Thursday, December 31, 2009

I have to share something, I feel the old me left for a while, but pieces of me are returning. Does that even make sense? If you know me well, you will completely understand. If you do not, I will leave you guessing. :)

But I will enjoy these small pieces, and these small steps I am taking - they are a gift.

And I will post Christmas real soon.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Decade!
I wrote about this earlier, but it is bothering me.

Today, I was at a convenient store, and I saw a penny laying on the ground. I walked over it, usually I pick them up, but today I didn't. I don't know why. Now I feel guilty. Pennies add up.

I have always believed the small things, the small details do matter. Does this mean I am changing? Have I become so unappreciative of what has been given to me that I ignore the small piece of coin on the ground?

I hope not. I will do better.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lessons Learned....

Steve and I went out of town for the weekend ...I will write more later on that.

I learned a lot on the drive home.

I have to be honest, we took a hit when I was laid off, I make less - and it has been hard.

I realized yesterday as we were driving home, how blessed we are. God protected us all the way - we were literally minutes behind 6 accidents yesterday. One involved a State Trooper - I just looked it up, and he is in stable condition. I am so grateful for the delays we experienced, the lines, the traffic, even buying a coke - because each delay protected us.

We were about 90 miles from home yesterday - we stopped to eat. I thought I was hungry. We ordered our food - and then I couldn't eat it. I just pushed it to the side, and as I did so, I looked up, three booths away was a homeless man. Oh, how God spoke to me yesterday. I was so ashamed of wasting my meal, ashamed of feeling sorry for myself - when we have so much to be thankful and appreciative for. We bought him a meal and gave him the snack food and water from our car. (I'm not bragging - it was the least we could do) I can't help but think about him, where did he sleep? What did he do with the bag and food wrappers he folded so neatly and stuck in his backpack? Was he warm? What demons does he fight in his head each day? Does he have family? Are the holidays we celebrate just regularly "days" of survival for him? Does he ever get to watch football after the Thanksgiving meal?

Lessons learned. Thank you God for your provision.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I made a lemon icebox pie last night. My little family loved it.

It was my first one - so easy to make.

I also made fudge with a different kind of chocolate.

But my laundry is still piled up. (Thankful for clothing I am!)
Since I last wrote...

My daughter has turned 17. Happy Birthday Tori - I love you and I am very proud of you.

Sam has decided he likes a girl - his main reason - she comes up his nose and he don't like girls taller than him.

Thanksgiving was nice. Busy. But nice.

House is decorated for Christmas - I plan to write about our "topless" Christmas tree here real soon. Very funny - though it didn't seem so at the time. Ha!

Just about through with Christmas shopping - I do have a bit left. I am ever so thankful for my "side" job of bookkeeping -because that is what paid for Christmas.

It is cold, wet and windy here in Tennessee. We are wimps. It is going to be down in the 20's tonight. UGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.

Christmas Cards - I have got to get them done. I love Christmas Cards.

Work is always busy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
Well, I think it was a compliment. Sorta?

My mother never one to mince words or tell you what she things you look like, told me yesterday when I took a dinner plate to her - "Good Lord Becky you've lost weight, your butt (sorry but I refuse to edit her words - it is too funny) is not as big as it used to me, and your pants are sagging." (I have lost weight)

I think it was a compliment.


I don't really know.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Yes, the dog was ready for Halloween!

Sam as the Grim Reaper.

Showing off our pumpkin and scarecrows.

The finished pumpkin. (This was Steve's 2nd ever pumpkin to carve! The first? Was with us last year!)

Tori, Sam and Steve.

Your's truly.....and the kids. I've lost 21 pounds.

Sam loved cleaning out the "guts"

Tori helped under duress...really she did.

Just a cute picture.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just call me Betty Crocker.....

I made a salad, spaghetti and homemake cookes today.

Thank you very much.
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Sam is in 5th grade.

5th grade math is not easy.

So, to repeat the answer to the question?

No, I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nerf Gun War...

Every day boys between the ages of 6 and 13 in our neighborhood -with Sam being a ring leader . They draw maps - have hiding spots - bunkers -they pack crackers and water for food in back packs just in case they are in a bunker longer than planned and whatever else they can think of -they are ready for a battle. It is so darn cute. (Though I am sure cute is not what they are going for - but I am a mom - what do I know?)
Weekend to Remember...

