Monday, September 15, 2008

Strange thoughts...

1. My son is a bottomless pit - he eats all the time. Geesh!

2. Dirty laundry multiplies itself when we are sleeping at night.

3. The house phone only rings when my daughter is at home. And we never have to answer it.

4. All of our glass glasses have disappeared. We now only have plastic glasses and cups. I have no clue what happened!

5. I could not find one single episode of Law and Order: SVU this weekend. What is up with that?!

6. The season finale of The Closer is on tonight. This has been a great season - I love this show!

7. What was life like before FOX news?
I promise we do buy him clothes and shoes.....

The other day Sam came in from playing outside, he yelled "Mom, Jake's mom gave me some shoes and shirts." (I love hand-me-downs- though soon he will be at the age where he does not!)

I was busy - so I said without looking up from the sink, "that's nice," then he came into my line of vision, I looked him up and down. I was mortified! He had on his shoes - but they were different and one was smaller than the other, his shirt was on inside out, and he was so dirty! (He had been swimming, water gun fighting, playing all day!) Though I know she was just cleaning out a closet - I am beginning to wonder if that was the only reason Sam was the recipient of the goodies - or was she thinking Sam had parents who didn't buy him clothes. I would have!

How funny!

(Thanks to Jake's mom! We appreciate it!)