Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's day is a week behind us...and I want to share a few of my favorite pictures of my dad. He has been gone seven years now - I miss him so - he wasn't a perfect man - he was human -he loved us all - he worked hard - read his Bible every day - drank coffee like it was water and he was so funny.

Charles E. Horn - that is how he signed his name on all cards he ever gave anyone. (Like we didn't know who he was!) He is posing in a hat I bought him on vacation somewhere.

Sitting in front of the fireplace he built by his own hand one Christmas.

Always posing - a ham in front of the camera - he is showing off his "muscles" here.

He just opened the Christmas gift my sister Judy and I gave him one Christmas, a 49er jacket. He loved the 49ers - he used to say Joe Montanna called him for advice. He was a very loyal fan. He loved those Montanna to Rice passes - he would say... "that is how you do anything...smooth and just right." He took each win or loss very personally.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures. His garden. He loved his garden. He would work all day in the heat - come home drink a cup of coffee - even in 100 degree weather - and then work in his garden. (You can't tell it..but that is a 49er hat-he had one for every occassion)

Yours truly and dad...he was always so strong.

Posing in front his much loved Ford (always a Ford) truck. See how clean and shiny it is? It was always that way..inside and out. (he would shake his head at me if he saw my car)

Again with the hat..but it captures his personality.

Like I said, these are just a few of my favorites -I just wanted you to know him just a little. My sisters and I were blessed to call him Daddy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New job is going well. I am starting to feel like I "fit" in. I worry still about remembering everything - but that will come in time. I really like the people I work with - that is a total blessing. God is good!

Okay okay... I've been gone a while.

(And I promise I will circle around and catch up on my friends musings and thoughts too!)

Images to share....

I thought this was funny......

Items found in my son's pocket before washing.... and I put up or threw a few things away before snapping a picture. What do you see? Bandaids, trouble cam pieces, eraser, legos, broken crayon, nerfgun bullets, gi joe weapons, sticker card, and spider ring. What is missing? Charger for DS, keychain, and sucker.

Tori's first paycheck.

She got her license and my heart stopped beating...will it ever start?

Images from Sam's Birthday Party....he turned seems just like yesterday he was 3 with curly hair....

It was a water gun party..and it was drizzling...everyone was soaked..Sam is in on the bottom row in the middle.

We got him a cell phone...this was his reaction....

I just liked this picture.....
(That is a boy with a watergun behind him by the way)