Nope, we didn't go on a trip or even out to eat. Outside of the usual weekend stuff - we stayed close to home.

I was off Saturday! I was so excited. I swapped out my days off because boss/coworkers are out of town.

Sam had a soccer game. They won! Sam scored a goal and as goalie stopped 4 goals. Whoo Hoo! I was so glad to be there and he was glad Steve and I were there. We then went to moms and did some repairs and such at her house. We made it back to our house - where I cleaned! I scrubbed baseboards - moved appliances, etc. I decorated for Fall/Halloween. Steve washed the car. Sam had a friend spend the night. We finished the night with Pizza.

Tori enjoyed homecoming Friday night and hung out with friends and worked Saturday. She introduced us to to her new boyfriend - he is a senior and has enlisted in the Marines. He will go to boot camp about 6 days after graduation. He doesn't look old enough to hold a razor - much less a gun. I worry about Tori being hurt - but it will be a life lesson for her and him.

Sunday was church - we had a good class. We came home and was lazy for most of the day.

I do appreciate my job - but I miss Saturdays with my family. I could tell they all enjoyed me being there too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My daughter has been faced with a lot of decisions and choices of late. She has faced pressure from friends and classmates. For the most part, she has made the right choices - though I know she is hurting inside at the response from her friends.

I am here for you girlie!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Marmie (Melody)....

I am thinking about you and want you to take care of yourself.
I am so thankful for my friends. I wish I had the words to make them understand how much I love and appreciate them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It is Monday - my "off" day. I will lay down for a few extra minutes - the last person, Sam, is about to leave for the day. Chores are facing me - laundry, clean carpet - finish dusting, laundry, dishes, give the dog a bath, book keeping work, laundry. You get the picture. My "off "day is a work day thinly disguised as an off day.

My friend Diane, had surgery, thyroid surgery this past week - she had a few complications and is not feeling well at all. But she is home. I took her a scarecrow last night (you know a fall decoration for the yard - I thought it was funny - she laughed). She and her daughter are all that is good in a person - so hurry up and get well my friend!

Well, I am going to enjoy a few minutes of laziness before I begin my "off" day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Working on Saturday....

Today is the first soccer game of the season and it is also the first game I have EVER missed. I have made it to every recital, cheer competition, scout meetings, and soccer games - and I have missed today's game.

I can't change things right now - I am ever so grateful for the job I have. But I sure wish I was on the sidelines cheering Sam and team on.

Progress Reports..............

Both are doing pretty good in school. Sam is struggling in math - but his teacher emailed me and said this is common for 5th graders - their math is in "steps" now and they have a hard time adjusting. I hope we can get over the hump. His end of year test scores from last year blew it out of the park! I am very proud.

Tori has a 100 in Chemistry. Wow!

Teaching Sunday School..............

Steve and I are teaching 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday School. We really do enjoy it.

Monday, August 31, 2009



A few quick updates.....

How I spent my 40th birthday. In the hospital! I was having super bad chest pains. Turned out to be super bad acid reflux and very low low potassium. All the other tests came back okay. I was so scared and ever so depressed.


Kids have adjusted to school. They seem to be doing okay. Progress reports will tell a lot.
Tori has been getting a lot of hours at work and Sam is playing soccer.


I am having a hard time working on Saturdays - it is very depressing leaving my family here week after week. I don't know how to handle it or if I can hold out much longer doing it-yes I know I have to work - and I am grateful for the job - I have to work into a positive attitude every week. Then I feel guilty for not being positive. What a cycle!


My friend, Diane, is facing surgery soon. Love ya girl!


I am having moments of depression. Nothing I haven't faced before. But it is overwhelming at times.


Steve and I will officially be "together" for two years this next week. We started dating on Sept 8 2007. He will also be 4 years from 50 this week (46). I tease him about it.


I need to clean house! And I am off to do so right now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

3 more days...

I will no longer be in my 30's. I will be circling a different oval on forms and such.
Shh...... You hear that?

Me either! There is not one TV on, not one radio, DS, MP3 player....the house is quiet. I've taken the house back! School is back in session today.

At least I know where Tori is for about 7 hours - she won't be on the road!

