Friday, May 22, 2009

A 5th Grader and a Junior in high school..........

The school year is over. Summer break has begun.

Sam is going into the 5th grade - and trust me when I say he had to be pushed, pulled and drug there this year. :)

Tori is now a Junior. She had a great year in school.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am at the new job now almost a month. Worrying whether or not I can do the job to their satisfaction - if they like me, all that kind of stuff.

Tori is officially working a McDonald's. She is liking it. Her grandparents are giving her a car - we will be getting it soon and taking her to get her license.

My sister is looking for a job - our skills and such are a lot alike - so everyone keep your eyes and ears open.

Sam's knee is slowly healing - it still looks horrible and I think it will be one of those knees that will ache when it rains.

The Lg VU is definitely an awesome phone.

Memorial Day is this weekend - no special plans - just hanging out. (I work Saturday-but am off Tuesday)

I bought our first watermelon of the season this week- it was good! Also someone gave us some home grown tomatoes - so we had BLT's the other night.

I miss my dad a lot today for some reason.

I need a haircut.

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

13 Stitches.....that's all

Yesterday, I receive a call at work. "Sam has fallen on the playground, he is hurt, they are working on him now." Now how is a mom supposed to react?

I rush out - start driving to the school-receive a call back from his teacher - "It is knee, it is pretty bad, he will need stitches." I start breathing again. (He was running fell on broken concrete)

I check him out - get him to the doctor - it is bad - I see it for the first time and turn white. Blood every where - ugh. No mom likes to her see her child's blood.

They numb his knee - start cleaning it out- that process alone takes 30 minutes. A lot of dirt, rock, asphalt. The hole is bigger and deeper than originally thought.

They numb his knee again - 3 hours later - he has 13 stitches in his right knee.

He had a rough night pain wise-the knee looks terrible (though not as bad as it did pre-stitches)
He has to be very careful with the stitches. We go back to the doctor on Monday. Then he will have the stitches for 2 weeks. Pray he doesn't get an infection! (He is on antibiotics)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Well, I have completed my first week at my new job. I think we all "fit" each other - if that makes sense. It is a new industry - but with the same principals as the one I left. I will learn from this new job and hopefully I can teach them some things.

It has been an going back to work. The kids were used to me being home when they got out of school, with dinner ready, able to help with homework right away - but now we must adjust again.

While off, I would sometimes go back to bed about twice a week and sleep late - so that has been a major adjustment and me not doing the housework during the day. Whew - back to evening and weekend cleaning.

In other news...................

Sam turns 11 this week - we are having his party tomorrow. A water gun party. I am having hot dogs and cupcakes. We got him a BB gun and are pretty sure we will get him a prepaid cell phone to see how he will handle taking care of it. He is enjoying Flag Football - where he is an awesome player! Go Sam!

Tori will be working at the Golden Arches (McDonalds) soon - she was hired this week. She is excited. She broke up with her boyfriend - hmmph - he was too jealous and possessive of her anyway. She was elected President-Elect of her local FCCLA chapter. This means she will train her junior year and be President her Senior year - she also won a couple of awards this week and is totally excited.

Now I must go clean this house!