Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well Marmie - your mouse story got me to let's talk about a few memories of animals from my past.
Bonnie - A lab- she was my dad's dog - how the two loved each other. My dad really grieved when she died - he never had another dog after her. She would walk laps with him as he mowed the yard - ride in his truck - they would sit on the porch together. He would take her fishing, hunting and for walks in the woods.
Skeeter - A Boston Terrier - he always hiked his leg and tinkled on my shoes or clothes. But he would curl up with me on the couch. He had epilepsy -but lived about 11 years. He was a character
Robin - A Lhaso Alpso-He only liked me. Had to give him up after Tori was born - he was very jealous of her.
Snoopy - A hound dog - howled all night - neighbors didn't like us. So we gave him to a friend who lived deep in the country on a farm - Snoopy was already used to city living-unsure of all the night sounds I am sure and ran away never to be seen again.
Molly - A border collier - She was terrified of rain and doubly terrified of storms - would run away every time-we would have to chase her down in the rain - she would jump the fence. She was Tori's dog - Tori doesn't like storms that much - so maybe they were meant to be buds.
A blue gold fish - electrocuted himself jumping into his light on his tank - he liked clean water and we just changed his water-he was celebrating. He felt like a brick!
A hamster - given to us by my niece - we had to give him away - 2-year old Sam would try to stuff him into his toy cars-and you would hear the hamster squealing and squeaking all over the house and I was worried Sam would get bit, and neighbors would call the hamster police. (I forgot to mention he would run on his blasted wheel from about 10:00 at night until 6:00 a.m. - I would put him in the spare bathroom - behind the shower curtain - close the door so we couldn't hear that wheel turn)
Fat Albert - a gold fish - if you research my blog you will find a post about him - but he lived a long, happy, healthy life. He was a birthday gift for Sam - and he was fun to have.
Cats - oh the cats - we have never never never ever been able to keep a cat. And let me tell you we spoil them. I don't know if was because we lived in the country and they would run away, if bigger critters would get to them, if they hated us, but I have given up on cats. Sam has allergies - so they could never stay inside all the time. I can say stray cats love us - maybe because now I refuse to get emotionally attached.
Current pets:
China - she is our 16 year old dog - she just sleeps all day. She is very spoiled.
Flippers - Sam's beta fish he bought with Christmas money
So there you go.... a few memories of pets past.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend trip.....

Steve and I took a last minute trip to Nashville this weekend. We visited The Country Music Hall of Fame and took a tour of Studio B - it was great! I am a huge fan of Country Music. You could literally spend all day at this place. Totally cool!

The time Steve and I had together was sweet!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I had an interview yesterday. I think it went real well on my end. Say a prayer!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What kind of furniture store is this??????????????????????

Yesterday I went into a local furniture store looking for an entertainment center for our living room. (This is to be an anniversary gift for both of us - we received a "bonus" check in the mail and decided to buy one).

I was innocently walking around and what in front of my wandering eyes should appear? A girl scout cookie display! Someone was selling them for her daughter. I was so excited at the thought of another box of thin mints....I go to buy them....and guess what...NO THIN MINTS.

Really, what kind of furniture store is that place?!

(I did find the entertainment center though and provided laughter to everyone there with my protests about the thin mints!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ya think?

I was watching a local news channel the other day, unfortunately there was a murder. They were interviewing local law enforcement and here is the quote.

"We found a body in his apartment - and knew right then it was suspicious."

Ya Think?
'Okay, turn in your woman card."

That is what I told a friend of my daughter, we call her "Mo."

Why did I tell her to turn in her woman card?

She told me....gasp.....I'm still in shock....that she doesn't like...(hurts me now just to type it)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hire me!

That is what I want to say on my resumes and cover letters. Hire me! I can and will do the job!
One year...

This Saturday Steve and I will be married one year. I have learned a lot - we both have. It has not been easy - this blending of lives, habits, traditions and families, but the love is still there-stronger and wiser than before.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Last night a girl I graduated with was killed in a car accident. We sat beside each other during Senior English. I used to admire her long nails. We were in other classes and clubs together - she was always smiling. She was married to her high school sweetheart.

As I was cleaning Sam's room this morning, I couldn't help but think of her kids - one of them in the same grade at the same school as Sam. I know how my kids would feel. It is hard as an adult to lose a parent - I cannot imagine what it is like as a child.

Please pray for her family.

Friday, March 06, 2009

I am still looking for a job and trying so hard not to be depressed. I like to work. I want to work. The right job is out there.

Today, however, I worked hard at being lazy. Hmmph.

Flippers the flying...jumping fish...

With Christmas money, Sam bought himself a Beta Fish. He named him Flippers. We were cleaning out Flippers bowl this morning...we put him in a temporary cup for the cleaning...he jumped out of it. Sam rescued it. Whew.

China...the bring me breakfast in bed dog....

China, our dog is old - but still gets around. However, she is taking advantage of her senior years and our sympathy. She will now eat only if we bring her food to her in bed. Oh brother. (She still walks, does an occasional running lap around the yard, she could walk to the food bowl, she just chooses not too) Like I said, oh, brother. (We do love her!)

Monday, March 02, 2009

One reason I love this time of favorite cookie.
Find you a Girl Scout and buy a box today.
(Steve picked me up a box!)

Tori and her friend, Peyton, won first place in a presentation/speech contest on Thursday. Their first time ever competing! They are going to state! I am a very proud mom! We all are excited.

We had strange weather this day it was 72 degrees - the next - well, you will see in the pictures below.

A contrast in seasons in our back yard.....

We received about a foot of snow in our neighborhood when it was all said and done. That is a lot for this area!

Pictures of Tori and Sam having fun.