Oh, I know we go back to homework, misplaced shoes, lost agenda's, last minute projects, lunches and everyone trying to get ready at the same time every morning - but for today-Monday-my day off- it is nice. Now I am going to clean this nasty house!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I know it is a number and there is so much to do and experience. But in just a few days I will turn 40 and I have to admit I am struggling with it. Actually I am in a slump.

I have asked my family no "Lordy lordy...Becky is 40" stuff. I think that will throw me over the edge.

Steve's birthday is in September - we are buying ourselves joint b'day gifts - something for the house and we are taking a weekend away next week.

40 - the year of the mammogram. 40- all of a sudden more gray hairs are there. 40-an extra laugh line and too many pounds. 40-all of a sudden the term "mam" from the store clerk is depressing.

I will be strong though. Whew.
Back to School......

Yep - it is that time of the year again. We registered today. The first full day is next Monday.

Sam being ever so dramatic was going through the house last night.....saying...

"Goodbye was short. Goodbye pillow...I will miss sleeping late." And so on.

I shared his comments with my friend Amy - she and her husband work hard as teachers. They had the summer off together and she said..."Goodbye clean house, goodbye homework free nights, goodbye home cooked meals..."

How funny.

Sam is an official 5th grader and Tori a Junior. I am going to work hard on being more positive and encouraging this year. And hopefully more patient!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Diligence - perseverance - determination

You ever seen the Ice Age Movie series? The character below is a symbol of all the above. He never gives up!

Legos & Star Wars.....

My son has a hobby of legos and Star Wars. And if you can combine the two - all the better. He wanted me to post some pictures of his here ya go.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

To my daughter and all the other girls her age......

Be careful of what you write and is out there forever.

Always be a lady in all that you do. The payoff is greater in the end.
My sweet husband.....

Like all married couples we have our ups and downs, and I am the first to admit I am not the easiest person to deal with - much less live with. I am emotional, temperamental, hormonal (ha!), with the tendency to get side tracked with "house work" when I am getting ready for work, church or any thing for that matter. We both deal with insecurities that creep up at times and we've had our share of arguments, disagreements and colorful discussions - but I know the love is there. And this is how I know.

I work on Saturdays - and yesterday I knew I had tons of paperwork/copying/sorting/filing to do and such-and it has to get finished. I was feeling weepy and ill - didn't want to go in. I asked my husband to come to work with me and he did. He stayed there the whole time - and helped copy close to 600 pages of documents. He never complained - he made my day. No amount of flowers or jewelry could have meant more.

Thank you honey. I love you much!

Friday, July 24, 2009


She's 16.......

My daughter lives in the wonderful world of 16-year old girls. And she is having a rough time of it lately, though some of the problems are of her own making - others are not and she is hurting. I wish I could stop the pain. I cling to the fact she will be more stronger and wiser tomorrow than she is today. She has a bright future ahead of her.

He has a hamster.......

My sister, the evil woman, called my son, "Hey Sam do you want a hamster?" Well, what do you think he said? You guessed it, we have a hamster. Oh boy.

Turning 40

I am just about the same age as "man walking on the moon" I will be 40 in a few weeks. And there are days I feel it and then there are days when I look in the mirror...and say hey, "I am not 40!." Whew.

Back to teaching...

Steve and I are teaching 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday School. I missed all the kids and it is fun. The cool part is we are "co teaching" meaning we teach every other Sunday- giving us and the other couple teaching a time with adults - but still serving.


Is it just me, or is everyone broke?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's day is a week behind us...and I want to share a few of my favorite pictures of my dad. He has been gone seven years now - I miss him so - he wasn't a perfect man - he was human -he loved us all - he worked hard - read his Bible every day - drank coffee like it was water and he was so funny.

Charles E. Horn - that is how he signed his name on all cards he ever gave anyone. (Like we didn't know who he was!) He is posing in a hat I bought him on vacation somewhere.

Sitting in front of the fireplace he built by his own hand one Christmas.

Always posing - a ham in front of the camera - he is showing off his "muscles" here.

He just opened the Christmas gift my sister Judy and I gave him one Christmas, a 49er jacket. He loved the 49ers - he used to say Joe Montanna called him for advice. He was a very loyal fan. He loved those Montanna to Rice passes - he would say... "that is how you do anything...smooth and just right." He took each win or loss very personally.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures. His garden. He loved his garden. He would work all day in the heat - come home drink a cup of coffee - even in 100 degree weather - and then work in his garden. (You can't tell it..but that is a 49er hat-he had one for every occassion)

Yours truly and dad...he was always so strong.

