Thursday, July 17, 2008

"I Know..."

Two words that warmed my heart this morning. Sam came up to me this morning after he dressed and made his bed -he said he just wanted to give me a hug. I said "I love you Sam I am."

He said so sweetly and with another squeeze, "I know."

I am so glad he knows.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The company I work for went through a reorganization. We are "safe" in this office. I have much to learn.

Thank you everyone for your prayers!
Showing his love...

Washing the car.....

He washes my car every week - by hand with a sponge. I say all that because I will run through a car wash or hose it down and call that washing the car.

Making the bed.....

Steve makes the bed on weekends.

Cup of tea....

He will bring me a cup of tea at night.

Understanding I work outside the home too...

I know my job is not a physical job like his, but he understands when I am tired - and he will take the clean dishes out or he will call me and say "Let's eat pizza tonight."

He appreciates the things I do....

He will call me on the way to work and just thank me for cleaning the house, packing his lunch, and doing the laundry.

He will bring me a flower....

He will bring me a flower every week or every other week. A single rose...left on my dresser.

Just a few things I wanted to share with you.
Waking Sam Up.....

Is impossible....he fell asleep with his head next to the cereal bowl. I have to get him into shape before school starts.
For those of you who don't know....

I serve in Children's Choir at CrossPointe Baptist in Millington. We will begin August 6th. I have been in the process of picking out music for the entire year.

I think I listened to about 15 children's musicals until I found the right one-and trust me they start sounding the same. If it doesn't grab me from the start - I nix it right away. If the dialogue is blah - I nix it, etc. I can't wait to introduce the one I have picked out to the kids-it is about obeying God and the consequences when we don't obey Him. I have picked out music for Thanksgiving and need one or two more for Christmas. I work with a great team and look forward to a new season every year. This year we will practice on Wednesday nights - that is new for me - I will be coming straight from work. How I will teach will be different - because most of the kids, not all - will be in school all day - made to line up, sit down, be quiet, etc... Please pray for all of us! There will be a service at the same time we are in practice and a meal before hand. I am excited about the changes and can't wait to see God work. Come check us out at CrossPointe - I have been a member since 1997 - when it was Second Baptist Church. (I will have to tell you how I heard about Second in another post - it is so funny!) The members of our church are family to us!
July 4th Updates.........

I promised I would write to let you know what we did....

July 3rd we went to Navy Lake to watch fireworks with everyone from Tipton County and Millington! Whew. It was nice. We picked up Steve's boys, packed coolers, joined his family for a picnic and fireworks. It was awesome. So, next year, if you are in Millington, TN around the 4th - be sure to check this out. The city of Millington did a great job. (However, be patient when it is time to leave!)

July 4th. Sam and I went to see Kung Fu Panda (real cute by the way - Jack Black does a good job.) Steve chilled out at home-Tori was at a a friends - giving me and Sam some time together - it had been a long time since just the two of us hung out together. That night - the four of us shot fireworks and ate leftovers from the above mentioned picnic-the watermelon was very good. (We also popped in at my mothers for a bit)

July 5th - the really cool part! I won tickets to Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville - now, I have to admit - I am not a huge fan - but I do like him. We didn't know until we were on our way it was a music festival. It was Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Sammy Hagar, LeAnn Rimes, and Gary Allen. The concert was at Titan's Stadium - we had to park a 30 minute walk away-after we drove around for 45+ minutes looking for a parking place-prior to this we were on the interstate which was a parking lot-or so it seemed - so we heard Gary Allen and LeAnn Rimes-and saw the others.(we left mid-way through Kenny because we were parked so far away and wanted to beat traffic) Whew. The kids grandparents (their dad's folks) live in Nashville - so they rode with us - stayed overnight with them and Steve and I were able to get a room and have a little time together. Steve and I do not drink alcohol of any sort - we bought a very expensive coke (I am so cheap) - the line was so short to buy cokes-but the line to restroom was long (of course!) We had a good time just being together. The kids had fun with their grandparents - then we left on Sunday - we stopped at the Opry Mills Mall to look around for a bit and headed home.

All in all it was a good holiday weekend - hanging out with family and each other. What a blessing.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Remember to honor those who have fought for this great country we live in and enjoy.

(We have a lot going on this weekend - all of it fun - I will write next week to tell you about it!)
Puppy sitting...

My sister is on vacation. We are puppy sitting. Her name is Lucy - she is an English Springer Spaniel - a sweet dog - but a lot of work! You forget how much work a puppy is until you have one in your house.

China just stands there, I think she has the idea if she stands still Lucy won't see her.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Our House.....

Okay, I have talked about it so much. Here are some pictures-my daughter took these. Three rooms have a story - the dining room set - someone was going to throw it out - all that was wrong - a puppy had chewed two legs - so I sanded and stained. Two of the chairs were still in plastic when we got it. Our bedroom set is from his family - belonged to a great Aunt. Tori's is an old set too - her great grandparents got it when they married. God has blessed us so much - Steve and I are so much appreciative of everything. As are Tori and Sam - they are so proud of it-and they help take care of it. God has carried us all so far!


This is China - she is 15 years old - she doesn't move for anyone - she huffs if you try to get her to move.

The Free Dining Room Set

The Kitchen

The Living Room with Sam and China

Sam's room - he collects more stuff.

Tori's Room

Our Room

Patio and Outside

Thank you for letting me share our home with you!

D's conversation with her daughter......

My friend called me the other day to tell me about a conversation she had with her 10-year old daughter. I am relying on memory here...but here is the gist of it...

"Momma, you said I could ask you anything?'

"Yes, you can ask me anything."


D was getting sick and her heart was pounding and sinking fast.

"Yes, anything."

"Well.... is it okay for me to have a boyfriend?"

(being the mom of a teenage girl - my response would be - yes, after you graduate college, find a good job and turn 30)

After D was finished praising God for more time before THE TALK...she recovered....she said, "Well, I guess so."

"Good, because, I like J and he likes me and he said I am fast."

D's heart sinks again.


"Yep, I am faster on my scooter than most boys."

D is still recovering.

And note to my dear friend, she has asked about having a boyfriend, she will soon want and need to have the talk!