. We really do enjoy it.