Posing in front his much loved Ford (always a Ford) truck. See how clean and shiny it is? It was always that way..inside and out. (he would shake his head at me if he saw my car)

Again with the hat..but it captures his personality.

Like I said, these are just a few of my favorites -I just wanted you to know him just a little. My sisters and I were blessed to call him Daddy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New job is going well. I am starting to feel like I "fit" in. I worry still about remembering everything - but that will come in time. I really like the people I work with - that is a total blessing. God is good!

Okay okay... I've been gone a while.

(And I promise I will circle around and catch up on my friends musings and thoughts too!)

Images to share....

I thought this was funny......

Items found in my son's pocket before washing.... and I put up or threw a few things away before snapping a picture. What do you see? Bandaids, trouble cam pieces, eraser, legos, broken crayon, nerfgun bullets, gi joe weapons, sticker card, and spider ring. What is missing? Charger for DS, keychain, and sucker.

Tori's first paycheck.

She got her license and my heart stopped beating...will it ever start?

Images from Sam's Birthday Party....he turned seems just like yesterday he was 3 with curly hair....

It was a water gun party..and it was drizzling...everyone was soaked..Sam is in on the bottom row in the middle.

We got him a cell phone...this was his reaction....

I just liked this picture.....
(That is a boy with a watergun behind him by the way)

Friday, May 22, 2009

A 5th Grader and a Junior in high school..........

The school year is over. Summer break has begun.

Sam is going into the 5th grade - and trust me when I say he had to be pushed, pulled and drug there this year. :)

Tori is now a Junior. She had a great year in school.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am at the new job now almost a month. Worrying whether or not I can do the job to their satisfaction - if they like me, all that kind of stuff.

Tori is officially working a McDonald's. She is liking it. Her grandparents are giving her a car - we will be getting it soon and taking her to get her license.

My sister is looking for a job - our skills and such are a lot alike - so everyone keep your eyes and ears open.

Sam's knee is slowly healing - it still looks horrible and I think it will be one of those knees that will ache when it rains.

The Lg VU is definitely an awesome phone.

Memorial Day is this weekend - no special plans - just hanging out. (I work Saturday-but am off Tuesday)

I bought our first watermelon of the season this week- it was good! Also someone gave us some home grown tomatoes - so we had BLT's the other night.

I miss my dad a lot today for some reason.

I need a haircut.

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

13 Stitches.....that's all

Yesterday, I receive a call at work. "Sam has fallen on the playground, he is hurt, they are working on him now." Now how is a mom supposed to react?

I rush out - start driving to the school-receive a call back from his teacher - "It is knee, it is pretty bad, he will need stitches." I start breathing again. (He was running fell on broken concrete)

I check him out - get him to the doctor - it is bad - I see it for the first time and turn white. Blood every where - ugh. No mom likes to her see her child's blood.

They numb his knee - start cleaning it out- that process alone takes 30 minutes. A lot of dirt, rock, asphalt. The hole is bigger and deeper than originally thought.

They numb his knee again - 3 hours later - he has 13 stitches in his right knee.

He had a rough night pain wise-the knee looks terrible (though not as bad as it did pre-stitches)
He has to be very careful with the stitches. We go back to the doctor on Monday. Then he will have the stitches for 2 weeks. Pray he doesn't get an infection! (He is on antibiotics)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Well, I have completed my first week at my new job. I think we all "fit" each other - if that makes sense. It is a new industry - but with the same principals as the one I left. I will learn from this new job and hopefully I can teach them some things.

It has been an going back to work. The kids were used to me being home when they got out of school, with dinner ready, able to help with homework right away - but now we must adjust again.

While off, I would sometimes go back to bed about twice a week and sleep late - so that has been a major adjustment and me not doing the housework during the day. Whew - back to evening and weekend cleaning.

In other news...................

Sam turns 11 this week - we are having his party tomorrow. A water gun party. I am having hot dogs and cupcakes. We got him a BB gun and are pretty sure we will get him a prepaid cell phone to see how he will handle taking care of it. He is enjoying Flag Football - where he is an awesome player! Go Sam!

