Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can add a show to my "favorite television" show list. It has been on for a few years now - but I have become thoroughly hooked watching reruns these past few weeks.

Here it is.

Wednesday Ramblings....

*Sam is home sick today. Looks like the same stuff I suffered with last week.

*I bought Sam a pair of VANS yesterday - super on sale. He likes them and they fit. Whoo hoo!

*I am chaperoning a field trip with Tori tomorrow - she asked me to go - wow!

*I did get my hair cut - shorter - and Steve likes it.

*Steve and I went to Logan's last night to enjoy their two meals for $13.99 special --it was fun.

*Steve can upgrade his cell phone - he is so funny shopping for phones - he is very picky about color and such. (reminds me of when I shop for a purse - I believe the stores should let us try a purse out for 2 weeks and then return if we don't like it - I am beginning to think the same thing for cell phones)

*My mother is doing good. No complications from the pacemaker - she actually looks and sounds better. She took herself yesterday to get a perm. Yeah!

*I have started doing 20-30 minutes of exercising each day - different stuff but it does make me feel better. Haven't lost any weight from it - time will tell on that one.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A look on the positive side of being unemployed...

I am going back to bed with a cup of tea to watch a television show that 3 months ago didn't appeal to me at all.
I need a hair cut. I look like a walking dust mop.
Grand Theft Auto....

I am far from being overly strict or "prudish"-I know kids will test their parents - but I do have rules-some of them are non-negotiable.

This game is rated for Adults - I really don't like the premise of the game or the title. And my rule is no games rated for Adults are allowed in this house. Period.

Yesterday, I was cleaning Sam's room - found a couple of video games out of their box - decided to go ahead and put them in their box. I open one box - there is a game in it - upside down- I take it out and there it is -GRAND THEFT AUTO. (Need I say - he knew the rules - because he hid the game). I put the game to the side - start dusting the computer desk - I find the paper cover-crumpled up behind the desk. (now I am getting really mad).

I wait all day - ready to confront him. The how and then when was key.

After I start dinner, I call him into the living room - he sits down- I ask him about ratings on movies - what they mean. Then I do the same for games. And I ask him what is allowed and not allowed in this house. He answers correctly. Here is the kicker - I then ask "Have you ever brought a game rated for adults into the house and played it?" He answers "No." I give him another chance. "Are you sure?" "Yes mam." I walk out - bring the game back into the living room.

I go back over the rules - he is grounded for a few days. I tell him I am hurt that he lied (this absolutely crushes him - he cannot stand the thought of my feelings being hurt or me being mad at him for any period of time.) I stand firm. There was no yelling - I won't bring it back up-unless it happens again.

As I said in the beginning I know the kids want to try new things - and I really am not overly strict or protective - I've never held them back - but the lesson he learned last night was on lying. And I learned to be more diligent on checking video games. (The game belonged to a friend in the neighborhood - he isn't allowed to have it either)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am part of history....

I am part of the largest - ever increasing number of unemployed people.

Whoo hoo.

I am not discouraged. It will be okay.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Okay, in retrospect I shouldn't have responded the way I did....

Let me tell you the story.

I went to the grocery store today - I am still sick, but we needed some things.

I was in the check-out line - a long line - my head was pounding. Finally another lane opened up - I decided to stay where I was - the woman in front of me - with a cart full of groceries decided to go to the new lane. I had to back up to let her out. She goes to the new lane - the line is long -(yes that many people moved over there when the lane opened), she leaves the new lane and comes back to the lane I am in - tries to get back into her spot.

She said, "I was here a minute ago, but that line is too long, let me back in..."

My flu-maddened brain is thinking WHATEVER.

And being the sweet person I am...I say..."Well, it is kind of like the saying, move your feet, lose your seat...I'm not moving..looks like you go to the end of the line."

Was I right? Kinda? Sorta?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Updates...just boring stuff.

Still laid off, but I have been pretty busy - mainly with dr's appointment for everyone. Geesh - I have been to so many doctors here lately.

I have started projects around the house and completed a few. I have all pictures in photo albums - 5+ years of pictures are now in books. Whew. My kids have grown so much. It has been neat looking at how they changed. I have a trunk of albums and such I want to go through and sort -that will one day next week - I want to divide for my kids and sisters - but it is hard looking at pictures of my dad without being ever so sad. I was the "unofficial" family photographer for years and have pictures of nieces, nephews, cousins and such.

I plan to put into a scrapbook the cards and letters Steve and I have given each other - we each have a drawer full. I love letters and cards - I have said it before the art of letter writing is a lost one.

Closets (in all rooms- yes I know I will need a hard hat in the kids room!) and cabinets are another project that will be tackled. As are the cabinets in the garage too. Flower beds are calling my name also.

One good thing out of all this...our laundry is staying up to date - the hamper is usually empty every day - a miracle I tell you - I miracle!

I have been sending out resumes regularly -but there are not many jobs out there to send them out too - I do plan to tackle the staffing industry next week though.

I know this wasn't too exciting - but the post below is cute...

I am anxious to hear from my old friends! So email me!

Sam as Elvis at a school program. It was too funny!

Monday, February 09, 2009


Today is my first day of being unemployed. I am looking hard for a job.

Now that all of it is "over" - I actually feel better. Waiting for that last day was hard. Very hard. But once I walked out the door for the last time - cried for about 5 minutes - I was ready to face the future. I cannot say anything bad about the company I worked for or my job - I enjoyed every minute of it - learned a lot about the auto industry and made life long friends.

While unemployed, however long that will be, I will work on things around the house, organize, arrange, and look everyday for a job.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Updates and such....

Tomorrow, Feb 6, will be my last day at work. I will be officially unemployed after about 1:00 p.m. For those of you who don't know, I am office manager for the Memphis office of AutoMart and AutoTrader. Nationwide all of the offices are closing. You will still see AutoTrader books and the websites - but that will be handled nationally, etc. Thousands of us will be without a job after tomorrow. We have worked hard and everyone should be proud of a job well done. I have sent out resumes, interviewed once (turned it down - I am not the person for the job), and trying desperately not to be discouraged.

My mother has been sick. She is having a pacemaker placed this coming Wednesday. And we may be seeing her move in with us in the near future.

Tori and Sam are fine. Mouthy at times, but still lovable.

Steve and I are doing fine in this world of marriage - we are fast approaching our 1 year anniversary. We are still learning much about marriage, blending and each other.

My favorite show is back on! The Closer! Yeah! If you haven't watched it yet, check it out!

Now, I have to cook dinner. I will post some pictures soon.

Have a great day!