Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My son said this to me this morning as I was going over his "chore" list. "Mom, you just come up with chores and stuff for us to do - because you won't have to do anything."

I could only say...."you got it!"

Our offices are moving. I am working in the middle of packed boxes, supplies, files, and if you know know it is all driving me crazy. I don't cope well with disorganization-a HUGE understatement.

I will have a nicer office - with windows! I will be able to see outside. I have been scoping the new area for lunch and shopping spots. :)

Change. Change is a good thing - keeps me sharp and on my toes. I have a lot to learn in the upcoming weeks - it will all be a challenge. I hope I am up to it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Children's Choir Update......

This Wednesday night I went back to the basics of children's choir. Give 'em props and they will sing. So true. (I am mad at myself for forgetting this!) We all had a blast. The kids sang and moved - and sounded great. Our itty-bitties (4 year olds) were so tired toward the end - they were falling asleep. We made cards for our children's director, ate Popsicles (no one likes yellow), sang, moved, danced, sang me when I say.... I passed out once I got home.

I have always taught choir on Sunday nights, so Wednesday night is proving to be a challenge - mainly to get there on time from work-I don't even have time to pick my kids up for church!
And to have the energy and right attitude to do and give my best - I don't believe in doing things halfway. Pray for me and the whole team on this!

So, if you are reading this blog and you have hula hoops, empty coffee cans with lids or empty formula cans, jump ropes, beach balls and such laying around the house - we sure could use them!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Open House....

Steve and I went to open house last night at the high school with Tori. We walked her schedule - there was tardy bell and everything. (we were not tardy one time - thank you very much!) We sat in the classroom - Steve tried to cheat by looking over my shoulder. Ha ha!

We met each teacher and heard their goals and expectations. I am glad we went. The school was full of parents, an encouraging sight to teachers and staff I am sure. I also signed up to review my daughter's grades online (she didn't like that very much!)

We will go to Sam's open house next week and we will see what it is like to be a 4th grader - don't know If I can fit in a 4th grader's desk.
Children's Choir....

As you well know, I direct Children's Choir. We have noticed our choir is younger, we are going to revamp and make changes. So after Labor Day weekend - you will see and hear us doing new things and having tons of fun and we will learn to sing at the same time! Yeah! Admittedly, I was discouraged last week, but after a night of discouragement and much prayer, I started jotting down ideas and such - and then for confirmation, one our choir teachers emailed me with some of the same ideas, and we haven't even discussed them all yet!

Also to all my 4th and 5th graders - we miss you!

And I hear the worship services are awesome - so everyone come visit us at CrossPointe Baptist Church in Millington, TN!
"You don't have be so fussy....."

So said my son last night. Last night my son directly disobeyed something he was told to do. It started out as just being grounded from his Nintendo DS - then he started being real mouthy and disrespectful. The punishment changed.

At the end of our night, he came to me, (I naively thought he was going to admit he did wrong and apologize..what was I thinking?) and said, "Well, you don't have to be so fussy all the time."