Tori will be working at the Golden Arches (McDonalds) soon - she was hired this week. She is excited. She broke up with her boyfriend - hmmph - he was too jealous and possessive of her anyway. She was elected President-Elect of her local FCCLA chapter. This means she will train her junior year and be President her Senior year - she also won a couple of awards this week and is totally excited.

Now I must go clean this house!

Thursday, April 23, 2009





Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The "goings on" in my life......

*I had a job interview last week - it was a strange one that is for sure! Whew!

*Spring Break was last week - Steve and I had the week to ourselves. We ate out, went mall walking, and enjoyed hanging out together. It was nice. (The kids visited their dad in Nashville)

*I had my eyes checked last week. I now wear glasses...bifocals...all the time...I will post a picture of my new eyes soon. I feel old.

*I have a job interview today (Wed)- this one is very promising and I am very encouraged. (They have already checked my references - found this lead through someone at church!)

*I am learning Quick Books Pro - but am having computer difficulties - very frustrating.

*I have started Christmas shopping. Yes Christmas shopping. I have finished for Steve's family. I have found the best deals on winter stuff! Totally cool!

*We are getting Sam a BB gun for his birthday. He will be 11 in a couple of weeks.

*Looks like Tori will be working soon...and after that driving regularly.

Now, I have to go get ready for my interview.
Easter Pictures...

Steve bought me a chocolate bunny and a chocolate egg! The first one for me in years - I just put them on my dresser to enjoy looking at them.

Here is a picture of my goodies as I found them next to the kids Easter Baskets Sunday morning...

Tori and Sam....

Sam dying eggs.....Tori decided she is too old!

Resurrection eggs....a wonderful way to explain how and why Jesus died for us. I have used them over the years teaching Sunday School and Children's Choir - but this year we sat down as a family and we took turns opening eggs and explaining the meaning of each.

Me and Steve....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I will post some Easter Pictures soon!

Still looking for a job - in the Memphis market it keeps getting tighter and tighter with more layoffs. When will it get better. I emailed my resume yesterday to a job I had applied to before - and I said in the email "See, you should have hired me the first time!" Maybe that will catch their eye. :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

I am very discouraged on the job search front. Obviously, prospective employers don't know what they are missing. Ha!

(This is me trying so very hard not to be depressed)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well Marmie - your mouse story got me to let's talk about a few memories of animals from my past.
Bonnie - A lab- she was my dad's dog - how the two loved each other. My dad really grieved when she died - he never had another dog after her. She would walk laps with him as he mowed the yard - ride in his truck - they would sit on the porch together. He would take her fishing, hunting and for walks in the woods.
Skeeter - A Boston Terrier - he always hiked his leg and tinkled on my shoes or clothes. But he would curl up with me on the couch. He had epilepsy -but lived about 11 years. He was a character
Robin - A Lhaso Alpso-He only liked me. Had to give him up after Tori was born - he was very jealous of her.
Snoopy - A hound dog - howled all night - neighbors didn't like us. So we gave him to a friend who lived deep in the country on a farm - Snoopy was already used to city living-unsure of all the night sounds I am sure and ran away never to be seen again.
Molly - A border collier - She was terrified of rain and doubly terrified of storms - would run away every time-we would have to chase her down in the rain - she would jump the fence. She was Tori's dog - Tori doesn't like storms that much - so maybe they were meant to be buds.
A blue gold fish - electrocuted himself jumping into his light on his tank - he liked clean water and we just changed his water-he was celebrating. He felt like a brick!
A hamster - given to us by my niece - we had to give him away - 2-year old Sam would try to stuff him into his toy cars-and you would hear the hamster squealing and squeaking all over the house and I was worried Sam would get bit, and neighbors would call the hamster police. (I forgot to mention he would run on his blasted wheel from about 10:00 at night until 6:00 a.m. - I would put him in the spare bathroom - behind the shower curtain - close the door so we couldn't hear that wheel turn)
Fat Albert - a gold fish - if you research my blog you will find a post about him - but he lived a long, happy, healthy life. He was a birthday gift for Sam - and he was fun to have.
Cats - oh the cats - we have never never never ever been able to keep a cat. And let me tell you we spoil them. I don't know if was because we lived in the country and they would run away, if bigger critters would get to them, if they hated us, but I have given up on cats. Sam has allergies - so they could never stay inside all the time. I can say stray cats love us - maybe because now I refuse to get emotionally attached.
Current pets:
China - she is our 16 year old dog - she just sleeps all day. She is very spoiled.
Flippers - Sam's beta fish he bought with Christmas money
So there you go.... a few memories of pets past.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend trip.....

Steve and I took a last minute trip to Nashville this weekend. We visited The Country Music Hall of Fame and took a tour of Studio B - it was great! I am a huge fan of Country Music. You could literally spend all day at this place. Totally cool!

The time Steve and I had together was sweet!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I had an interview yesterday. I think it went real well on my end. Say a prayer!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What kind of furniture store is this??????????????????????

Yesterday I went into a local furniture store looking for an entertainment center for our living room. (This is to be an anniversary gift for both of us - we received a "bonus" check in the mail and decided to buy one).

I was innocently walking around and what in front of my wandering eyes should appear? A girl scout cookie display! Someone was selling them for her daughter. I was so excited at the thought of another box of thin mints....I go to buy them....and guess what...NO THIN MINTS.

Really, what kind of furniture store is that place?!

(I did find the entertainment center though and provided laughter to everyone there with my protests about the thin mints!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ya think?

I was watching a local news channel the other day, unfortunately there was a murder. They were interviewing local law enforcement and here is the quote.

"We found a body in his apartment - and knew right then it was suspicious."

Ya Think?
'Okay, turn in your woman card."

That is what I told a friend of my daughter, we call her "Mo."

Why did I tell her to turn in her woman card?

She told me....gasp.....I'm still in shock....that she doesn't like...(hurts me now just to type it)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hire me!

That is what I want to say on my resumes and cover letters. Hire me! I can and will do the job!
One year...

This Saturday Steve and I will be married one year. I have learned a lot - we both have. It has not been easy - this blending of lives, habits, traditions and families, but the love is still there-stronger and wiser than before.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Last night a girl I graduated with was killed in a car accident. We sat beside each other during Senior English. I used to admire her long nails. We were in other classes and clubs together - she was always smiling. She was married to her high school sweetheart.

As I was cleaning Sam's room this morning, I couldn't help but think of her kids - one of them in the same grade at the same school as Sam. I know how my kids would feel. It is hard as an adult to lose a parent - I cannot imagine what it is like as a child.

Please pray for her family.

Friday, March 06, 2009

I am still looking for a job and trying so hard not to be depressed. I like to work. I want to work. The right job is out there.

Today, however, I worked hard at being lazy. Hmmph.

Flippers the flying...jumping fish...

With Christmas money, Sam bought himself a Beta Fish. He named him Flippers. We were cleaning out Flippers bowl this morning...we put him in a temporary cup for the cleaning...he jumped out of it. Sam rescued it. Whew.

China...the bring me breakfast in bed dog....

China, our dog is old - but still gets around. However, she is taking advantage of her senior years and our sympathy. She will now eat only if we bring her food to her in bed. Oh brother. (She still walks, does an occasional running lap around the yard, she could walk to the food bowl, she just chooses not too) Like I said, oh, brother. (We do love her!)

Monday, March 02, 2009

One reason I love this time of favorite cookie.
Find you a Girl Scout and buy a box today.
(Steve picked me up a box!)

Tori and her friend, Peyton, won first place in a presentation/speech contest on Thursday. Their first time ever competing! They are going to state! I am a very proud mom! We all are excited.

We had strange weather this day it was 72 degrees - the next - well, you will see in the pictures below.

A contrast in seasons in our back yard.....

We received about a foot of snow in our neighborhood when it was all said and done. That is a lot for this area!

Pictures of Tori and Sam having fun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can add a show to my "favorite television" show list. It has been on for a few years now - but I have become thoroughly hooked watching reruns these past few weeks.

Here it is.

Wednesday Ramblings....

*Sam is home sick today. Looks like the same stuff I suffered with last week.

*I bought Sam a pair of VANS yesterday - super on sale. He likes them and they fit. Whoo hoo!

*I am chaperoning a field trip with Tori tomorrow - she asked me to go - wow!

*I did get my hair cut - shorter - and Steve likes it.

*Steve and I went to Logan's last night to enjoy their two meals for $13.99 special --it was fun.

*Steve can upgrade his cell phone - he is so funny shopping for phones - he is very picky about color and such. (reminds me of when I shop for a purse - I believe the stores should let us try a purse out for 2 weeks and then return if we don't like it - I am beginning to think the same thing for cell phones)

*My mother is doing good. No complications from the pacemaker - she actually looks and sounds better. She took herself yesterday to get a perm. Yeah!

*I have started doing 20-30 minutes of exercising each day - different stuff but it does make me feel better. Haven't lost any weight from it - time will tell on that one.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A look on the positive side of being unemployed...

I am going back to bed with a cup of tea to watch a television show that 3 months ago didn't appeal to me at all.
I need a hair cut. I look like a walking dust mop.
Grand Theft Auto....

I am far from being overly strict or "prudish"-I know kids will test their parents - but I do have rules-some of them are non-negotiable.

This game is rated for Adults - I really don't like the premise of the game or the title. And my rule is no games rated for Adults are allowed in this house. Period.

Yesterday, I was cleaning Sam's room - found a couple of video games out of their box - decided to go ahead and put them in their box. I open one box - there is a game in it - upside down- I take it out and there it is -GRAND THEFT AUTO. (Need I say - he knew the rules - because he hid the game). I put the game to the side - start dusting the computer desk - I find the paper cover-crumpled up behind the desk. (now I am getting really mad).

I wait all day - ready to confront him. The how and then when was key.

After I start dinner, I call him into the living room - he sits down- I ask him about ratings on movies - what they mean. Then I do the same for games. And I ask him what is allowed and not allowed in this house. He answers correctly. Here is the kicker - I then ask "Have you ever brought a game rated for adults into the house and played it?" He answers "No." I give him another chance. "Are you sure?" "Yes mam." I walk out - bring the game back into the living room.

I go back over the rules - he is grounded for a few days. I tell him I am hurt that he lied (this absolutely crushes him - he cannot stand the thought of my feelings being hurt or me being mad at him for any period of time.) I stand firm. There was no yelling - I won't bring it back up-unless it happens again.

As I said in the beginning I know the kids want to try new things - and I really am not overly strict or protective - I've never held them back - but the lesson he learned last night was on lying. And I learned to be more diligent on checking video games. (The game belonged to a friend in the neighborhood - he isn't allowed to have it either)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am part of history....

I am part of the largest - ever increasing number of unemployed people.

Whoo hoo.

I am not discouraged. It will be okay.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Okay, in retrospect I shouldn't have responded the way I did....

Let me tell you the story.

I went to the grocery store today - I am still sick, but we needed some things.

I was in the check-out line - a long line - my head was pounding. Finally another lane opened up - I decided to stay where I was - the woman in front of me - with a cart full of groceries decided to go to the new lane. I had to back up to let her out. She goes to the new lane - the line is long -(yes that many people moved over there when the lane opened), she leaves the new lane and comes back to the lane I am in - tries to get back into her spot.

She said, "I was here a minute ago, but that line is too long, let me back in..."

My flu-maddened brain is thinking WHATEVER.

And being the sweet person I am...I say..."Well, it is kind of like the saying, move your feet, lose your seat...I'm not moving..looks like you go to the end of the line."

Was I right? Kinda? Sorta?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Updates...just boring stuff.

Still laid off, but I have been pretty busy - mainly with dr's appointment for everyone. Geesh - I have been to so many doctors here lately.

I have started projects around the house and completed a few. I have all pictures in photo albums - 5+ years of pictures are now in books. Whew. My kids have grown so much. It has been neat looking at how they changed. I have a trunk of albums and such I want to go through and sort -that will one day next week - I want to divide for my kids and sisters - but it is hard looking at pictures of my dad without being ever so sad. I was the "unofficial" family photographer for years and have pictures of nieces, nephews, cousins and such.

I plan to put into a scrapbook the cards and letters Steve and I have given each other - we each have a drawer full. I love letters and cards - I have said it before the art of letter writing is a lost one.

Closets (in all rooms- yes I know I will need a hard hat in the kids room!) and cabinets are another project that will be tackled. As are the cabinets in the garage too. Flower beds are calling my name also.

One good thing out of all this...our laundry is staying up to date - the hamper is usually empty every day - a miracle I tell you - I miracle!

I have been sending out resumes regularly -but there are not many jobs out there to send them out too - I do plan to tackle the staffing industry next week though.

I know this wasn't too exciting - but the post below is cute...

I am anxious to hear from my old friends! So email me!

Sam as Elvis at a school program. It was too funny!

Monday, February 09, 2009


Today is my first day of being unemployed. I am looking hard for a job.

Now that all of it is "over" - I actually feel better. Waiting for that last day was hard. Very hard. But once I walked out the door for the last time - cried for about 5 minutes - I was ready to face the future. I cannot say anything bad about the company I worked for or my job - I enjoyed every minute of it - learned a lot about the auto industry and made life long friends.

While unemployed, however long that will be, I will work on things around the house, organize, arrange, and look everyday for a job.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Updates and such....

Tomorrow, Feb 6, will be my last day at work. I will be officially unemployed after about 1:00 p.m. For those of you who don't know, I am office manager for the Memphis office of AutoMart and AutoTrader. Nationwide all of the offices are closing. You will still see AutoTrader books and the websites - but that will be handled nationally, etc. Thousands of us will be without a job after tomorrow. We have worked hard and everyone should be proud of a job well done. I have sent out resumes, interviewed once (turned it down - I am not the person for the job), and trying desperately not to be discouraged.

My mother has been sick. She is having a pacemaker placed this coming Wednesday. And we may be seeing her move in with us in the near future.

Tori and Sam are fine. Mouthy at times, but still lovable.

Steve and I are doing fine in this world of marriage - we are fast approaching our 1 year anniversary. We are still learning much about marriage, blending and each other.

My favorite show is back on! The Closer! Yeah! If you haven't watched it yet, check it out!

Now, I have to cook dinner. I will post some pictures soon.

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tomorrow (Friday) I will say goodbye to the first group of friends-I will miss A.P. most of all - as they leave our offices for the last time. Two weeks from tomorrow - I will walk out for the last time.

Trying not to be depressed is hard. We have a "task" list to complete each week to make sure we "close the office properly." Oh brother.

I have emailed/faxed several resumes - no response yet - but that is not surprising. I do feel like it is going to take networking in order for me to find a job. (Somebody who knows somebody kind of thing). That first week I am home - I will clean the house from top to bottom, take kids for check-ups while I still have insurance - and after that - who knows. I promise I will snap out of this pity party!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Me and Steve

Me and my best friend/sister by different parents - Diane - or D.C. as you know her.

Tori and Sam and China

Steve's boys - Davin, Steven, and Brandon

All the kids.

Our tree

Pictures from the holidays...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I don't do change well. What an understatement.

Knowing that in just a few weeks I won't be at the job I've had, loved, and excelled at for the past 6 years is hard. I can't imagine what those who have been there 20+ years feel like.

I guess these gauntlet of emotions I am feeling are normal. I feel sad - tear up - then I get mad - feeling betrayed. I had to re interview - we moved - I just now organized the office with my touch on it - learned new accounting software-closed out the old year - prepared for the new. Being in the auto industry - it was a rough 2008. But we were starting to see slight improvement in the final 2-3 weeks. I am not surprised by our company's decision - I had hoped they would give us first quarter since we didn't hear anything in December. Today I have a conference call on how to close up the office. That will be depressing - whoo hoo - next week we have a 2nd call on our severance pay, etc.

I am terrified of the unknown. I haven't slept in the past two nights - it is 7:42 am right now, and I have been up - wide awake since about 3:00. I have done laundry, dishes, taken out trash, swept, cleaned bathrooms, semi straightened a closet, etc.

Everyone tells me I will have no problem finding a job.

Gods hand is on all of this - He will open the next door. I am thankful for Steve and the kids - they are being sweet and supportive about everything. My mother, sister and friends are also being supportive - telling me I will find something else.

Thanks to everyone for your encouragment.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My job....

Well, just found yesterday I am being laid off - our office - company is closing down. My last day will be Feb. 6. I am not totally surprised - but I still hurt. I will miss my friends. 1000's of people will be affected. We will receive a severance package - how much and for how long I don't know. But I am thankful I will receive that.

So, hey if you hear of anything - let me know. I'm a great office manager. Pray for us!